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12 Youtube Stats That Will Blow Your Mind | 2024 YouTube Statistics

Skyrocket your Youtube views over the next year by understanding the platform better + doing what it takes to increase your follows and views. We’ll get to the bottom of whether Youtube…

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Youtube Stats 2019

Skyrocket your Youtube views over the next year by understanding the platform better + doing what it takes to increase your follows and views. We’ll get to the bottom of whether Youtube matters for marketing in 2022 – as well as sharing 12 weird stats about YouTube.

Normally people who don’t believe YouTube is important for marketing, or don’t have a systematic plan to put out more videos are in one of 3 camps:

– You think YouTube is for cat videos or dumb music videos.
– You think YOUR audience is on Youtube or doesn’t use it.
– You’re just plain lazy and aren’t sure the time would be worth it.

The stats below – pretty much blow these presumptions out of the water. Enjoy!

Youtube Stats 2019


YouTube may have started 13 years ago – and some people may be thinking that it’s an old tactic – but the growth it had at the beginning is no where near what it’s turned into these days.

1. Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion on October 9, 2006.

2. Over 90% of 18-44-year-old American internet users watch videos on YouTube.

3. YouTube attracts the most visitors from the United States, India, Japan, Russia, and China.

4. The number of channels with more than 1 million subscribers increased by more than 75% since 2017.

Popular channels

The top channels and companies on Youtube get an insane amount of views – to a lesser extent, influencers and brands that get 1,000’s of views on every video may be a good partner for companies that have no following until you’re able to get your own views and subscribes up.

5. The most liked video on YouTube is the music video for the song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee. It has received over 31.96 million likes and boasts an 89.25% like percentage.

6. PewDiePie is the most popular YouTube channel, with 93 million subscribers. (Live ‘battle’ with T-Series below)

7. The most popular branded YouTube channel is LEGO, which has over 7.1 million subscribers and has received over 8.7 billion views.


None of this matters – unless your company is on Youtube, and has a systematic plan for quality video content and getting your Youtube subscribers up to levels that actually make your company money. Here are some stats – that support that idea as a plan, even if it’s hard and requires patience.

8. There are twice as many small- and medium-sized businesses advertising on YouTube since 2016.

9. YouTube mobile ads are 84% more likely to hold attention than TV ads.

10. Over 50,000 years of product review videos have been watched on mobile devices over the past two years.

11. 68% of YouTube users watched a video to help them make a purchase decision.

12. On mobile devices alone, YouTube reaches more adults aged 18-49 during prime time than any cable network does in an average week.

Goal-setting for getting more Youtube Subscribers

This past year – I was at 180 subscribers, and wanted to hit 200 subscribers by the end of 2018, so I’m not sure I trust myself to give this advice.

However, there are some amazing tutorials on this – where-else but YouTube.

Brian Dean:

YouTube video

Roberto Blake:

YouTube video

Ultimately – the plan for curating Youtube statistics, and ‘how-to’ videos for getting more Youtube subscribers was to help you get over your resistence to creating a marketing plan for Youtube, and if it’s the right thing for you – START TODAY.

We help a few local Minneapolis companies put out regular, systematic video content on Youtube, Facebook, and their website – and the result is – higher time on average spent on their website, more impressions across all social channels – and more business referrals, in addition to more compelling fresh content on social regularly to attract eye-balls. We strongly suggest this for all brands that want to accelerate their growth.

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