5 Things To Consider When Choosing WordPress Web Hosting

When it comes to choosing the most suitable web hosting company for your WordPress website you may be facing many questions, especially if you are new in online business and you are…

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wordpress web hosting

wordpress web hosting

When it comes to choosing the most suitable web hosting company for your WordPress website you may be facing many questions, especially if you are new in online business and you are not sure what web hosting will fit your needs the best.

A bad web hosting can negatively affect your search ranking which leads to the long run negative affect on your online presence and waste your money, time and work. What your really don’t need at the starting line of your business is losing visitors, money and potential profit.

Making a decision on web hosting company can be tough. What should you check when all the companies out there are promising unlimited resources, or 24/7 support?

Check out these 5 recommended factors by Viktor from WebCreate.Me, you should be aware off before you make your final decision.


However, most people look for the price as a first thing, this shouldn’t be the factor that affects your decision on web hosting provider. You get what you pay for. Grabbing the cheapest one or free hosting can eventually cost you a lot of money. It’s cheap or free for certain reasons – no support, security risks, no control over ads.

Support or hardware equipment cost money, so the provider offering hosting plan for few bucks most likely won’t provide these features. Make sure to thoroughly check the features included in hosting plan, choose those which fit your needs and then compare prices.

Do you run a website with personalized software or do you have a little WordPress blog? Clearly, requirement are different hence the hosting has to able to handle it. For average traffic can be suitable also shared hosting. The heavier traffic calls for dedicated servers. These are the features which should be leading factors in decision making process. Not the price. Preferably, you should focus on hosting with WP installation app, support and some WordPress themes for business websites.

It’s also handy to check whether host provides space to grow and scale your hosting plan. Once you grow, your requirements are changing and it is good to think in advance if you have option to upgrade hosting plan. Migration takes time and effort you can invest into growing your business instead.

Technical Support

It doesn’t matter whether you’re beginner or not, technical support is essential. Imagine, your website goes down for some reason and you don’t want to loose your data and get it back.

Can you call up hosting provider anytime? What kind of ways you can contact them? When you’re stranded, the only thing you need is to speak with live person or at least chat and find out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Friendly customer care, fast responses are the things to look for. If you are digital nomad often changing time zones, you might find useful 24/7 support services. When it comes to price, hosting plans can be equal, but what really creates the difference is attitude towards customers.


Reviews and Customer Satisfaction

Useful source of information are reviews. Satisfied customers will more likely recommend their provider to others and hosting providers often refer to reviews. Some of the reviews are pretty detailed, so you can easily read about what customers like and dislike.

What are the features you should keep eye on in reviews?

Speed – you may create gorgeous website but if you annoy visitors with slow load time, it’s killing your conversion rate.

Uptime – regardless of what hosting provider says, no one can offer 100% uptime. Hosting Manual suggests to measure uptime according to “Nines”. The amount of “nines” indicates total downtime in 30 days:

  • 99 percent = 7 hours 12 minutes
  • 99.9 percent = 43 minutes and 12 seconds
  • 99.99 percent = 4 minutes 19 seconds
  • 99.999 percent = 26 seconds
  • 99.9999 percent = 3 seconds

Support – as mentioned above, live support is essential when you experience problem. Check what others think about customer service.

Use the power of social media. Look a particular hosting company up on Facebook, Twitter, see how they interact on customer demands or even ask a question. Testing is allowed and it will also show you the average time of response.


Security should always be top priority. Hackers are constantly developing new ways how to install malware codes and send spams from websites or steal data. Security strength is the definitely want you should look for when choosing a hosting provider.

Despite the support and fast loading, it’s totally useless if website is not secure. Yes, you’ll attract visitors, but if you don’t keep eye on security they will never provide any information, make purchase, but leave and never come back. Your future host should update all the software versions and work on the latest one, provide backups and if you’re running e-commerce website they should support SSL certificates. Safety must be guaranteed (not only) when you work with personal data.

Hosting Hardwares

Hardwares are the key factor for performance and can cause slow loading of website. What kind of hardwares they use and what is the background of the provider? If it’s reputable and tested brand they most likely have their own data centers. If hosting provider doesn’t say that you better ask beforehand or you might end up hosting website on garage-based hobby-project with 2 servers.

Take your time, browse through resources, reviews before you make final decision. Good test is to ask directly the provider you have on mind. At least you know what kind of interaction you should expect in the future.

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