Drive Windows and Doors Leads Forever With These 5 Tips

You may think that you’ll have to dedicate hours and hours each week for the rest of the life of your business to generate new windows and doors leads and build your…

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You may think that you’ll have to dedicate hours and hours each week for the rest of the life of your business to generate new windows and doors leads and build your customer base, but that’s not necessarily the case. Once you set yourself up for success, you can generate leads passively forever. How do you set up passive lead generation? For starters, you can check out our tips.

1. Keep Your Theme Simple and Tight

One of the most common mistakes small businesses make is not keeping their brand and marketing tight. They are allowing their message to get jumbled and confuse potential clients. There are a few simple ways you can address this right away. 

  • Update your website keywords to fit tightly with your brand
  • Ensure the wording in ads and on lead landing pages match
  • Coach salespeople to use language that matches your brand
  • Eliminate duplicate content to set your website apart

Once you’ve taken the time to tighten up your brand and marketing materials, you’ll have a consistent message that promotes leads continuously without much additional work. 


2. Identify “Pain Points” and Address Them First

Your marketing should work to address any pain points of going with your business over going a cheaper route before your customer can question it. You can support your salespeople in this way. You will also generate more leads if your ads or landing pages address problems in advance. 

For instance, if a client has a choice between repairing a foggy window pane and putting in a new window, you can address the long-term costs of only addressing the symptom. You can talk about these pain points via video on your landing page to draw potential clients in and keep them on your page longer. 

3. Utilize SEO Effectively

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective and simple ways to keep leads coming in without much work on your part. As long as your website is set up correctly with keywords and landing pages, the rest is almost no work for you. 

You can add to your SEO by utilizing PPC advertising along with an optimized website. We’re happy to help get your SEO where it needs to be to help build leads with one of our excellent SEO packages

SEO is where consistency means the most. You have to ensure that your marketing and website are speaking the same message, or you will miss out on an abundance of leads. 

4. Focus on Reviews

From reviews on your website to reviews on your Google Business Page, Yelp, or Facebook, customers can find out about you long before they visit your website.

Utilizing reviews to help boost your business is essential to the passive generation of windows and doors leads. 

You can tilt the scales in your favor by asking every client you work for to do a review on your service and products. You can send them your Google Business Page to do the review right there, or you can ask for a video testimonial or both. You’re always doing work that you feel proud of anyway, so why not ask your ideal clients for their glowing reviews? 

Video testimonials on your website can help to build trust in your brand through social proof, while reviews on websites like Google and Yelp can help those in search of a great door and window installer to see that you’re legit. 

YouTube video

5. ReMarketing

When someone lands on a critical page within your website or an industry page, you’ll want to use remarketing to keep your brand at the forefront of their mind. Remarketing can put your consistent message onto their Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. It can help to solidify your brand in their memory for future use. 

Final Thoughts

Driving window and door leads that will continue to come in month after month might seem like a challenge, but it’s a matter of some setup on the front end to keep things moving. If you’re not sure where to start or you need help getting your lead generation started, then we are always here to help. 

Our website designers, SEO packages, and informational marketing guides are an excellent resource for ensuring you drive both passive and active windows and doors leads for your business. 

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