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Why Hook? The Best Value, A Team That Cares

50+ clients have given us 5 stars on Google. Our reviews cite “First-class customer service and good people. Talk about going above & beyond… couldn’t ask for a better experience.” But working…

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Why Hook Agency

50+ clients have given us 5 stars on Google. Our reviews cite “First-class customer service and good people. Talk about going above & beyond… couldn’t ask for a better experience.”

But working with Hook is different than competitors for more than just great customer service and warm fuzzies.

Why you ask?

We challenge the status quo.

No seriously – We’ll challenge your current SEO team to a ‘traffic off’.

When’s the last time you asked your SEO team how much traffic their average client has year over year? Ours is currently 253.5% + year over year (this year 30 days compared to last year), and we track it every single month, and have aggressive goals internally for improving that number.

We also report on the number of leads our clients are getting vs. the year before. The most recent year over year increase was 103% more leads than the previous year for our average client!

Why Hook Agency

If you’re in our sweet spot we can double your traffic, and significantly increase your leads.

And that’s another thing – we actually have a sweet spot.

We actively promote a VERY SPECIFIC niche, because we know to have a serious specialty allows us to create consistent processes and systems throughout our organization, allowing us to scale, while actually scaling the predictable results for our clients along the way.

We have nothing but great things to say about the Hook Agency. Their website work, and subsequent SEO, blog writing, and social media expertise have done wonders for our lead pipeline. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a competent and professional digital marketing team. We already have them contracted to do another project!”

We’re the best value in the game because we’re small but growing

Some crazy agencies in town want to grab all they can, even at the sake of their own reputations.

Shhhh – don’t tell them, but their employees come blabbing to me about it when they’re looking for a different job.

Our employees instead will have the same consistent story through and through, on Tuesday at coffee or on Thursday at 730 after a couple of beers. Why? Because we actually believe what we say we believe – and constantly talk about it:

Our aim is to seriously change our clients business and their lives

The entire Hook Agency team was very responsive, accommodating, patient, and easy to work with. They made the whole process productive and stress-free.” – Dan Corrigan, First Response Inc.

You’ve got better things to do than chase down the latest Google algorithm update.

Myself, on the other hand, I’ve dedicated my life to the pursuit of getting the word out about our client’s businesses, and at the moment – some of the best value marketing efforts you can spend is in GOOGLE ORGANIC TRAFFIC.

So we save you:

  • Time – We do our absolute best not to waste it like some other agencies and freelancers.
  • Money – We offer best-in-class SEO services at small business prices.
  • Headaches – We only focus on the things that actually have been PROVEN to get significantly more traffic and leads, and have been tested by us on 100’s of websites.

We focus on culture so our people stay around – and they care

How shitty is it that just because the boss at a competing agency is an asshole – the people that are working on your account are going to be less motivated to get results on your account?

What’s worse – did you know if employees don’t feel valued by their direct report, they might even be ACTIVELY DISENGAGED?

That’s why – my wife and I run this agency with the mindset that employee satisfaction is our #1 Goal.

Not profitability, not revenue, not traffic, not leads.

Employee Satisfaction.

Sound silly?

Not to us.

We think that what drives employee satisfaction these days is meaningful work

Our employees work harder than competing agencies because they actually feel like they are changing our client’s lives through doing the work that allows those clients to work on their business instead of trying to learn what feels like a foreign language.

We’ve had clients go from under 1 million to 5 million in revenue, with our work helping accelerate the process.

Do you know how good that feels?

It feels pretty damn good. And we’d love to do it again. Thank you for considering Hook Agency as your possible digital marketing agency of choice, and we hope to apply the same enthusiasm that’s led to an average 103%+ organic leads increase for our current clients to your account!

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