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8 Best Website Visitor Tracking Tools

Depending on your needs, website visitor tracking tools will help you understand who is visiting your site and how they behave across your platform and the rest of the web. Based on…

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Depending on your needs, website visitor tracking tools will help you understand who is visiting your site and how they behave across your platform and the rest of the web. Based on your findings, you can know how to optimize your website and marketing to boost conversions and enhance visitors’ online experience.

Read on to find our selected 8 best website visitor tracking tools out there today!

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free cloud-based analytics platform that allows companies of all sizes to track users’ behaviors and their interactions with your websites while granting you access to marketing insights to share, plus more. Most notably, Google is continuously working on improving its products, in general, to help users achieve more clicks and increase their ROI.


  • Effective user management that integrates with Google Ads and YouTube features for a seamless, real-time reporting
  • User-friendly interface with easy tracking of web traffics, individual product performance, and identifying technical issues
  • It’s free!


  • Google Analytics may be very daunting for many beginners, and the course to achieve the Google Analytics certification can be bulky to some participants


2. Lead Forensics

B2B companies popularly use Lead Forensics because it allows you to identify anonymous website visitors in real-time and turn them into new sales leads. Among the revolutionary tracking tools out there, it can also access essential visitor details, such as their email, phone numbers, addresses, and more.


  • Expedites tasks by consolidating them into one process, making communication more efficient
  • The pricing plan is customizable for B2B companies of all sizes
  • Supportive staffing to guide you through but most are self-explanatory


  • Some users may argue that Lead Forensics has a high price point, compared with other tracking tools

3. LeadFeeder

Leadfeeder is another option to serve as your secret sales weapon. B2B salespeople, especially, can learn which companies visit their website, where they’re coming from, and which pages on the site they are visiting.


  • Suitable for marketers to identify larger companies with their own network and who are checking out your sites
  • Grants you access to the specific pages that companies have visited, letting you know which content type is best
  • Allows for tracking the duration of how long users stay on a particular page and if they came from


  • Pricing can become a little tricky for marketers on Leadfeeder, especially when you own various domains under one company.

4. LinkedIn Insights 

LinkedIn Insights is a tag or pixel that measures what users do on your website, and then, you can allow the LinkedIn advertising system to collect the data. Whether it is an e-commerce site, a blog, or even an app, you can track the number of contacts, leads, page views, those who have taken action on your website, plus more.


  • Initial setup of the tag is quick and easy by adding a Javascript code, requiring no maintenance
  • Helpful in conversion tracking to understand which ad campaign is driving the most conversions
  • The tag allows you to build audiences, even past ones, such that you can remarket an ad targeting them


  • All users of LinkedIn Insights are required to sign up as a member of LinkedIn

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5. Woopra

Woopra is the ideal solution for any business needing to optimize its experience by targeting them individually. For enterprise sales and product managers trying to segment product usage by types of accounts, Woopra may seem incredibly useful.


  • Updates user analytics in real-time, making it easier for sales to follow up on opportunities quickly
  • Data analysis can be performed from desktop or mobile-view
  • A simple and intuitive user interface, making it ideal for beginners


  • The UI design could be better than other website visitor tracking tools, because the pages may seem slow to load for some users

6. VWO Insights 

VWO insights offer relatively unique features, such as session recordings, on-page surveys, heatmaps, and more to solve problematic areas during your visitor’s experiences. This tool can be ideal for UX/UI designers, a website design team, and developers.


  • Superior customer support service
  • Unlimited and ongoing heatmap collection for a better understanding of user behavior on your website
  • User-friendly dashboard and a well-thought-out flow for setting up experiments


  • VWO pricing plans may be deemed as costly for some users

7. UserTesting

For marketers needing a more qualitative website visitor tracking tool, UserTesting may be the go-to solution. Compared to other top-performers on our list, UserTesting gives you on-demand human insights by connecting you with your actual visitor and obtaining complete session recordings as they explore your website and perform specific activities.


  • Easy setup and rich insights are gained to gather an eye-opening view on how people really use your website
  • Welcoming UI and customer service that will walk through any errors as to prevent it from happening again
  • Ideal for businesses needing to do website usability testing by hiring on testers at an affordable cost


  • The UserTesting team could improve the audio and video quality of the user test by ensuring that users’ testing equipment is of higher quality

8. FullStory

Ideal for mostly product and support teams, FullStory automatically detects problematic areas inside your product or app for customers. Then, by surfacing for high-impact opportunities that have a more significant effect on your retention and revenue, your team can immediately understand errors, prioritize repairs, alleviate bugs, and measure the impact of those alterations.


  • Excellent in debugging to speed up the process without re-creating scenarios
  • Provides a clear overview of what makes sense to the user, what does not, what frustrates them, and more
  • Intuitive and flexible features for tracking and recording users’ sessions to report on more accurate analytics


  • Some users may perceive the reconstructed videos of user behavior as misleading and the overall software as ‘laggy’ or slow in capturing live sessions

Take Away

There we have it! Of the 8 best website visitor tracking tools out there, each one has a different user case and it will be on you to first identify which one matches your individual needs or that of your team.

Whether you are generally seeking to track visitor behavior, understand visitor identity, or measure website analytics, these tools all share the common goal of helping you land more clients and increasing sales for your business.

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