5 Water Damage and Restoration Marketing Tips to Drive New Business

If you own a water damage and restoration company and you’re wondering how to start building leads, you’ve come to the right place for your water damage and restoration marketing tips.  In…

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If you own a water damage and restoration company and you’re wondering how to start building leads, you’ve come to the right place for your water damage and restoration marketing tips. 

In this business, you have some unique advantages. Your target audience likely needs your business to solve their problem immediately. It’s also likely that insurance is going to part of or all of the bill, which means you don’t necessarily need to spend much time coming up with pitchy deals for your audience to seek out online. 

Generating leads and landing a top spot in search engines for water damage restoration doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or impossible task for your business. 

Here are our favorite ways to generate leads and drive new business. 

5 Water Damage and Restoration Marketing Tips

Let’s get started with creative ways to drive new business your way.

Build a High-End Website

Gaining online visibility doesn’t happen overnight. It’s essential to have a top-quality website to drive new business. Your water restoration business doesn’t just use a website to sell things to customers; it’s also to provide value and useful information to your customers. 

It’s a tool in your marketing shed. When designing your website, you should be considering everything from color schemes to modern fonts that will entice customers. However, if it’s more than you want to deal with, you can have a high-end website built for you in not much time at all. It’s essential to create a mobile-friendly website since 57% of online traffic in the U.S. comes from tablets and smartphones. 

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Website Optimization

It’s not enough to have a glamorous website; you must optimize your site so that people can find you. If you want your target audience to know who you are, you must optimize your website for search engines. 

That means using easy to understand and informative information. Catchy headlines and messages that attest to your values, including visual media and links to more helpful information, are great places to start optimizing. 

Your digital marketing costs don’t have to be astronomical to help drive your business. Studies show that nearly half of small companies allocate less than $10,000 on their digital marketing budget. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing or “blogging” on your company website is another trusted way to drive business for your company. By having a blog on your site that provides useful information to your target audience, you can increase your online visibility. We discussed earlier how gaining an online presence takes time; content marketing is one way to speed up the process. 

By promoting content that answers common questions about water damage and restoration, you bring attention to your company when people are searching for answers online. This drives traffic to your website, but it also opens up a line of communication and helps consumers begin to build trust in your company. 

Google Ads (Pay Per Click Advertising)

In the water damage line of business, folks are likely to want to solve their problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. With their homes and belongings on the line, they don’t want to waste their time. When they enter a search, they’re likely to choose a company located on the first search page that comes up, which means it would serve your business well to be among the top results. 

Google Ads or AdWords provides a platform for getting your company on the first page of the search results. You can achieve this by targeting keywords related to your industry. For example, you might use “Water restoration + city name” or other relevant keywords that will lead new customers to your landing page. 

Online Reviews

It’s no secret that most folks want to hear what others have to say about doing business with your company before leaping themselves. As many as 82% of consumers admit to reading online reviews for local businesses and need about ten reviews to feel as if they trust the company. 

If someone is searching for a local water damage and restoration company online, they aren’t only searching for company websites to look over; they want in-depth information about the experience and quality of service they should expect from your company. It’s essential that you have honest reviews from a variety of previous customers for new customers to read through. 

water damage and restoration marketing tips


Following these tips will help you learn the ropes of digital marketing and driving new business to your company. If running your business has you strapped for time, check out our web design services, we’re happy to optimize your website for you, so you can do what you do best. 

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