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Video Studio Setup | Video Equipment for Small Business or Startup

Creating videos is becoming more important for companies + brands, but spending half your marketing budget on video equipment isn’t necessarily going to mean the video pays off – so to me,…

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Creating videos is becoming more important for companies + brands, but spending half your marketing budget on video equipment isn’t necessarily going to mean the video pays off – so to me, it’s best to start small and earn that budget by putting out good content (with decent equipment.)

You don’t need an insane list of equipment to get started! 5 basic categories – with a total in the 1.5k range, and you’ve got what you need to create some decently clean footage:

  • A camera – ideally with a swiveling screen so you can do selfie video too.
  • A decent autofocusing lens so you can be hands-off if you want.
  • A mini shotgun mic for the top of the camera to increase the au
  • Lights! 3-4 basic studio lights and a circle LED light is great.
  • Backdrop if you want it
  • A tripod or two.

On the software side – Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro will do the trick, with 5-10 youtube videos and a lot of experimentation, you can start creating content on a regular basis.

The Camera – Canon EOS 70D SLR Camera (Body Only)

Canon 70D - Basic simple video office setup


Why the 70D?

Casey Neitstat – the prominent YouTuber, was talking about how the quality change from this to the next step up wasn’t crazy, and sometimes uses this. If it’s good enough for him it’s good enough for me.

The truth is – no matter what camera you use, it’s all about THE CONTENT you capture and create.

This camera has auto-focus and a swivel screen, so you can look at yourself while you record. *cues – you’re so vain*


The Lens – Canon EFS 10-18MM 

Canon EFS Lens MM - small business video setup


Why the EFS 10-18MM?

Autofocus – and manual focus, mid-range and great for short to medium distance, which is the general type of video we create in our small business. This was suggested to me by a photographer friend, and it seems to be solid, although after years and years of use I might need to replace mine. Solid lens though.


The microphone – Video MicPro Directional On Camera Microphone

Rode Mic pro - perfect for small business video setup

Why the Video MicPro?

Once again – suggested by Casey Neitstat, and has worked out great.


Studio Lights – Photography Photo Portrait Studio Lights by Limo Pro

Limo photo studio lights for office video studio


Why these studio lights?

I’ve had to replace some bulbs, but dang these things have lasted a long time for being so cheap. Quite amazing. Don’t underestimate the power of one light behind the person, and two in front.

Just recently I’ve gotten this circle light and mixed use of the two setups for best results.

Circle Light – Neewer LED Ring Light Kit – 18”

Circle light for youtubers on Amazon

Why the Neewer LED ring light kit?

Ever see that awesome little circle in Youtubers eyes, this is that light. I don’t know why I didn’t buy it sooner. Insanely good deal, for lovely – very even light, absolutely perfect for talking head and office videos.


I don’t personally use a backdrop

I’ve bought a couple – but none that I really loved, and ultimately, I’ve found that a white wall, or better yet – just an aesthetic office behind me, does better. Beyond that – get out of the office!

  • Get the skyline behind you.
  • Get a bridge in your city behind you.
  • Do it at a park, or in front of a river or ocean.
  • Basically, anything that isn’t stale.
  • I’ve seen people do stationary backdrops well – but I’ve seen a lot more people use real life, and aesthetic things behind them, to much more compelling and better results on social.

My favorite tripod – Slick U8000

Slick U8000 - video tripod for in-home video studio, startup, small business


Why the Slick U8000?

You don’t want to go any cheaper than this.. (I’ve gone through two amazon basics, and it’s annoying every time) it fits the Canon, and it works great!


In conclusion – video is important, enjoy!

We’ve found creating helpful videos for our prospects and marketing – has helped us close more business, remind people we know of us, get more referrals, and get more web traffic.

Ultimately, it’s the future – so you might as well get practicing! Hopefully, we can all get good before the future gets here 🙂

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