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Social Media Celebrities – 5 Examples of Powerful Campaigns That You Can Recreate

*Header Image Courtesy of Lincoln* Today, influencer marketing is dominating the marketing landscape amongst the younger, impressionable spenders across all types of markets. In 2016, there were 9.7 million brand sponsored influencer…

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*Header Image Courtesy of Lincoln*

Today, influencer marketing is dominating the marketing landscape amongst the younger, impressionable spenders across all types of markets. In 2016, there were 9.7 million brand sponsored influencer posts on Instagram alone, and in 2019, that number is projected to climb as high as 32 million (this according to marketing agency Mediakix).

At first glance, this sounds problematic. Doesn’t a social media feed that is constantly inundated with ads and sponsored posts seem counterintuitive to the freedom of expression that so many of these platforms promote? Well, influencer marketers have recognized this potential problem  and have addressed it in two main ways.

First, marketers do a fantastic job at seamlessly incorporating their sponsored posts into an influencers feed so that it doesn’t come off as intrusive or sticks out with the rest of their feed.

Second, influencers themselves are doing a better job at choosing products to promote that are “on brand” and that they actually care about (for the most part… there are certainly influencers out there who are more concerned about the money than the messages their platforms are conveying)

Today, we’re going to highlight some of the best social media celebrity influencer campaigns that you can draw inspiration from. You’ll find that throughout this list, the influencer has chosen a product that makes sense for them, and that the marketing team behind the campaigns have done a great job at making the content engaging.

My Tales of Whisky Yule Log – Nick Offerman

YouTube video

Nick Offerman was the perfect choice to be the centerpiece of Lagavulin distillery’s Youtube video “My Tales of Whisky Yule Log.” Offerman’s character on NBC’s Parks and Recreation actually owns 51% of the distillery and Offerman is a known drinker of their whisky as well. The result of their collaboration was a viral hit, as the video simply features Offerman sitting in front of a fire while sipping on some whisky for 45 minutes. Not a single word is spoken the entire time. The video was viewed 2 million times in a single week and increased Lagavulin’s Youtube channel subscribers by from 5k to 23k.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can garner the most attention.

Mercedes Benz – Loki

YouTube video

You know what everyone likes? Dogs. Even non-dog people can’t help but give a good dog a pat on the head every now and then. Mercedes Benz decided to capitalize on this by teaming up with Loki, a wolfdog, who, as of today, has 1.9 million followers on Instagram and Loki’s feed is filled with more and more sponsored posts and ads. However, Mercedes was one of the first to realize the potential of this outdoor-loving dog’s follower base. This Youtube video gives a 360-degree experience of Loki traveling around Colorado with his favorite human.

Starbucks – Stefon Diggs

Some things just seem like matches made in heaven. Peanut butter and jelly. Movie marathons and rainy days. Stefon Diggs and Starbucks. Okay, so that last one might seem a little peculiar, but the Minnesota Viking’s wide receiver is so devoted to spreading his love of Starbucks, that he once purchased a $15,000 diamond studded Starbucks chain.

In a preseason game before the Seahawks in 2017, he wore Starbucks inspired cleats (which as far as I’m concerned are AWESOME) and he regularly posts videos of himself consuming the Seattle-based coffee on his Instagram story. I’m not really sure how this relationship came to be, but I’m definitely here for it.

In this case, sometimes having an influencer simply being authentic in their support for your product is better than trying to go viral with a hit video.

Courtesy of Mache Custom Cleats

Walt Disney World – Zach King
YouTube video

Having followed Zach King since his Vine (RIP) days, it’s great to see how his career has escalated and now he is one of the top social media influencers in the world. If there is one word I could use to describe King’s content, it would be wholesome. His videos, which involve “magic”, are fun, entertaining, and the perfect match for Walt Disney World’s Best Day Ever campaign.

Lincoln – Matthew McConaughey

YouTube video

Okay, so technically this is a TV spot, but the commercial does have 16 MILLION views on Youtube. I had to include the infamous Lincoln-McConaughey collab because quite honestly, they are some of my favorite commercials ever. Now, my friends like to laugh when they see McConaughey post up at the pool table and deliver what must be one of the greatest shots in billiard history, but it does get everyone in the room to shut up and watch. I’ve never seen such a polarizing commercial before.

We all have so many questions about this commercial. What story was McConaughey telling at the beginning? Whose house is this? Is it McConaughey’s house? If so, why does he appear to be leaving his own party? Or, and this is the best alternative, does he show up to parties, shoot mind-blowing pool shots, and then just get the hell out of dodge? If so, that is the most baller act I can think of and the ultimate party favor.

If I were ever to write a book, I think it would be on these commercials, for which you could spend an eternity analyzing them. They are ridiculous, goofy, but oh so fun to watch and engrossing.

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