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Three Types of Sales Support Roofing Companies Can Implement

Ever thought of sales support as key in roofing sales? Not really, right? But it would surprise you that decluttering your salespeople’s schedules with a support system makes them more focused on…

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Ever thought of sales support as key in roofing sales? Not really, right? But it would surprise you that decluttering your salespeople’s schedules with a support system makes them more focused on their primary tasks. 

And as you know, by making them more productive, you’re ultimately going to increase sales – a win-win situation for your employees and your company! 

Sales support refers to tasks that assist sales personnel in their primary role – closing more deals and raking in more profitπŸ’°. 

In this article, we’ll explore three proven sales support types you can implement in your roofing company. 

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Sales Support Types in the Roofing Industry

Handling just one customer’s sales process could be a lot in the roofing niche. Interestingly, a more significant percentage of this task happens behind the scenes and includes:

  • Lead generation
  • Setting up the appointments 
  • Following up with the client, and essentially,
  • Solving their problem.

Implementing as many sales support methods as possible would make this process much more manageable. We’ve outlined three of these methods below.

Teamwork πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

Most experts agree that the most important support you can provide for your salespeople is to ensure they do not have to manage every aspect of the sales process themselves. And you can only achieve this as an owner/manager when you create and optimize your sales team.

Your sales team should involve as many employees as necessary to make it run seamlessly. Admittedly, not every employee can be at the frontline. Still, while your salespeople directly interact with the customers, other employees should be ticking off the remaining boxes left. 

Handshake between roofing sales support teamwork

Lead Generation and Setting Appointments πŸ“Œ

As a business owner/manager, you should have people and systems that provide leads continuously. With this, you are ensuring your salespeople can always focus on just selling to the people they meet. So essentially, always preserve your salespeople for the frontline battle.βš”

Aside from getting a lead, another critical area sales guys require support in is setting up the appointments. The key here is to ensure your salespeople are selling to those who actually need your services.

So, long before a salesperson goes to meet the homeowner, another team member should make a call. There are a couple of questions these supporting team members can ask to figure out what that homeowner is looking for at the moment. 

That way, your salesmen and women don’t need to waste their time on people who don’t need your services.

Some of these questions could be: 

  • How did you hear about us?
  • Is your roof leaking?
  • How old is your roof? 
  • Do you need a repair, or are you looking for a replacement?
  • Is your insurance company asking you to replace the roof?

These questions would also help the salespeople know how to approach that customer when they make the house call. That way, they can tend to clients on time and move on to the next homeowner in record time.

roofing sales support team setting appointments

Company Videos🎬

Videos can show in minutes details and emotions that words might fail to convey. It’s a great tool in advertising, and not just that, you can equip your sales persons with specific videos as support tools.

There are so many kinds of videos you can create to this effect. 

You can have videos that:

  • say something specific about the issue with their roof,
  • shows your company and its vision,
  • introduce your salespersons beforehand.

Why Are Videos Excellent Sales Support Tools?

Many roofers wonder about videos’ effectiveness as support tools because of possible customer scenarios. Regardless of the customer or the issue, videos are productive tools you can engage a customer with during and after the appointment.

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Creating these videos might add an extra cost to your budget, but you’d surely reap the benefits. Here are some advantages you’ll get from videos:

  1. Quality Advertising: Videos are one of the most popular advertising methods today. They aid the process of building trust with your customers right from the beginning. Additionally, videos can help answer some of your customers’ questions. So, rather than setting up an appointment for a minor issue, you can send them a company video that shows them what to do.
  2. Lead generation: Company videos can travel far and wide to community forums and FaceBook groups to provide information to other homeowners facing similar problems. That way, you are not just providing answers to questions but generating more leads for future customers.
  3. Videos help your client recognize and relate better with your salespeople. 
  4. Videos can also help draw the attention of other talented roofers that can work for your company.

The key to maximizing videos is finding out what works best for your company. Another idea is to build a booklet using different common scenarios and bring it to the homeowners to scan and download the videos directly as it applies to them. 

Alternatively, you can start with a video that gives more information on a popular subject, i.e., a video about metal shingles. You can also give them room to do their own research, then work your way to the option they finally choose.

Bonus Point for Reading Through 😁: Follow-Up πŸ‘·πŸ»

Finally, follow-up by the right personnel is also a meaningful way you can support your salespersons. Follow-up here refers to every other process that ensures that your company solves the customer’s problem. The appropriate personnel, on the other hand, refers to the team responsible for handling the client’s roof. Most times, these are the installation team and the project management team.

Some roofing companies involve their sales personnel beyond the selling stage more than they should. Even if your salespeople are good at selling and explaining, you shouldn’t ask them to handle the whole process because their primary task differs from that of the other teams.

Effective follow-up comes with many benefits, such as:

  • The installation/repair is handled well enough for the process to be successful. 
  • Your salesperson’s confidence in the company is boosted- vital for their grit and fortitude in every task. They need to be confident that the other teams will handle the jobs properly, as they’ve told the homeowner.

This way, your salespersons are sure of their service’s quality as they’ve told their customers. Unlike the unhealthy mentality of just meeting up with the numbers, they solve problems and ensure people are in good hands. 

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Furthermore, you should follow up with every customer at least five times, even with a single text or voicemail. And this process involves all teams on the task. 

Using Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) can make this more effective. CRMs would help document the follow-up of each client as well as who is handling a particular client at every point.


The list of sales support you can implement in your company is limitless! 

To get the best results from your employees, you have to make things easier for them. As a rule, take care of your roofers and your salespeople. Resist putting too many responsibilities on either of these people. You don’t want any of them burning out.

The summarizing question is, “Would you rather your salespeople focus on closing more deals and bringing in more cash?πŸ’°” If yes, investing in a sales support method is a worthy venture that you should undertake as soon as possible.

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