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What Persona Are Roofing Companies Targeting?

Age-old marketing wisdom tells us we should have a general idea of who our most common buyer personas are. So I asked high-performing roofers who their most common buyer type was. Here’s…

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Ideal Roofing Customer Profile

Age-old marketing wisdom tells us we should have a general idea of who our most common buyer personas are.

So I asked high-performing roofers who their most common buyer type was.

Here’s what we discovered:

“Building customer profiles, or personas” 

“Use persona’s to clarify your marketing and give your roofing business a boost. Let’s call the customer in need of roof repair Kirk, and the customer who wants a stylish new roof Judy. How does Kirk feel about other options within the industry? What’s Judy’s hesitation to pull the trigger on hiring someone? What types of sites does Kirk visit online? Does Judy use social media? What is each of their hesitations to pull the trigger? Do they trust personal testimonials? How knowledgeable are each of them about roofing, and what information do you need to offer to supplement their knowledge?” 

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Of course – their ideal customer / most common buying persona – doesn’t need to be yours!

Know who *your* ideal customer is

But I think the most important thing is that you actually understand who yours is.

  • What is their general age group?
  • What is their marital status?
  • What is their gender?
  • What do they want as it pertains to your service most of all?
  • What are their attitudes, and how could you better service them.

Be where your most common buying persona is

  • Be in their facebook groups (neighborhoods, cities, etc.)
  • Be at the events they attend.
  • Be connected and well-networked with professionals they use.
  • Take some guesses at other targeting criteria Facebook

Target them in Facebook ads, and think about homeowner interests

If using the “Audiences” method, you would create a “Saved Audience” >> scroll down to the “Detailed Targeting” >> Browse >> Demographics >> Life Events. Here you can target married women and moms in multiple ways.

Here are some interesting perspectives from growth-mode roofers

“Professional, biz owner, or govt with teen kids 2600 sq foot front attached with nice yard and no fence 6/12”

“We collected the data in our CRM with tags in company cam that fed info back into Hubspot as well as stuff we have in hubspot.

Clients with nice landscaping, or no fence don’t make the magic.

But clients with BOTH had way higher per square averages. Because with no fence you have a deeper sense of community with your neighbour. A weed in your neighbours lawn, equals a weed in yours. So there’s a deeper sense of obligation to hire a contractor that won’t have debris blowing into your yard. We could deliver a consistently higher site management standard so this means our interests and unique abilities are aligned better.

Teenage kids in the home, if it’s above a certain size, mean there’s no plans – or at least less likelihood to need to move. So the client has that “we are going to live under this roof” buyers motivations.

Customers in the professional positions and business owner positions understand liability, risk management and have ways to make a more expensive roof justified.

Compare that to tradespeople who always know their boss sells them at at 60-140% markup like a mechanic who’s paid $33 but shop charge at Toyota is $125. He deep down feels like he should just find a good tradesman like him and cut out the boss. Devalues the company side of the equation.

Public service like cops military and ambulance etc we have a hero discount, as sargeants roofing it’s on brand and those customers have deep communities of referrals.

So we tracked that data over time and then made all our marketing focused on it.

We made over 80 infographics, and 2600 videos.

We found that for our crews our style of marketing and creative abilities…

The best 5 infographics abs best performing 91 Facebook vids ads were ones that showed houses with no fence, nice landscaping. Our infographics featured houses like that and depicted customers that looked like them. We told the blog copywriters to write for that avatar. The images on our website header cater to that type of customer.

All subconsciously planting it in their heads that we are the right customer for them.

We try to take it to the level of the “55” scene from the movie Focus.”  Adam also has a company called ‘Roofing Business Partner’

Adam Sand

“Engineers and Lawyers”

“Man did you see Mr. So-and-so get his roof done and was happy. That guy is never happy. We want them……

When there’s that job that nobody wants you become hero status. Whether it’s a person, their line of work or golf ball dome home. That customer will talk about you more than normal. 🦋 effect your work and service.

Eric Richardson

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