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Premium Services Marketing – Our 10 Golden Principles for More Leads

If you don’t want to charge more and focus on your ideal clients – stop reading. This blog post has my 10 most important points in marketing after reading 100+ marketing books…

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10 Golden Keys to Premium Services Marketing

If you don’t want to charge more and focus on your ideal clients – stop reading. This blog post has my 10 most important points in marketing after reading 100+ marketing books and more importantly successfully implementing these marketing strategies for  100+ premium services clients.

  • This isn’t for people who want to rest on a mediocre, lazy offering.
  • This isn’t for people who aren’t willing to be aggressive at increasing the quality of their services and their marketing.
  • This isn’t for people that don’t care about being the market leader.
10 Golden Keys to Premium Services Marketing
10 Golden Keys to Premium Services Marketing

Building a brand is hard – and growth-oriented businesses need to play hard to win.

Here are my top 10 principles for premium services marketing to get more leads.

  1. Premium services marketing is not just about getting more clients, it’s about getting better clients – better clarity, better employees, and becoming the brand leader to enjoy higher price points and less valid competition. (Don’t be a commodity.)
  2. You need to make your customer the hero of your story (read Storybrand and follow it religiously), we only care about ourselves – it seems programmed into our nature so sharpen your copywriting skills and write for your ideal customers and focus on benefits. Tell THEIR story, you’re just the guide.
  3. “Who is it for?” is the most important question in marketing – where are they, what do they care about? How can you help them?
  4. Reviews are crucial in this new online economy – the new zeitgeist is surprising and delighting/making your customer the hero of the story and getting video + 5-star reviews as proof for other future customers.
  5. Pragmatic content-marketing focused SEO centers around writing useful content for your audience and can result in much, much cheaper cost-per-click for your time, money and effort  – writing for for ‘long-tail keywords’. Put out content to be helpful to your ideal customer on your site, landing pages that are targeting at ‘money keywords’, and earn authoritative links by whatever means necessary (a disturbing number of SEO companies are ‘above link-building’, even though it’s considered a top-ranking factor on Google every year for the past 10 years.)
  6. Part of SEO is making sure your website design keeps people on the site, and ongoing design changes are a major advantage in that. Don’t let your website get stagnant and out-dated.
  7. Your website’s design affects how many people contact you – you need a website that tells your unique story, not some generic template that fits you like a kid in his dad’s suit.
  8. Trust is absolutely essential to someone working with you. Without meeting them face to face, looking them in the eye and shaking their hand – the best thing you can do is showcase previous work, visually call-out testimonials with photos and 5-star icon on every service page, awards, trade org’s and any other ‘trust factors’ you can make prominent and feel integrated cleanly in your website design.
  9. Persuasive copywriting is essential to businesses’ online growth. Be empathetic – use urgency, scarcity, headlines, bulleted lists, benefit-driven copy, FOMO, consistency, and call-to-actions throughout your marketing material. Be clear – but helpful, and always assume your prospect is short on time and directness is appreciated. Tell stories and mystery – but make sure they understand things clearly, next steps, and ask for the business.
  10. Doing is way more important than theorizing. So many marketing agencies sell companies fluff – and we believe that is just plain wrong. Particularly at a time like this, being the ‘get shit done agency’ is something we’re incredibly proud of, and we feel honored to help growth-oriented companies hook better leads.

If you want to do more with your premium services company marketing – we’d love to help you. We’re passionate about helping growth-oriented companies with aggressive SEO services and custom, premium, persuasive website design.

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