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2020 PPC Questions: Cannabis, The Presidential Election and Your Ad Costs

PPC and the costs associated with running ads for the past few months has been exponential. There are constantly different campaigns that push add prices. One large campaign that you might have…

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PPC and the costs associated with running ads for the past few months has been exponential. There are constantly different campaigns that push add prices. One large campaign that you might have heard of is the US presidential election. A tight race that has recently concluded upon the writing of this blog post.

Recently Tim Brown and Brett Midleton sat down and talked about PPC and how it can be used to your business advantage to bring in more leads.

You can watch the whole interview here or continue reading this blog for more answers to your PPC questions.

YouTube video

Does it Make Sense for Your Business to do PPC?

This is the first question that’s asked of Brett in the interview, and it’s a frequently asked question for a lot of businesses that are just getting started with paid advertising. The answer:

PPC can work well across many niches.

Brett says that instead of looking at it from an industry perspective, you should look at it regarding what you’re trying to market. Maybe you have a high-value ticket item or high-end service. In those cases, the value of a lead can be really high because the value of a client or sale is high.

Spending money on PPC makes sense if selling your product will make you a significant amount of money. Home services, financial services, lawers, or attorneys are all specific service-based industries that will see a higher customer value. When customer value is high, let’s say around $5,000, it’s justifiable for you to put some money towards paid ads.

When is PPC Valuable

Let’s take this keyword, for example. Many lawers use this keyword to get high-value clients. It’s incredibly expensive, but it has low traffic, and in turn, the traffic that it does have is very intent-based. Some large companies will spend millions of dollars on ads for keywords similar to those in this picture.

Cost per click analysis. As you can see, just one click will cost $80, but that click could lead to thousands upon thousands of dollars of business. Some companies find a lot of success in paying out big money for keywords like this.

If your website has a high conversion rate, then you might find an $80 visit to your website is worth it. As Brett says in the video, finding keywords that are this expensive isn’t all that often and isn’t likely something that you’ll experience unless you’re working in the field of law.

Beard Care and Brett’s Ideal Day…

As a quick side note, Brett shared that his favorite beard care item is indeed beard oil from the Good Fellow brand. Be sure to check it out if you want your facial hair to look as classy as Brett does.

If Brett’s on an island for three days, he wants to be in Jamaica with whisky, margaritas, and his favorite book. If there’s access to amenities, he might spend some time catching up on his favorite tv shows. He claims to have not tried marijuana in Jamaica…

Cannabis PPC?

With the recent legalizations of cannabis throughout different states within the US, many wonder if we should be marketing products like this. Brett breaks it down for us.

Brand Awareness

As of today, PPC ads aren’t available for any of the traditional cannabis or cannabis-related products. For that reason, Brett recommends that content is the best way to grow your brand awareness if you’re looking to do more within this niche. SEO and content writing will likely see the best results if you’re looking to grow your website traffic.

Influencer Marketing

One way that a lot of cannabis companies are going about growing their market is through influencer marketing. While you still can’t run ads with this content, the organic research that influencers have can help drive potential customers to your site more often.

Other Niches with PPC Restrictions

Here are some other areas that experience restrictions when it comes to paid ads.

Adult Content

When marketing anything that needs to be placed in front of only audiences that are 18 years or older, you’ll need to check the box provided by the ad platform. This ensures that your ad won’t be delivered or viewed by certain age groups.


Similarly to adult content, you’ll need to make sure that you tell your ad provider that the content is meant for a specific audience. If for any reason, you fail to do that, your ads may get penalized.

Personal Protective Equpiment

Interestingly enough, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking place, there have been some new ad restrictions surrounding PPE. Some of these restrictions include only running brand ads instead of specific product ads if products are things like face masks. One of the biggest reasons for this is that it can be difficult for ad platforms to verify your ad’s information.


Debt is one of the most marketed things on the planet and is often the most marketed thing in America. Between loans, mortgages, and credit cards, there are many products surrounding debt. All of the ad platforms tend to be very sensitive when it comes to debt and marketing debt.

One reason ad platforms discourage ads surrounding debt is because of predatory lending and data surrounding your financial status. Your data should be protected, and Facebook, for example, has made it much harder to target users based on their income and financial status.

Political Ads and Cost of Ads

Especially during election years, you might find that inventory for ads on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter get more expensive. Because there is only so many real estate and political campaigns that will pay big bucks for ad spots, you can expect ads costs to go up. This happens every few years and will most likely happen more and more frequently unless social media sites intend to restrict political ads at some point.

When ad prices go up, it might be a good time to put some of your money towards local ads or to focus your money in different places. Whatever you do, be sure to be smart with your dollars. There’s no need to compete with people who aren’t even selling the same product as you are

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