Pool Installer Leads | 4 Bonus Tips for Immediate Results

There’s a ton of information out there on how to generate pool installer leads for your business. Unfortunately, not all leads are created equal. It’s important to remember that you want quality…

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There’s a ton of information out there on how to generate pool installer leads for your business. Unfortunately, not all leads are created equal. It’s important to remember that you want quality as well as quantity. Following a bunch of leads that result in dead ends will hurt your business more than help it and can get very expensive. That’s why we came up with these four pool installer leads tips. 

While online reviews and referrals are a great way to get strong leads, they also take time to get. When you need more immediate results, here are some tips that will get you quality leads fast.

  • Improve the website you already have
  • Give away some helpful information for free
  • Increase visibility with SEO
  • Choose your words wisely with PPC ads


1. Improve the website that you already have.

One of the most basic ways to improve your pool installer leads generation is to improve your website. People want information, and they want it fast, so make sure your site is easy to navigate.

Think about your potential customer and what information they are going to be looking for and make sure they can find that information quickly without having to click through a bunch of pages.

Keep your content simple and easy to skim. Make sure that your landing page features your keywords. Also, make sure to check any outbound links regularly to make sure they are still working, and the pages are still active.

As a bonus, websites that are updated regularly rank higher on Google, so when people search for your terms, your site will come up higher in the search results. Look here for a free consultation to improve your website design.

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2. Give away some helpful information for free.

Offering helpful information with no strings attached and no commitment necessary makes potential clients look at you more favorably. Also, it helps them remember you in the future if they’re not ready to commit yet. The best way to do this is directly on your website or company blog.

The free resource doesn’t need to be anything fancy; it could be as simple as a checklist of things to do before a pool installation on a site. You don’t have to stop with new customers either.

For example, a do-it-yourself article or video to show customers how to maintain the pool you installed for them helps you maintain relationships with them after the installation and keeps you at the front of their minds for future sales or referrals.

3. Increase Visibility with SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way of weaving keywords into your web landing page, content, and advertisements so that when potential leads use a search engine to search for a service, your company’s information shows up high on the list of results.

You want to show up high on the list of results because the reality is most people don’t look further than the first page of Google results.

The trick is finding the right keywords. Effective SEO will help you get the leads you want fast, but you need to be as specific as possible so you can make sure, to the best of your ability, that you look like exactly what your potential customer wants.

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4. Choose Your Words Wisely with PPC Ads.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. A PPC ad can generate a lot of leads if it’s written well. The critical thing to remember is that you need to say a lot in a limited space. There are three essential parts to a PPC ad.

  • Catchy Headline
  • Description
  • Call to action

Make sure your ad contains your keywords at least once and be very direct; tell your lead precisely what action they need to perform. The more specific you can get and the more you can stand out from other online ads, the better you’ll be in getting pool installer leads.

One Last Thing Before You Go

Getting more pool installer leads can be challenging, and the methods you use are going to need regular tweaking.

It can also cost you more money than it makes you if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s a good idea to read up on the subject and, if possible, consult professionals who specialize in lead generation and content writing. Here’s a great in-depth guide to lead generation to get you started.

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