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Plumbing Tools | How to Choose Plumbing Equipment / Toolkit

If you plan on doing a plumbing repair on your own, you need to first have the right plumbing tools. When it comes to plumbing equipment, there is more than one type…

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Plumbing Tools List - Best Toolset

If you plan on doing a plumbing repair on your own, you need to first have the right plumbing tools. When it comes to plumbing equipment, there is more than one type available and each one claims to be best. So how do you know which plumbing tools to choose? To help you with that, check out this plumbing tools list.

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Here’s the quick plumbing tools list

  • Tubing Cutter
  • Hacksaw
  • Hole saw kit
  • Pipe and tube benders
  • Pliers
  • Press fitting systems
  • Flashlight
  • A bucket
  • Mole grips
  • Plumber’s torch
  • Thread sealing tape
  • Ratcheting pipe threader set
  • Basin wrench
  • Faucet key
  • Torque wrench
  • Internal pipe wrench
  • Plumber Wrenches
  • Pipe wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Plungers
  • Hand auger
  • Snake machine
  • Drain inspection camera
  • Hydro jetting machines
  • Plumbing Safety Tools
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Heat shields or pads

Plumbing Tools List - Best Toolset

Pipe Wrench

One of the plumbing tools you’ll need is the pipe wrench. A pipe wrench is a wrench that you can use to tighten or loosen fittings in your pipes. These days, there are models specifically made for loosening and tightening the various fittings in plumbing systems. You may already have some of these basic plumbing tools at home because these are probably the same tools used for several do-it-Yourself projects. For example, a simple plumbing wrench can be used to remove the drain plug from your bathtub.

Faucet Keys

There’s also a plumbing tools list called faucet keys. These are special handles that you attach to your faucet so you can pull it out or turn it on and off easily. Without these faucet keys, you would have to use the handle opposite the faucet you’re using. However, if you want to change out faucets on your sink and shower, you’ll definitely need faucet keys.

Plumbing Snake

Another plumbing tools list you need is a plumbing snake. This is a flexible wire that can be inserted into holes and bends around pipes, reducing leaks and creating better water circulation. There are different sizes of plumbing snakes, so you have to decide what size fits best into the area where you need to repair.

Where to buy Plumbing Tools: Amazon

Amazon also has plumbing tools that you won’t find at any other store. For example, you can get the plumbing tools set with a pipe and faucet handle puller, a screwdriver with a copper tip, and some rubber gloves for plumbing repairs or maintenance. These items will make anyone who is a good plumber or construction worker very valuable to his/her employers. If you run an online plumbing business, you should seriously consider buying products from Amazon.

Plumbing Tool Belt

A plumbing tool belt is another plumbing supply you should have. It has all the nuts, bolts, washers, and pliers you need for any plumbing project. What’s great about the plumbing belt is that it comes in different sizes, so you can choose according to your needs. Some people use a smaller size when they’re doing a simple fix, and a bigger size when they’re working on something larger. In this case, the smaller belt will suffice, while the larger belt will give more leverage and be easier to tighten.


Another set of plumbing tools you should have is a set of pliers. You may think that pliers are used only for twisting, but there’s more to them than you probably think. Most pliers consist of one or more blade styles; there are scissors, needle-nose pliers, wire-to-wire pliers, and needle-nose pliers. Of course, there are even more specialized types of pliers such as needle-nose pliers and needle-nose sockets, which are used primarily for plumbing installations.

Wire Cutters & Crimpers

Plumbers use a number of other tools, including a pair of wire cutters and crimpers, which are used to shape and seal piping. Pipe crimpers have a variety of different head styles, from straight and square to diamond and triangular. These tools make it possible to cut piping, but they’re not to be used to repair damage you may have caused.

Pipe Wrenches

Finally, there are various sizes of plumbing pipe wrenches. You should buy one in every size of pipe you work with. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting frustrated because you’re trying to reach the end of a long hose – then wishing you had a longer one. That said, you should also buy one in various sizes, since you might require a particular length when working with a variety of pipes. Pipe wrenches also come in various sizes, including those that go from one hook to 4 hooks.

If you want to fix an electrical problem in your home, you might also need a pair of cutting torches. Since the flame of a torch is relatively small, it won’t heat up the water. However, this tool isn’t used by most plumbers, and you should only use them if you have problems with copper piping.

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