5 Secrets to Utilizing Videos for Personal Branding

Sharing short videos about yourself and how you help your customers generates feelings of trust and authenticity in your leads. 

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Simply put, personal branding videos are tools you can maximize to introduce your brand to other businesses or customers.

Using personal branding videos in your marketing aims to produce stellar marketing results or ROI. Why? Because people believe what they see the most. As the saying goes, “Seeing Is Believing.”  

You stand to gain A LOT from this simple marketing technique. At the least, you’ll get leads running your way. At most, you’ll maintain your company’s name as top-notch quality in your audience’s mind.

In this overview of the conversation our very own Tim Brown had an at length conversation with Dmitry Lipinskiy of Roofing Insights around personal branding in video. We went ahead and highlighted (5) practical steps from the whole conversation to be utilizing in your content when thinking about “personal branding videos in roofing.” 

1. “Quality Over Quantity” or “Quantity Over Quality”

People have short attention spans. Say, most of your audience sees 60% of your videos because you created something not very interesting. Then 90% of your audience dropped out after 30 seconds in your videos.

YouTube’s algorithm won’t favor your content and push your viewers elsewhere. Dmitry mentions he prepares all of his content as if it is going to go viral while remaining as evergreen as possible, and the hope that others will be using it for a longer period of time. That’s one reason why creating content just to “create” can be counter-productive. You might want to create a lot of content, but it takes one lousy video that’s a waste of people’s time to lose viewers and trust in your brand or idea Dmitry also mentions. 

From Tim Brown’s perspective, it is best to utilize a fast forward, top of mind approach that is more focused on pushing out more quantity of content, but also not letting the quality slip. Sometimes you could focus hours and days on a piece of content that will only be seen by your average viewership and from here you have missed many opportunities for another post to catch the spotlight, or posting a higher volume of social posts to remain top of mind for your audience. 

Have the mindset that it is best to drop videos and content specifically when you have something tangible to say for your audience. Of course the never ending question is which is right, for this article’s view point Dmitry has had great success with Quality over Quantity, while Tim Brown has succeeded here at Hook Agency with Quantity over Quality. No one here is ever wrong when this argument is brought up. You just have to find which recipe works best for you and your companies objectives.

2. Spotlight Your Audience

People are naturally self-centered and don’t particularly care about you. But many roofers, not knowing this, feel the need to turn on their selfie cameras and talk about themselves and their problems. Instead, it’s better to talk about the problem you’re solving and the success you have had finding solutions for these problems.

It would help if you were talking about roofers’ problems like:

  • What are roofers or homeowners having a challenge with…?
  • Seven reasons why roofers cheat homeowners…
  • The reason why 80% of roofers fail in their first year in business…

It would be best if you focused on them sharing their stories – let’s say you have an insurance claim that got denied, and you’re working on it now; you could feature those stories and go ahead with filming. 

We document our extraordinary life, but your journey is not about you; it’s about the problems you solve for others. 

There is a massive grey area here because the roofers don’t want to be vulnerable on camera, they don’t want to share the secret, and they don’t want to be controversial or say something out of context. Dmitry Lipinskiy’s first hit video was about:

  • Who makes the best gutters?
  • “Who makes the best shingles?
  • “Who makes the best sidings?”

These questions help the homeowner pick between these options by specifying which is better and why. It also answers some of the most talked about questions in the industry. Most roofers are not willing to do that, and most homeowners want their questions answered.

So when you turn on the camera and go live, make sure you are always prepared, as well as thinking of ways you can solve your audience’s problems and questions they have.

3. Live Videos Still Work!

Live videos work just like Facebook posts or other social media – if you don’t abuse them, they can bring huge awareness and engagement to your channels. With that being said, if you WERE to go live every day, it’d matter that you prepare and are ready to go LIVE every time. Prepare as if it were any other type of content you are going to post because it will live on the internet forever, and you want to make sure you are educated and informed on the topic you are going live with.

Other roofing marketing success secrets you might want to ask yourself;

  • “What’s the difference between Facebook and our other channels?”
  • “How do you think about those differences when it comes to content?”

(Created & Data Collected by Neil Patel)

4. Understand Facebook and YouTube Algorithms

The fundamental difference between Facebook and YouTube video marketing is that Facebook is momentum-based while YouTube is search-based. You can hardly search for things on Facebook; the platform operates based on momentum and its algorithmic flow — what’s currently trending and HOT.

For this reason, you should sync all of your posting across all social platforms. So, say you post a YouTube video, you could always share it on Facebook and let the Facebook community know there is content on YouTube where it’s easier to search for things.

For instance, it may only sometimes be the case, as they have to rank higher both on YouTube and Google. Just make sure you are repeating your efforts across all channels as certain pieces will at times outperform others and continue to use that data to better improve your social strategies and what your audience obsesses over. 

5. Optimize Your YouTube Channel

You need to optimize your YouTube channel so that when you upload cool videos and search for your brand name, your results appear on the first page. For example, Dmitry and his team used this strategy last year when they traveled to 15 companies, and made content specific to each. If you Google any of those companies, their video is on the first page of Google under the videos section. This is the exact end result you want when trying to inject yourself or brand into the roofing industry, or any industry in general.

So, if you Googled “Storm Group Roofing,” ‘’ will probably appear in a Storm Group Roofing YouTube channel if it’s optimized. If Business Insider does a story on Storm Group Roofing, their video will be higher ranked than ours.

So, Business Insider could outrank you, but you still should have yours optimized anyway. Like in SEO, we think about it as domain authority. Looking at ChatGPT articles, for example, somebody recently did one on a bigger scale, like a Business Insider-type website, and then promoted the fact that it ranked right away.

However, that’s because this domain Authority is a trusted entity. But they’ll decrease that trust by spewing out insane amounts of ChatGPT-developed content. We don’t know precisely where ChatGPT is headed, but the idea of domain authority also transfers over to YouTube and like-known entities.

Moreover, it will require Google to respond to ChatGPT naturally, and at some point, people might have to start vouching for the content they’re putting out there. Their trust score might go down just like the trust score of a domain would go down if it’s just shoveling out repurposed content. Over time, those with the highest authority will be the most respected voices on social and Google, and in effect those curating video specific content. 

Final Thoughts

Your marketing decision yields positive results if you put your customers or audience first. You have to give before you can expect anything in return. 

When you share your roofing marketing videos, you tell your target audience, “Hey, I’m over here, and this is what I have to offer.” As you know, communication is vital in marketing; and your personal branding videos will help you push that notion even further.

Here at Hook Agency, we highly suggest you reach out to Dmitry and his team at Roofing Insights to learn more about the excellent content they create and from the mastermind of video content within the roofing industry and industries alike! We have the highest praise for what they are not only working on, but executing at a high level. 

Watch or listen to the full conversation on YouTube below: 

YouTube video

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