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30 Insanely Hilarious Stock Photos for Memes – Best Stock Images

It’s not hard to find terrible stock photos because so many stock photos are bad without even trying to be bad. As a web designer, search engine optimization specialist and social media…

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It’s not hard to find terrible stock photos because so many stock photos are bad without even trying to be bad. As a web designer, search engine optimization specialist and social media marketer I come across so many the best (worst) stock images imagine-able– it’s hard to not swear off stock photos in my web designs altogether.

In the meantime though, I’ve curated some of the absolute best stock photos / worst stock photos – pulled from the meme culture.

Without further ado, weird stock photos for memes:

Without further ado – The Best Stock Photos for Memes:

1. Grandma Holding Gun (The best stock image of all time)

Grandma with Gun - Best of the worst stock images for Memes

2. Banana with low self esteem

Banana looking in mirror - Low self esteem

3. Banana in exhaust pipe (take that!)

Man shoving banana up exhaust pipe - worst stock images ever

4. Grandma licking popsicle

Hilarious stock images

5. Woman snorting donuts

Woman snorting donuts - stock images for memes

6. Man using cake as pillow

Man with cake as pillow stock images

7. Man proud of fidget spinner

Fidget Spinner stock image

8. The sad story of man with feet hands

Man with feet hands

9. Shhhh – stock photo

Shhh stock photo

10. EggPhobia – from Reddit Stock Photos

EggPhobia - EvoPhobia

11. Lego Stock Photo with Police Brutality – WTF Stock Photo

Police Brutality stock photos - legos with criminal - wierd stock photos

12. Watermelon Head Stock Photo

Watermelon Head Stock Photo

13. Vegetarian Standoff – What is the point of this stock photo?

Vegetarian / Vegan Off stock photo

14. Confused man in red shirt meme

Shitty Stock Photos - Stock photo memes - confused man red shirt

15. Business man considering noose stock photo

Man with noose - considering suicide meme

16. “Hide the pain Harold” with computer

Hide the pain harold- old man with computer meme

17. Very creepy whipped cream sadism / shitty stock photo

Man feeding another man whipped cream stock photo - strange stock photos for memes

18. Weighing some lettuce

Man weighing lettuce stock photo

19. Hiding the pain again – this time on the phone

Hide the pain harold on the phone -

20. Finally vindication meme

Woman happy about a mans death - shitty stock photos for memes

21. Pirated music meme

Girl with robbers mask on and pirated music, strange stock photos

22. Strange corn and visor/mask stock photo

Woman with corn and visor - strange stock photos - meme stock

23. The king of all shitty stock photos / amazing stock photos – man with strange animal.

Man with strange animal - stock photos for memes

24. The new super soldier

25. Do not try at home

26. Do not talk to me until I’ve had my small bathtub of coffee

27. Be gone, potato

28. Doctor improvising

29. Seems excessive

30. Appreciate the hesitation though

The History of Stock Image Memes

According to Know Your Meme, stock photos have long been made fun of because of their “surreal or unrealistic portrayals of everyday life.” Case and point, the 30 images listed above. Sites like Reddit and Tumblr were some of the first to add funny captions to them.

Eventually, Tumblr would create the Awkward Stock Photos single topic blog, which helped launch these memes into the stratosphere. It seems like they have long since passed their peak in terms of popularity, but gosh darn it if these funny stock images still don’t put a smile on your face (or at the very least, a very confused, inquisitive expression). This blog was covered by websites like Buzzfeed, which further popularized the meme.Β  The concept of the blog inspired other single topic blogs on Tumblr, such as WTF Stock PhotosΒ and Overly Specific Stock Photos.

Not long after,Β r/wtfstockphotos was created on Redditedsubreddit was created, both subreddits were made to share stock photos that users found funny and just plain weird. On October 31st, 2013, the r/youdontsurf was created, where users took stock photos and captioned them.

As evidenced by such auteurs of the surreal, odd, weird, and just plain bizarre movement like Eric Andre and Tim and Eric, this sort of comedy will always have a market.

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