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What Is A Marketing Agency?

Modern marketing agencies share little in common with the traditional advertising agencies of old. However, at their core they’re dedicated to the same overarching mission: to create lasting exchange relationships with clients.…

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Modern marketing agencies share little in common with the traditional advertising agencies of old. However, at their core they’re dedicated to the same overarching mission: to create lasting exchange relationships with clients.

Combining creativity and analysis, a marketing agency is both an art and a science. Using critical insights, strategy, and a bit of charm, marketing agencies guide your product or service to your key demographic to literally help bring your brand to market.

Today, marketing agencies are necessary assets for many businesses, startups, and even personal brands. In short, they take your company and maximize its potential through the deployment of a marketing strategy.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a niche boutique or a full-service agency, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about marketing agencies to get your brand on the road to success.

The Rise of the Digital Focused Marketing Agency

In recent years, full-service digital marketing agencies have surged in popularity. These agencies handle every aspect of your company’s digital marketing strategy, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content creation, and web design.

When we’re asked, “what is a marketing agency,” it is usually in reference to (non-digitally focused) full-service agencies. Often, lazy startups and new brands believe they are better served by deferring to the sweeping expertise of non-digitally focused full-service agencies simply because of their breadth of knowledge.

In the early stages of a company’s growth, they think it’s important to have all your bases covered right away, from brochure design to content writing to your Twitter presence. But this can waste an extreme amount of money on a company with no real expertise, no deep domain knowledge. 

In my opinion, it’s important to focus on the 3-5 things that matter most for your company, like the brand – tone of voice, website, content, and SEO – then build outward from there.

The Value of the Niche Agency

Answering the question “what is a marketing agency” would be pointless without touching on the unique value that niche agencies can offer. Unlike full-service agencies, these companies leverage their in-depth knowledge of one marketing channel (i.e., Twitter, content writing, web design, Google analytics, etc.) to optimize your potential in that specific area.

The benefits of niche marketing are boundless. By zeroing in on one domain and demographics, niche agencies can help make your brand visible to enthusiastic and dedicated markets that are more likely to be interested in your product or service than general populations.

Plus, hiring a niche agency to manage your, say, Instagram presence is far more likely to net you a positive return on your social media strategy than a marketing agency full of generalists whose talents are spread thin across multiple social networks.

For this reason, we suggest established brands and companies seek out the expertise of niche agencies to take their marketing game to the next level. We believe in professionalism and specialists – and believe you’re better served to use these companies for what they are AMAZING at. 

How to Choose Between a Niche or Full-Service Agency

It can be a daunting task to choose between a niche or a full-service marketing agency. However, choosing one solution over the other usually comes down to your company’s time in the market and level of experience.

Does Your Brand Have a ‘Voice’?

One of the key benefits of a marketing company that understands the power of brand is that they can leverage their experience with multiple platforms to create a single, unified “voice” for your brand. Without a full-suite marketing agency, you can end up sending mixed messages to your audience by speaking to them in one voice on your LinkedIn, and in an entirely different one on your website.

Do You Have One Channel Lacking?

It might be that your target audience is most active on Facebook as opposed to other digital channels. For this reason, you have an obvious interest in narrowing down your efforts to this one platform.

Facebook marketing, despite what some assume, is a complex and often arduous process. These processes are better off left to the experts at a digital-focused agency to help you navigate the sometimes-labyrinthine waters of Facebook marketing. This way, you can be sure that your brand and advertisements are reaching the correct demographic.

The Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency

Regardless of which agency type you choose, there’s a lot to gain from consulting the expertise of a marketing agency and little to lose. Here are some of the main benefits you can derive from a knowledgeable marketing firm:

  • You can acquire an unbiased third-party perspective
  • You can leverage the latest creative and analytics technologies
  • You can boost your productivity
  • You can stay ‘in-the-know’ regarding the latest marketing trends
  • You can save money on pay-per-click (PPC) and other ad campaigns

In short, there is no succinct answer to the question “what is a marketing agency?” Rather, marketing agencies make use of a diverse range of marketing channels and ad platforms to help your business find its unique voice in a crowded world full of competing voices.

With the help of a marketing agency, you can cut through the noise and find an audience, and a unified message, that resonates with your target market.

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