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21 MailChimp Templates to Kickstart Your E-mail Campaign

Is your small business thinking about MailChimp to kick start e-mail marketing for your business? If so, you’ve made a smart choice! According to this article on, MailChimp ranks among the best…

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Mailchimp templates - E-mail marketing free templates

Is your small business thinking about MailChimp to kick start e-mail marketing for your business? If so, you’ve made a smart choice! According to this article on, MailChimp ranks among the best e-mail marketing software options and is a top pick and editor’s choice. The even better news is that MailChimp boasts a generous trove of beautiful e-mail marketing templates that you can swipe and deploy quickly.

Even if you don’t know anything about marketing, MailChimp makes it easy. You can still launch beautiful e-mail newsletters quickly and easily using MailChimp even if you can’t write a single line of HTML.

If you want to craft a fantastic welcome e-mail or launch your next sale with a bang, then continue reading this excellent MailChimp template guide! We’re about to glance into some of the best MailChimp templates that make e-mail marketing simple.

Please note: All images of the e-mail marketing templates in this guide are from MailChimp’s amazing template editor.

# 1 – Member Welcome Mailchimp Template

Mailchimp business templates

Image source: MailChimp

One of the smartest ways to break the ice with your new e-mail subscribers is to send a powerful welcome e-mail. Always try your utmost to be the greatest e-mail newsletter host (or hostess) possible!

That way, you and your e-mail newsletter can work hard to build rapport, introduce yourself, and make your subscribers feel at home.

A welcome e-mail is also a great place to promote your social channels, webinar invitations, homepage, or you can even feature your products.

# 2 – Wide Mailchimp Template

Mailchimp email marketing templates


Image source: MailChimp

Do you want the perfect minimalist e-mail newsletter template? Then the wide template is ideal for you. You can use the wide template if you wish to focus on the beauty and simplicity of the written word throughout each e-mail that you send. The Wide template rocks if you love to write, and if you want your subscribers to focus on your text.

# 3 – Flyer Mailchimp Template

Colorful mailchimp templates

Image source: MailChimp

If you’re going to promote a bold call to action in your e-mail newsletters, then the flyer template is your new favorite template. Use the flyer template to showcase your upcoming promotions, product launches, blog posts, or even social media content in bold, lovely style.

# 4 – Sale Announcement

Examples of mailchomp templates

Image source: MailChimp

The sale announcement template makes it quick and easy to share your latest sale information in a way that will wow your subscribers. It doesn’t matter whether you manage an e-commerce shop or if you’re selling digital products. The sale announcement template makes it straightforward to launch beautiful e-mail newsletters that sell to your audience.

# 5 – Monthly Contest

Marketing templates for mailchimp

Image source: MailChimp

One of the most enjoyable activities that you can ever share with your e-mail subscribers is a contest! If you love the idea of providing a ton of fun and excitement for your subscribers, then take a close look at the contest template.

Now you can confidently launch and share your social contests in style and without worrying about how your e-mails look. That’s because the contest template looks beautiful, is eye-catching, and will easily capture the attention of your subscribers.


# 6 – Fall Colors

mailchimp free templates
Image source: MailChimp

Show off your love and delight for the changing of the seasons with the brilliant fall colors template. If you or your subscribers love nature, the outdoors, and the fantastic beauty of fall, then this theme is likely your new favorite.

The fall colors template makes it super easy to promote any call to action that you want boldly. You can easily show off the fantastic autumn colors that your subscribers will love.

# 7 – Postcard

mailchimp email marketing
Image source: MailChimp

The Postcard template is an easy and sure way to update your e-mail newsletter subscribers quickly and effectively. If you want to send a quick update as to what you, your brand, or your business is doing, then you’ll want to experiment with this awesome template.

# 8 – Appointment Reminder

mailchimp template

Image source: MailChimp

The appointment reminder template is one of the best ways to ensure that your clients don’t miss their appointment with you. Not only does this MailChimp template look bold and bright, but it’s a great way to ensure that your awesome clients show up on time.

# 9 – Art Newsletter

mailchimp marketing company

Image source: MailChimp

Do you want your e-mail newsletter to showcase your amazing graphics, artwork, or photography? If that’s the case, then the art newsletter template is perfect for your situation. You can beautifully and eminently show off your best artwork so that your subscribers never miss your newest content. mailchimp template

# 10 – Boutique

Image source: MailChimp

If you want the perfect e-mail newsletter template for showcasing your e-commerce goods while looking beautiful and unique, then you need to consider the boutique template. Each e-mail newsletter you send will look amazing to your subscribers, and you’ll have a ton of fun customizing each e-mail you send.


# 11 – Color Box

grid marketing mailchimp
Image source: MailChimp

The color box template is perfect if you want your e-mail newsletter to have just the right amount of funk while not being too over the top. When you rock the color box template, your e-mails look fun, vibrant, and your call to actions are going to stand out big time.

# 12 – Contrast

Image source: MailChimp

Do you want each e-mail newsletter you send to pack a punch? Then the contrast template might fit your style perfectly. With the contrast template, your text and newsletter content stand out prominently. Your end-users will immediately recognize you, your style, your business, and your brand.

# 13 – Hero Card

Image source: MailChimp

The hero card template is the ideal template if you want to combine beautiful graphics with your text and content. If you wish to promote your latest blog posts, Podcasts, books, or physical products, the hero card template makes it easy and stress-free.

# 14 – Soft

Image source: MailChimp

Do you want a simple and elegant yet beautiful e-mail newsletter template for your business? Then the soft template is probably one of the best MailChimp templates. You can quickly launch your next e-mail newsletter in a way that’s easy for your end-users to read, and fun for you to write!

# 15 – Monochromic

Image source: MailChimp

The monochromic template allows you to feature your calls to action above the fold. You can easily showcase your latest articles, social posts, e-books, or any other content that you desire. Your e-mails will look great in a way that’s easy for your subscribers to grasp and understand quickly.

# 16 – Subtle

Image source: MailChimp

The subtle template is one of the best templates if you love white space. The subtle theme rocks if you want your newsletter to promote your e-commerce products or any other product without any hype or fanfare.

# 17 – Invitation

Image source: MailChimp

Promote your next speaking event or summit with style and poise. The invitation template is awesome if you want to let your awesome subscribers know wherever your business takes you. Even if your event is a virtual event or a webinar, the invitation template is incredible and worth checking out.

# 18 – Multiple Event

Image source: MailChimp

If your business hosts or participates in multiple events per year, then quickly dispatching an e-mail via the multiple event template is a smart choice. Now you can easily keep your entire audience and subscriber base up to date as to where you and your business venture in the future.

# 19 – Ticket

Image source: MailChimp

The ticket template allows you to quickly and neatly provide an invitation or confirmation for your upcoming event or summit. Let your subscribers know where to go, where to attend, or what to do next. Whenever you’re making a public appearance or participating in an event or summit, the ticket template is quite worthy.

# 20 – Floating Skulls

Image source: MailChimp

Get into the Halloween spirit by sporting this delightfully spooky floating skulls template! This template is perfect for showing off your fun side and is also a great way to get into the spirit of fall, autumn, the changing of the leaves, Halloween, and all things eerie.

# 21 – Simple Newsletter

mailchimp simple theme
Image source: MailChimp

Do you wish to focus simply on your words? Then the simple newsletter template is easily your best choice. Your e-mail newsletter content can now focus on the clarity of your message without sacrificing a gorgeous and stylish look. You can easily include a clear call to action, your social profiles, or your upcoming events to add extra flair.

Here’s How to Easily Choose the Best MailChimp Template for Your Business!

Before you choose your first template, assure yourself that e-mail marketing is a genius strategy for your business. In fact, according to this article on Forbes, e-mail marketing is still considered one of, if not the best method to generate leads.

That’s why MailChimp rocks. They boast a ton of powerful e-mail templates that you and your subscribers will love. Of course, choosing the perfect e-mail newsletter template takes time, especially since MailChimp gives you so many fantastic choices.

The great news is that just about all the MailChimp e-mail templates look beautiful, so it’s hard to choose a “bad” template.

MailChimp makes it ridiculously easy to launch and write beautiful e-mail newsletters and campaigns. Also, remember that this list only includes a small portion of MailChimp templates. Your choices are nearly limitless.

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