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5 Best Lead Generation Companies in U.S.

Lead generation is an ever-growing industry here in the U.S. Companies are springing up all over and the ways of the past aren’t always working. Nobody likes receiving a cold call on…

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Lead generation is an ever-growing industry here in the U.S. Companies are springing up all over and the ways of the past aren’t always working. Nobody likes receiving a cold call on their morning commute or just as they sit down to dinner. And that’s definitely not how you want your company to be represented. What you need are creative and fresh ways for customers to find your company and service.

In this article, we’re diving in to find the best lead generation companies for each industry. This is article is a must for anyone looking to increase their business and grow their reach.

1. Real Estate

Real estate has become an extremely competitive industry over the past few years. Teams and agents are turning to great marketing firms in order to come up with plans that can help give them the edge over their competition.

Lead generation in real estate is always going to affect your overall profitability. Because of this lead generation companies don’t always come cheap. Make sure you know what you’re getting and that you take the time to dig into everything they’re going to do for you. BoldLeads is one of the top lead generation companies based on an article done by Fit Small Business that breaks down 6 great options. 

BoldLeads does a great job focusing on building a funnel that allows you to nurture your leads so that you aren’t just getting more leads, you’re actually getting more sales.

2. Technology

With the tech industry being one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the U.S. there are many great lead generation companies out there. One of the best is VSA. This company focuses on prospecting leads that perfectly fit what your company has to offer. With industry experience in Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Logistics, Software these guys have got you covered. 

VSA is a big company that focuses on big companies. If you’re running a smaller startup or a company that can’t dump a lot of money into lead generation Web FX is a great option. As an internet marketing agency Web FX is going to be a great option for tech companies.  

3. Construction + Small Business

Just like real estate construction has become a very competitive industry. In an industry like construction, the time you spend working on generating leads is time you could be working and generating more revenue. 

At Hook Agency we pride ourselves on being niche specific. By doing this we can more accurately predict results and produce some of the best leads. The best part about Hook is that we care. As a small business that is always growing, we know that relationships matter and that’s why you matter to us. 

We’ve developed successful marketing funnels for construction companies and small businesses through SEO and web design that can triple your revenue. It’s not about making another dollar it’s about another dollar. It’s about changing your business and changing your life.

If you’re a small business or construction company and need more work to keep you busy, reach out for a free consultation. Jump over to our website and fill the form out right now!

4. Car Dealerships

The best thing about selling cars is that someone is always looking for a new car. CyberLead, Inc. breaks down some of the best marketing strategies for dealerships. “Car buyers spend 61% of their time researching vehicles online. On average those buyers are spending around 108 days in the market for that new car. That gives you a good amount of time to get in front of them. Most likely you’re going need to outsource some of your marketing campaigns. Here are two great options.

CyberLead, Inc. is a great option because they focus solely on car dealers. You don’t have to wonder if they are going to be what you need. At CyberLead they boast 17 years of experience and some great customer reviews over that time.

Auto Raptor has extremely comprehensive options for dealership lead generation. Auto Raptor also focuses solely on car dealers. They offer text messaging and email as well as an app that allows your salesman to manage their leads right from their smartphone. This tech-savvy option might just be the perfect fit for you.

5. Retail

Retail can span anywhere from Walmart to Groupon and is all about customer service. Retail is also going to be an industry that needs some phone support when it comes to generating and maintaining leads.

Invenus has an incredibly robust plan for retailers. Their services range from outsourcing call centers, logistics, payments, and order processing to web design and implementation, data management, and email marketing. This company has raving reviews and is at the top of the call list for many big companies including Groupon.

We’ve unpacked a lot in this article. One thing that is especially important to note is that the companies generating the best and most successful leads are the companies doing things outside of the box. Don’t be afraid to jump outside the box.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, I encourage you to take a look at some of the other blog posts on our site. We love taking the time to write these posts so that we can be a resource for you.

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