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Bold Landscaping Marketing Tips for 2024 & Beyond

Marketing trends change constantly. What worked in the past will not get you the best results in today’s market. So, here are some landscaping marketing tips for 2022 and beyond that will…

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landscaping marketing tips

Marketing trends change constantly. What worked in the past will not get you the best results in today’s market. So, here are some landscaping marketing tips for 2022 and beyond that will help you take your landscape business to new heights in the future. 

Leverage Social Media Like It’s Real Life (’cause it is)

Social media is a go-to for many people looking for ideas and businesses. It is a low-cost tool that you can use to get your company in front of people who are interested in your service. So, you need to be using it. The most successful landscape companies on social media share tips, photos, and they interact with potential customers regularly. 


Promote Your Services Through Local SEO and PPC

Local SEO and PPC ads allow you to get your business in front of customers when they search for companies that provide landscape services. Through local SEO, you can attract leads to your website. With PPC, you can place ads for your business on sites where your target audience spends their time. So, utilizing both of these methods can help you boost your marketing efforts. 

Follow a Lead Generation Guide and Marketing Plan

A lead generation guide gives you complex information to help you capture leads that convert into cashflow. You can use the guide to help you develop a marketing plan that works for your company. All businesses need to have a marketing plan. Without one, you are leaving an important aspect of your business to chance. 

Optimize Your Website

Optimizing your small business website design to appeal to customers and search engines. If you want leads to find your site, you need to make sure it is optimized and user-friendly. You can optimize your site by:

  • Connecting to your Google Listing
  • Updating fonts and color schemes
  • Providing customers tools to order your services
  • Making it easy to find your contact information
  • Sharing photos
  • Posting high-quality content 

You want to update your site regularly because search engines push people to relevant sites. Merely posting a site with your services and leaving it will not get you the results you want. You need to maintain your site and post new content regularly. 

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Connect with Current Customers On Social Media

Each of your customers likely has at least one social media account. Furthermore, they have friends, family, and co-workers who likely live in your area. So, if you connect with them on their social media accounts, you will get your business in front of their contacts. Be sure to interact with them. Congratulate them when they share positive events, wish them a happy birthday, and look for other opportunities to engage sincerely. 

Share Photos of Your Work

Sharing photos of your work is one of our favorite landscaping marketing tips.

People are more likely to stay on a site with photos. So, share pictures of your work as you complete jobs. Before and after images are great, too, because people love to see a comparison. It gives them an idea of how their yard can look. 

Partner with Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents in your area are an excellent tool for getting new landscaping contracts. Many of their customers ask them for referrals. So, you should get enlist their help. You can offer to do their yard for free if they will include a flyer in their new homeowner packets or give them a discount for each customer they send you. 

Focus on What Works

It is essential not to spend too much time doing things that are not beneficial to your bottom-line. By using your marketing plan and reviewing the results you are receiving for each action you take to promote your landscape business, you are better able to assess what works and what you need to give up doing. It is also a good idea to set goals ahead of time. That way, you know what you want to get out of your efforts. 

Let an Expert Do the Job

Sometimes it helps to let an expert do the job for you. While marketing your own business might seem like an excellent way to save money, it can eat up your digital marketing budget if you do not know what you are doing. So, partnering with a company that is knowledgeable can help you get more for your money. Good Luck with implementing your landscaping marketing tips! 

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