Landscape Marketing Guide: Get More Landscaping Leads From Marketing In 2024

When you know you have the best landscaping business in your area, it is incredibly frustrating to lose out on business to subpar companies just because they have a better marketing strategy.…

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When you know you have the best landscaping business in your area, it is incredibly frustrating to lose out on business to subpar companies just because they have a better marketing strategy. No landscaping business can survive without marketing, even if “marketing” is word-of-mouth referrals between friends and neighbors.

In the modern world, there are numerous proven marketing strategies at your fingertips, so neglecting any area of marketing could be detrimental to your business’s growth. We know you’re ready to take your landscaping business to the next level, so we gathered proven digital and traditional landscape marketing tools all in one place.

Digital Marketing for Landscapers

In 2022, most marketing takes the form of “digital marketing.” Since most people rely on the internet and Google to find landscaping services, an online presence is vital.

Oh wait, let me fix that . . .

An exceptional online presence is vital.

If you have a spattering of an online presence but your competitors take the time to curate their images, content, and customer interactions each month, who do you think potential clients will be more drawn to? Implement these digital marketing strategies to help your landscaping business gain visibility, and therefore, more leads.

Landscaping Digital Marketing Pros and Cons

🟢 Pro: Easy to measure metrics and engagement

❌ Con: Digital marketing is constantly evolving

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Design a Killer Website

You need to have a website. No ifs, ands, or buts. However, if you want to stand out against your competitors (which we know you do), then you’ll need a highly efficient and impeccably designed website.

Google places a lot of significance on high-quality websites. They only want to put you at the top of search results if they feel you add value. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to design and develop a killer landscaping website, don’t worry. Leave it to the experts who have created high-performing websites for home service providers just like you.

Search Engine Optimization (Rank High on Google)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most proven marketing efforts out there, and it’s best paired with the other marketing strategies on this list.

SEO is a fancy term for convincing Google to show your website first in search results.

There are many areas that boost landscaping SEO, and almost all stem from the content on your website. They are:

  • As much relevant content spread across your website as possible (blogs, landing pages, service pages)
  • Site indexing
  • Location-based keyword usage
  • Image tags
  • Link building
  • Intentional URL slugs and meta titles
  • Website speed

SEO is the long game in marketing. The longer you wait to get started, the bigger of a headstart your landscaping competitors have.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Google Ads

If SEO is the long game in marketing, PPC ads are the fast game. While PPC ads don’t convert long-term organic traffic as much as an SEO strategy, they do help businesses see a fast spurt in website clicks and leads.

The way PPC ads work is by bidding on keywords when people make relevant searches on Google. The highest bid wins a top spot on the search page, and you only pay Google if your ad actually gets clicked on. Other factors that impact a successful Google Ad strategy are:

  • Smart and creative ad copy
  • Online reputation
  • Keyword relevance

A Standout Social Media Presence

If your landscaping business has a Facebook account with a blurry profile picture and the last post update was made in 2015, it’s not too late to make things right.

There aren’t many more cringe-worthy experiences than visiting a business’s social media account only to see a lazy profile that has clearly been neglected. Promise me that if you have social media accounts for your landscaping business that you’ll water them the same way you’d ask your clients to water their flowers.

Consider the following intentions for different social media sites for landscapers:

  • Instagram – Aesthetics
  • Facebook – Business updates, promotions, discussion
  • Twitter – Hot takes
  • LinkedIn – Connecting with other professionals

Get On Customer Review Sites

Customer reviews hold a lot of weight for your business online. A landscaping business with 200 reviews will come across as more legitimate than a business with 20 reviews. Potential customers really rely on information about previous customer experiences to help inform if they want to work with you.

You can start by adding 5-star testimonials to your website, but you’ll get an even larger bang for your buck if you register your business on the following business directories:

  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Thumbtack
  • Better Business Bureau

Facebook reviews also go a long way, so be sure to always request that your happy clients leave a review after you’ve worked with them! If you ever receive less-than-ideal reviews, be sure to engage in a professional and kind manner and offer to make the situation right.

Traditional Landscaping Marketing Strategies

Before the internet reigned, traditional marketing strategies were the only way to get the word out about landscaping businesses. And even though a digital presence is highly important, you should still employ these proven traditional marketing efforts to cover all of your bases.

Even though the internet has a huge place in modern life, it may be shocking to hear that people do in fact still watch TV, read catalogs, and go outdoors. *gasp* 😱

Pair these traditional marketing strategies with your digital marketing efforts to ensure your landscaping business reaches as many potential customers as possible.

Landscaping Traditional Marketing Pros and Cons

🟢 Pro: Memorable and often permanent

❌ Con: Difficult to measure due to less interaction with consumers

Broadcast Your Landscaping Business

A high-quality television or radio ad about your landscaping company can make a lasting impact on viewers and listeners. When a person watching TV gets to see a video of your company’s expertise in action, it will stick with them. The same goes for creative radio ads.

Typically, television and radio marketing efforts are best used when you have a special promotion coming up. Get the word out about your Spring landscaping sale to help drive people to your company who want to take advantage of your services.

Utilize Print Ads

Magazines, newspapers, and even the football roster at the local high school are all areas you can physically advertise your landscaping business on paper. While you probably don’t want to throw your entire marketing budget at print ads, you should still incorporate them every once in a while.

Depending on your region or ideal customer demographic, print ads can actually be just as, if not more effective than digital marketing. For instance, print marketing is typically successful with the older population, which should not be ignored because they can give you high-quality business.

Outdoor Advertising Is Still Alive

Every once in a while, a billboard will make you stop in your tracks and say “Man, that was clever.” Investing in outdoor marketing channels really helps build brand recognition in your service area. Beyond billboards, outdoor advertising includes:

  • Company logo truck wraps
  • Advertisements on city buses
  • Posters

Always keep it simple with outdoor marketing. Make sure your brand name and logo are clearly recognizable and never overcrowd them with busy images or wordy copy. When people are driving by, they likely won’t be able to dial a phone number or type in a website, but they can remember your brand name and tagline to look up once they get home.

Generate Leads With High-Quality Landscaping Marketing

If we lost you at “design a killer website,” that’s okay. Implementing proven landscaping marketing strategies by yourself can feel overwhelming— especially when your primary concern is being a really good landscaper. The good news is that Hook Agency knows digital marketing for landscapers like the back of our hands.

We’ll leave the landscaping to you, and you leave the landscape marketing to us. Reach out today to learn more about our high-performing SEO, web design, and PPC services that will have you out-ranking your competitors in no time.

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