31 HVAC Memes, Jokes + Comics That’ll Make You Crack Up

We know HVAC is tough, but we also know the kind of value that a good laugh can bring to you. That’s exactly why we decided to compile this list of HVAC…

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We know HVAC is tough, but we also know the kind of value that a good laugh can bring to you.

That’s exactly why we decided to compile this list of HVAC Memes because sometimes after a long day you need to look at the funny side of things and maybe even laugh at yourself a little bit.

There are three sections in this post starting with HVAC memes, then HVAC jokes, and last but not least, HVAC comics – Enjoy!


HVAC Jokes

1. The State of Freon

Why did the HVAC tech have licenses in different states?   He heard that Freon changes states.

2. The In-Laws

Technician: “How long has the AC not been working?”

Customer: “2 weeks”.

Technician: “Why did you wait 2 weeks to have it fixed?”

Customer: “My in-laws were here.  They were planning to stay for a month.”

3. It’s Exhausting

My Boss, always badgering me to keep the HVAC system on – It’s exhausting!

4. My HVAC guy

My HVAC guy is pretty unprepared – I told him that before he comes over he better get his ducts in a row.

5. HVAC Technician arguments

Did you hear about the HVAC technicians who got into an argument? – At first, it was heated, but they got some fresh air then things cooled off.

6. Why did the AC compressor sweat? – Because it had to run all day!

7. What did the air conditioner say at its retirement party? – “I’m a big fan of all of you. I couldn’t have kept my cool without you.”

8. Why did the HVAC tech go to therapy? – He had too many vents to clear!

9. What’s an HVAC technician’s favorite type of music? – Cool Jazz, it always keeps them chilled out!

10. Why did the furnace break up with the air conditioner? – It felt they weren’t on the same wavelength. It was always hot and cold between them!

11. Why did the thermostat go to school? Because it wanted to be set for success!

12. Why do refrigerants make such terrible comedians? Because they always crack under pressure!

13. Why did the air conditioner join the secret service? Because it was an expert at keeping things cool under cover!

14. Why did the air filter break up with the exhaust fan? Because it felt unappreciated, always taking the dirt and never getting any fresh air!

15. Why do fans adore the HVAC system? Because it’s the only thing that circulates their love in the air!

16. What’s an HVAC technician’s favorite movie? “Leak Hard!” They always root for the hero patching things up!

17. Why did the heater go to the talk show? Because it wanted to blow hot air in front of a live audience!

18. Why did the detective interrogate the air conditioner? Because it had the best leads on why things were getting frosty!

19. Why was the thermostat always caught up in drama? Because it could never resist being dialed into the latest gossip!

20. Why did the AC compressor write a self-help book? Because it knew the key to staying cool under pressure!

HVAC Comics

Hope you’ve enjoyed these HVAC Memes + Jokes! 🙂

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