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25+ Places to Find Free Stock Photos for Startups

Stock photo’s are the devil, they really are. But here are 10 places on the web to find the least shitty stock photo’s for startups. If anything you can at least use…

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Free Startup Stock Photos
Free Startup Stock Photos – StartUpStockPhotos.com

Stock photo’s are the devil, they really are. But here are 10 places on the web to find the least shitty stock photo’s for startups. If anything you can at least use them for non-client facing presentations, mockups where you need some filler imagery before the real photography is taken and other places where your money really doesn’t depend on it. Real images with people in a business are so much better for your website, and to tell the story – but there’s just not always photography when you want there to be. So in the meantime…

Share and bookmark this resource! I will add more free stock photo websites to the list as people comment, and as I find more.

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Sites you can Visit Now to Get Free Stock Photos for Startups

  • Startup Stock Photos  – Completely amazing huge set of office-y stock photo’s. Incredible. If your truly looking for ‘photo’s that resemble a startup, or small hip business – this is best resource I’ve found.
  • Unsplash – More nature-centric, but gorgeous photos.
  • Little Visuals – Object and nature oriented, Organic Patterns, etc. Perhaps for Blog Post imagery.
  • New Old Stock – Old photos, so there is no copyright
  • Gratisography – Free stock photos, where alot of them involve people.. More caricaturistic.
  • Free Refe Real Life Photos – Back towards ‘start up centric’ office and computer photos. Phones, Coffee, iPads, Cities, Computer desks.
Free Refe - Startup Stock Photos
Free Startup Stock Photos – Get Refe

Free subscription services for start-up friendly stock photos

  • Death to Stock Photo – Gloriously off the beaten trail, these photos span from hipster van adventures to hip yuppy home office
  • PicJumbo – Not only are their amazing startup-like shots on PicJumbo, but you can also sign up for shots in your inbox
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Free Startup Stock Photos – Pic Jumbo

All of these websites are offering free stock photos, always look for the creative commons license to make sure

As I’ve tried to do with this list, always ensure that the photographs you are using are free from any copyright restrictions or have a very open Creative Commons license. Creative Commons : 0 – means you don’t have to attribute or otherwise worry your little head about adding a link or attributing to a source. This is ideal for these types of photos.

Even more Free Stock Photo Websites for Startups

Some of these resources below are not directed to provide free stock photos for startups, they are more generalized ‘free photography’ websites. Use them to find free featured images that are high-quality and professional looking, without having to worry whether you are infringing on a copyright. As long as you see an


*Special Mention for more than just photos, a curated collection of free resources for designer’s





http://negativespace.co/ – A little note here: Designer’s are always looking for photos with place to overlay text. Here’s one place that features that kind of photography.

Free Startup Photos with negative space
Free Startup Photography – Photos with Negative Space for text overlays













Free Startup Stock Photos - Blankets Jay Manfri - Pillows - I wan't to go back to sleep
Free Startup Stock Photos – More General Photos – Free Featured Image photos

Have a resource? The more the merrier! Share a free stock photo resource in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list.

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