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What to Expect from Your Monthly Reporting Calls

This blog is here to give you a better look as to what a typical monthly reporting call looks like for the clients of Hook Agency. This conversation covers topics such as…

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This blog is here to give you a better look as to what a typical monthly reporting call looks like for the clients of Hook Agency. This conversation covers topics such as campaign goals, data and trends, the three main pillars of content, as well as how your site and keywords are ranking. Let’s check it out!

Key Goals of Campaign

One of the first topics we will cover in our call is the key goal of the campaign and the status of that goal. For example, if the goal of the campaign was to get traffic up by 200% on your site, we will update you on the progress we have made on that goal by giving your current percentage. This will help give you a better idea of the progress and improvements your business is making, as well as your customer lifetime value, and closing percentage. Customer lifetime value is a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer (Customer lifetime value = (Average Order Value x Purchase Frequency) / (Average Customer Lifetime)). The closing percentage is the number you get when you divide the number of successful sales by the number of leads and multiply that total by 100. We would like for you to know this number towards the beginning of working with us so you are able to have a number to measure progress with.

Trends in Traffic and your Site

We will then go over data and how traffic is trending towards your site. This is done by looking at live raw data and percentages that we have logged and recorded, and is shown on a graph to give you a visual idea of what is going on. This allows us to get a better understanding of how people are getting to your site, and where they are coming from to get there. You will also have access to this data, and will be able to view it at any time.

What we have Accomplished

The next topic we will discuss is what has been accomplished since our last meeting together, and go over the three main pillars; Content, Link Building Efforts, and Technical SEO improvements. If you do not remember what these are, check out the beginning of this blog for reference and how they play a major part in this process. These three main pillars are also discussed when we go over the plans for what your next month will look like, and will go over any pivots and changes that may be needed going forward with our plan.

Keyword Trends

The last topic we will cover is keyword trends and growth that has been taking place with your site. We will look at graphs showing how words on your site are ranking as well as graphs showing referral traffic, which is when you get traffic that comes from outside of the search engine. An example of referral traffic is when someone comes to your landing page by clicking on a hyperlink and being brought to your page by that link instead of a search from google.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of how we will keep in touch after we get the ball rolling, and what our discussions will look like after the beginning stages of working with us.

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