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Benefits of Using Dedicated Server Hosting for your Business

Today, businesses have an incredible selection of options when it comes to hosting their websites, mail server or web application. One of the most common options is dedicated server hosting where a…

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Dedicated Hosting

Today, businesses have an incredible selection of options when it comes to hosting their websites, mail server or web application. One of the most common options is dedicated server hosting where a server is devoted to one company or for a single purpose.

Today, websites play a critical role in helping businesses better connect with their clients and also make sales. That’s why they are an essential tool for any company that’s striving to extend their reach. More and more entrepreneurs are trying to come up with appealing website designs to attract, and convert prospects into buying clients. However, some of them tend to focus so much on the site and forget the most important thing – web hosting. Web hosting services determine how efficient a web operation will be, as it influences the loading speed, uptime, security and more. Since not all hosting companies are created equal, it pays to do some research upfront before committing.

This article will highlight the benefits of using dedicated server hosting for your business over other options like shared or VPS hosting. Do not underestimate the importance of having really good hosting for a business website.

Server resources are not shared

When you choose a KnownHost dedicated server, you can enjoy the full resources of awhole server – meaning, you won’t have to worry about other sites clogging the server’s RAM and CPU. With a dedicated server, you can rest easy knowing that spikes in bandwidth usage or bad scripts running on another website won’t lead to downtime for your sites. As a business owner, you want to avoid downtime and slow server speeds because these are things that drive clients away from your site to the competitors, while hurting search engine rankings too.

Remember that when numerous sites are hosted on a single server, as is the case with shared hosting, you have no control over what other site owners do. It is possible that some will use themes or applications that will draw a large part of the power of the server. This is where problems appear since your site starts to load way slower than it could.

Improved security and performance

Dedicated server hosting from top companies guarantees maximum uptime for your platform. Shared hosting can be a great option if your platform has low to medium traffic, but if your site gets lots of traffic, your best bet would be dedicated servers, as they have much greater resources. Besides, since you are not sharing space with other websites (including potential scammers and malicious sites), you get enhanced security. Dedicated servers are especially important if you are handling sensitive transactions and data.

Remember the fact that modern internet users need to see that pages load really fast. If they do not see that, they will go to another business. With the use of a dedicated server you can be 100% sure that performance is as high as it should be.

Enhanced flexibility and customization

With a dedicated server, you can customize disk space, software, RAM and CPU according to your needs and preferences – the same cannot be said for shared hosting. The fact that the server is dedicated to you alone means that the server, and the entire hosting solution, can be customized to your specific needs. This ensures that you can choose and pay for the features that you actually need.

Everything that is added to the server is controlled by you. This is particularly important for website owners that want to add many functions to their web presence. By controlling every single part of the server and the technology used, you quickly end up with the best possible hosting experience.

Uptime and Convenience

Consumers aren’t used to waiting; anything that doesn’t offer convenience is a turn-off.  It’s therefore essential to ensure that your website is always up and running and that it has faster load times. Dedicated hosting provides for maximum performance and stability allowing your site and other business functions to be operational virtually all the time (or the upward of 99.99%). This type of uptime is practically impossible with other hosting options, including VPS.


Many businesses these days use shared hosting packages for their sites. This is not a good idea. While it is a way to save money in the beginning, eventually you need to upgrade to the dedicated hosting option. Compare deals and see that you get all that you need but do seriously consider the upgrade as soon as you feel you need it.

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