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5 Ways to Improve Your Contractor Sales Systems

What does it take to improve your sales systems to see an increase in your bottom line as a contractor? We talked with Tommy Stanek of A-Team Construction and learned what he…

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What does it take to improve your sales systems to see an increase in your bottom line as a contractor?

We talked with Tommy Stanek of A-Team Construction and learned what he has done with his sales systems to keep them running like a well-oiled machine. Check out the podcast we did here.

Improving contracting sales systems can be tough, but these 5 tips will have you well on your way to doing so. 

1. Integrity

Integrity will close the deals for you and will be profitable for you. When you make a promise to a customer, be sure that you follow through, and if you make a mistake, it shouldn’t be at the customer’s expense. Doing these types of things in your work will help to build trust with your customers and show them that you can deliver on what you say.

So what does this do to improve your sales?

It will help your bottom line to grow and lead to more referrals and repeat business from your current customers. This happens by giving your customers a good experience so they know they can come to you when they need more work done, or refer a friend because you get the job done right.

Honesty and clarity will also bring less confusion and clarity to the project. This way there is not going to be a large difference between what was expected and what was delivered.

2. Go above and Beyond with the Detail

Going above and beyond with your work can do a lot for gaining the trust of your customers and proving your worth.

Doing things like making sure everything is prepped, double-checked from team members that have not been staring at the same project over its lifespan, and work is outlined in greater detail giving your customer a better understanding of what is going to happen next.

These are just some of the things that give your customers clarity of what you are doing for them, so when it comes to the payment part of the job, your customers will see all the detail that has been going into it and won’t second guess the price that you give to them.

3. Digital Sales Tools

Digital sales tools are able to help with a lot these days. From the actual sales systems themselves to the production side as well. The benefit of these systems is that it allows customers to go in and get a better understanding of what different projects, materials, and labor hours are going to be.

Another benefit of having a digital system in place is that it saves you time and energy from having to have to redo the estimate multiple times and letting the customer have a choice as well and see how different options affect the price.

An example of a cool tool is Builder Trend, which is a tool that allows you to work with both the sales and production side of things. It is a tool that is a great communication tool that tracks tools, photos, GPS, clocking in, communication, as well as making payments. Having all your information in one place like this is great because it helps to keep things organized and easier to keep track of.

4. The Effectiveness of a Good Mindset

Having a good mindset is the heart of being effective.

When it comes to having a successful mindset, it all comes down to the way you think. When times are tough, you don’t have time to think like a victim.

You need to evaluate what you need to do to restructure based on the situations that are happening around you. Yes, it is going to take some effort to change the processes that have made you successful up to this point, but that is what being a business owner is all about.

Tough situations help you to learn so you are able to not take as big of a hit the next time.  If you have the right mindset, you are prepared for the garbage to hit the fan and will have a gameplan to get through it.

Have a gameplan of where you want to go and backtrack your plan from there with the steps that it will take for you to get there. 

5. Prepare to Minimize the Effect of Negative Impacts

With Covid-19 coming out of nowhere, we really don’t know what, when, or if something like this will ever happen again.

Because of this, it doesn’t hurt to have the necessary devices available to your team and have the correct training and procedures in place for when business is not operating as usual.  Having the preparation for these situations will help to keep your business forging ahead and be ready with a gameplan for when things aren’t going as planned.


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