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Use Re-marketing to Get in Front of People That Have Already Visited Your Website

If you want people to trust your company – you need to get them the right information. That means having 5-stars all over Google and Facebook, having testimonials, being part of organizations,…

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Use remarketing for construction company
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Quick Concepts

Use Re-marketing to Get in Front of People That Have Already Visited Your Website

  • Just a little code snippet
  • From FB & Google
  • Clicks are super cheap

If you do any paid ads and aren’t doing this – you are insane.

Starting a Facebook remarketing campaign:

Starting a Google Ads Network remarketing campaign:

Full Transcription

Hey, how’s it going it’s Tim Brown, and this is another episode of “Construction Wise.” Today, I’m going to be talking to you about re-marketing. What is re-marketing? It’s also known as re-targeting. It’s that little pesky ad that follows you around after you visit a page or a product, and you keep seeing it around the internet. You can use this to your advantage and use it for your company. It’s actually not very hard to do, all you have to do is get this little snippet of code and put it in the head of your website, or have your tech guy put it in the head of your website. In the description of the video is instructions on how to do this for both Facebook ads and Google ads.

It’s just one little code snippet, and it’s extremely cheap to get clicks off of re-marketing or re-targeting because it’s a lot more likely that somebody will click on that if they’ve already been to your website. For both of those ad networks, it’s a really good deal. If you do any paid ads at all, I strongly suggest you do re-marketing/re-targeting. If you don’t do it, you’re insane. Talk to you next episode of “Construction Wise.”

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