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23 Amazing Commercial Construction Websites

Having a good looking website can be a difference-maker for your business. It is the first impression that is left on your customer and if you leave a bad one, it can…

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Having a good looking website can be a difference-maker for your business. It is the first impression that is left on your customer and if you leave a bad one, it can cause you to come off as unprofessional and disorganized no matter the type of quality work you have done in the past. Check out these 23 amazing commercial construction websites and see the type of website you could have to separate yourself from the competition.

According to a survey conducted with over 500 people, this content ranked in order of importance should include, but not be limited to:

1.Contact Info With an Easy Way to Connect

2.Customer Reviews

3.A Portfolio With Clear, High-Quality Photos of Completed Work

4.Background info on the company/Contractor


6.List of Services

7.Online Estimating Capability

8.Design Ideas

These elements are what potential customers are looking for to make an informed decision about who is best to hire for their project. By providing the information they want to see, construction websites can build customer loyalty and trust, as well as generate future business.

Below is a list of sites that we have determined to be the 23 Top Commercial Construction Websites. These sites are well designed and feature spectacular, high-quality photos of the work they can produce. They are prime examples of amazing content with innovative design, and usability.

1. The Weitz Company, LLC

Overall, this website incorporates outstanding layout and design, along with accessible contact information for each project completed. Their projects page uses a mosaic layout versus a standard grid, which underscores their creative approach to every job. The individual project pages feature a slideshow of high-quality photography, along with details about each project that emphasize the cutting edge technology and safety practices that were used. The key contacts for each project are listed, along with the related projects they have completed, which is an added bonus to this section.

2. McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

The video intro on this website immediately instills confidence that these people work hard, are relatable, and can really do the job. The overall design of the website is original and features brightly-colored, high-quality photography, along with simple illustrations that create a strong artistic impression. Also unique to this site is a projects section that incorporates their services (skills and abilities). Each project has its own page with contact information for the person who completed it. It’s a pleasure to visit this site.

3. Crossland Construction

This site uses amazing drone footage of projects to draw you into their site. They also incorporate photos of team members throughout the site, which creates an authentic connection for visitors. Their projects section features a United States map that illustrates service locations and completed projects, along with a dropdown menu of the various types of projects completed. Overall, the site is well designed and uses subtle animations that create a user-friendly experience.

4. The Korte Company

The time-lapse video on the homepage of this site instantly grabs your attention. It also speaks to the brand story by incorporating a quote and a photo of its founder, Ralph Korte on the bottom of the page. The projects section is innovative and features a button that links visitors to related projects completed. Overall the site is original and engages users to explore all the services they have to offer.

5. Milo Construction

This website uses fun/interactive rollover transitions to help users navigate their site. The individual project pages on this site have a slideshow of images, along with a list of project details. Their services page features contact information, along with client testimonials that are powerful and effective.

6. Holland Construction

The drone footage on the homepage is quite mesmerizing and makes you want to explore what this site has to offer. The subtle animations used throughout the site are also aesthetically pleasing. They have a blog page that is regularly updated with relevant content. They also have incorporated a case studies page, which is quite effective at building credibility.

7. Rose Paving LLC

This site utilizes original imagery and incorporates YouTube video on their homepage. Their icons are innovative, and the overall design is well organized and professional. Educational white papers are unique to this site, and not usually seen in the construction industry. What a fantastic way to showcase their expertise and build trust and credibility with their future clients. Finally, their Customers section is outstanding, continues to promote their outstanding service. It features success stories, project profiles, testimonials (both written and video), and a stunning photo gallery. What a fabulous component to generate new business.

8. Schimenti

This website design incorporates high-quality images and innovative design that effectively incorporates whitespace. The projects page takes you on a slideshow tour of completed projects, and lists project details, along with related jobs that help build credibility with future customers.

9. NABA Construction

Overall this website has a fun and playful design that engages its visitors. It also incorporates customer testimonials, which can have a strong impact on future business. There is a clear call to action that compels visitors to watch their opening video that is unique to this site.

10. Munster Construction

Stunning, high-quality images on this website showcase the work that this company can produce. The color scheme on this site is appealing, and the call to action above the fold grabs the visitors attention.

11. Kenham

The engaging animated images on the homepage draw you into this website, and the elegant user-friendly design delights visitors and prompts them to want to continue to explore. Their testimonial section is well laid out and effective. Andtheircall to action statement featured on their home page is unique. It makes potential customers want to “tell us about your next project.”

12. Yorke Construction Corporation

The high-quality portfolio images are amazing on this site, as well, as the clean design and utilization of white space. The press section on projects completed is incredibly effective and establishes their credibility. The projects page is thorough at outlining the various types of jobs they can accomplish, and industries in which they work.

13. Bechtel

The reputation of Bechtel precedes the company. Maybe it’s because someone working the website knows what they’re doing? Right off the bat, Bechtel has filled their homepage with beautiful photography that clearly isn’t stock. You can tell they took the time to document some of their biggest builds. And the efforts are paying off in a major way.

All through Bechtel’s site, you can see this same high-end visual representation of their jobs, (and their projects are massive). Bechtel offers in-depth descriptions about all of their projects. (You don’t rake-in $25.9 billion in 2019 without a couple good stories.) But it’s true what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words. Bechtel’s pictures that are able to really break down the massive scale and incredible complexity that goes into a Bechtel contract.

Occasionally hire a photographer to spend a day at your job sites during construction, not just after the project is complete. Showing the process is money well spent. When you can capture your work in stunning pictures, you won’t have to tell people what your company does – you’ll have already shown them.

14. Fluor

Take a moment to scroll through Flour’s website. Quickly click through their pages. What is the first thing you might notice right away? If you said the color blue, you’re right on the heels of another important element to making a commercial construction website jump off the screen: branding.

Branding is more than just a good logo. Probably the Fluor Corporation has invested in a style guide. This helps to get everybody on the same page, right down to the fonts you’d use to send memos to the colors you’d want front and center on your website. Once you associate your brand with these small details, it won’t take long until those elements start working for your company.

Choosing a color that pops, and then using that color consistently throughout your company website and other content can work for you in incredible ways. Remind people of your business with a strongly represented brand.

15. Aecom

Aecom’s website has mobile on lock. To digest the Aecom’s website on desktop vs. mobile are two very different experiences, but they both have the same effective outcome: they are easy to navigate. It helps that Aecom has an active blog and clearly defined pages to get you where you want to go.

If your website doesn’t translate to mobile, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. It pays to have a site that is responsive – especially mobile sites that are efficient in every possible way. As visitors navigate your site, they need immediate access and ease of use. They need to be able to find exactly what they are looking for without any confusion.

Designing a site that works for mobile, as well as desktop is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take to keep visitors locked-in to your content.

16. Whiting-Turner

Speaking of mobile, another of our favorite commercial construction websites is Whiting-Turner. A quick scroll of their home page on mobile, and you’ll see why. The home page is responsive to scrolling, with intuitive headers, to specific content. They do a great job of summarizing some of their top projects like their restoration of the University of Virginia’s Rotunda, and their four-acre expansion of the African Savanna at the Fort-Worth Zoo with snappy, well thought-out portfolios. A website like Whiting-Turner’s just compels the visitor to keep scrolling, to go deeper to find out what this company is about. 

17. Kiewit Corp.

There’s something about Kiewit Corporation’s home page. The pictures are stunning, yes. There’s a slideshow of really incredible photography of their employees, job sites and finished structures. During the playback of these great images you’ll notice the company’s ‘What We Do’ navigation bar. This is how an industrial and commercial construction company is able to break down the immensity of their work and make it easily digestible.

Bookmark Kiewit’s home page for the next time you need a great example of how to show your visitors what you do. For industrial and commercial construction, this is vital to not only getting your message across (without unrolling the blueprints), but doing so in a way that keeps your visitors attention without using a lot of gimmicks, bells and whistles.

18. Skanska

At the bottom of Skanska’s homepage you’ll find the company’s most recent projects and communications in their social media feed. This is a great way to engage with anyone visiting your website. Every post on social media is like a heartbeat. Keeping a fresh feed of current conversations at the forefront of your company’s landing page is the most effective way to let your audience know your presence and leadership in your industry.

19. McDermott

Navigation is key to a successful website. On average, you have 15 seconds to snag your visitor’s attention. Every second counts, and the best way to keep your visitors attention is to make navigation to your site obvious and easy. People tend to stick around when they can easily find what it is they are looking for.

McDermott’s website does this nicely. The hierarchy of the McDermott website has been arranged on their homepage in such a way that visitors can readily see where everything is located. Visitors will naturally gravitate to the most important elements, especially when they are only one click away.

20. DPR

DPR’s home page wants you to do one thing – learn more. DPR does a great job of updating its blog with a steady stream of useful information. They’ve made a home for their blog right there on the home page. Having a vibrant blog is one of the most effective ways to stake your claim as a leader in your industry. Whether you’re sharing deep-dives on new and interesting industry innovations, news from your company or publishing to showcase recent projects, a ready-made wealth of information is going to attract a lot of traffic to your site, and keep that traffic clicking through your pages to see what’s next.

21. Bam Nuttall

Messaging is key, especially if your company did 7 billion Euro worth of business in 2019. Bam Nuttall has put their message front and center on their home page: “Creating sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives.” By putting their message in such a prominent position, Bam Nuttall creates a first impression that becomes a lasting brand identifier.

The Bam Nuttall website follows up with consistency, continuing their messaging throughout their website. From their about us: “We’re driven by a desire to make a difference to communities, the environment and people’s lives. Our goal is to build sustainable infrastructure that helps economic growth and allows us be kind to our planet – today and in the future.” To their sustainability statement: “Our sector provides value to millions of people, but uses many resources in the process. In engineering, a sustainability strategy is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. Now is the time for change. We are striving to lead our industry to a positive, sustainable future.

When your brand message is clear and obvious, you will begin to attract the people you want to work with and bid for the jobs which align with your core values.

22. Killian

When you’re trying to stake your claim in your industry, and position yourself ahead of your competitors, it’s best to have a little help from your friends. In the case of Killian Construction, the best feature on their website is testimonials. Someone at Killian had the forethought to gather a short one-liner or quote from high-profile clients, like Bill Yarwood – Director of Capital Planning and Projects at Central Washington University, and Matt Blunt – former Governor of the State of Missouri. Killian Construction’s website goes to show how a personal endorsement can go a long way. (Plus, it helps to have some friends in high places.)

23. Reuter Walton Development

If we’ve learned anything from Instagram, it’s that a well-curated photo grid is a powerful tool in keeping visitors on your site and looking around. Reuter Walton made has added an Instagram-like grid of their portfolio to their homepage. Even if you’re just passing by, it’s almost impossible to scroll past their pictures without stopping to check out a couple of pictures.

This can be tricky though. Assembling a good looking grid is much more than simply stacking together photos. Think of a grid-like a bouquet of flowers. (It might be a stretch, but stay with us here.) Each picture is a flower. Each picture has a predominant color unless it is black and white (which, unless you’re trying to go for mystery, we would not suggest). Each picture has a balance of light and dark, open space (or, negative space) and texture. Too many predominantly red pictures grouped together, or too many busy photographs in a clump can throw off the balance of a grid and can be unpleasant to the eye.


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