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Business Jargon / Corporate Lingo – Alternative Phrasing + Hilarious Synonyms

If you’re coming across this post about business jargon, odds are that you’re chasing butterflies (#33) or you’re lost in the sauce browsing (#134) the web.  In business, there are a lot…

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Galifinakis Math - Gif Corporate lingo

If you’re coming across this post about business jargon, odds are that you’re chasing butterflies (#33) or you’re lost in the sauce browsing (#134) the web. 

In business, there are a lot of different terms that are available to us.  And the odds are you’ve used a few of them during your time, or you’re about to start using them on your long and illustrious career.

Knowing the language of business isn’t exactly a hammock task (#92), especially if you are not yet a major player (#143) in the business world. 

Yes, developing an understanding of the language of business is something that takes time, but can be a real game changer (#80) as you continue with your career. 

So with that, here is a long list of 250 business jargons, and alternative words you can use to sound more professional. 

Galifinakis Math - Gif Corporate lingo


  1. Another word for 800-pound gorilla  / 800-pound gorilla synonym: Force to be reckoned with – expression for a person or organization so powerful that it can act without regard to the rights of others or the law. 
  2. Another word for Admin / Admin synonym: Secretary – Also known as an administrative assistant.
  3. 😂Another word for Armchair general / Armchair general synonym: inexperienced critic – a good example is that friend we all have who thinks they are Stephen A. Smith on social media and doesn’t shut up about their team. You watch sports, we get it
  4. 😂Another word for Aggressive mediocrity / Aggressive mediocrity synonym: Bare minimum – basically the work that gets done on Mondays.
  5. Another word for All-hands meeting / All-hands meeting synonym: Team meeting A mandatory meeting for all employees.
  6. 😂Another word for Actionable / Actionable synonym: Take actionThis is just trying to make it sound more sophisticated. Not a big fan of the word actionable, so let’s all just agree to drop it and stick to action, yeah?
  7. 😂Another word for Action item / Action item synonym: Task or action – so we’re now using two words to the same something that could be covered with one……….. WHY????
  8. Another word for Aha moment / Aha moment synonym: Revelationa trendy way of saying that you came across something important and had a groundbreaking thought.
  9. Another word for ASAP / ASAP synonym: Prioritize – When your down to the wire and you need something done as early as possible
  10. Another word for Arrows to fire / Arrows to fire synonym: Arguments – This means points/arguments to make in a discussion. “If you don’t have any more arrows to fire, we’re done here.”
  11. 😂Another word for At the end of the day / At the end of the day synonym: When it comes down to it – just………..just don’t use this one. It sounds like a Dad coach talking to his kid’s little league team. “At the end of the day kids, it’s not about who wins and loses, but who had the most fun” – Dad Coach. 
  12. Another word for Aces in their places!Aces in their places! synonym: workstation – When this is yelled out, everyone will run to their stations and get ready to go. This can be swapped with a simple find your workstations.
  13. Another word for Assignment capsuleAssignment capsule synonym: Task – Assignment capsule? It sounds like a code word for you trying to poison someone. Stick with a task or work description. 
  14. B

  15. Another word for Backburner / Backburner synonym: Deprioritize – “put ‘er on the backburner Reg, this one ain’t going nowhere soon.”
  16. Another word for Bacon job / Bacon job synonym: Desired work – This is a project that many people want to work on. Just stick with the ideal project or desired work.   
  17. Another word for Band-Aid / Band-Aid synonym: Temporary Solution – This is another way of saying that you put a temporary solution to a problem.
  18. Another word for Banner Year / Banner Year synonym: Best Year – This is the best year in the history of the company. Just say we had our best year ever.  
  19. Another word for Barnburner / Barnburner synonym: Exciting – if someone uses the word barnburner, your either in for a good time, or Armageddon. There really isn’t any in-between.
  20. 😂Another word for B-School / B-School synonym: Business school – If you’re using this one maybe go back to A School and reconsider some things. 
  21. Another word for Beef it up / Beef it up synonym: Additional – To add more bulk to a project. “Looks good Tom, I just need you to beef it up a little bit more”
  22. 😂Another word for Big enchilada / Big enchilada synonym: Big Tuna – big enchilada, big tuna, same thing. 
  23. Another word for Blow by blow / Blow by blow synonym: Details – You are covering just about every detail you can when giving the information.
  24. Another word for Buzzworthy / Buzzworthy synonym: Shareable – Something new and interesting in a way that attracts or deserves widespread talk or attention.
  25. 😂Another word for Bell Ringer / Bell Ringer synonym: The Person who Gets the Door Slammed in Their Face – Does it seem like they always come at the most inconvenient times? Like when you’re having dinner or on your way out the door.   
  26. 😂Another word for Baked in / Baked in for synonym: Accounted for– Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, NOPE! Stick to what people know, its accounted for. 
  27. 😂Another word for Balls in the air busy / Balls in the air busy synonym: Busy – I get it, it just doesn’t sound right, no matter how much I want it to. 
  28. Another word for Bleeding Edge / Bleeding Edge synonym: Groundbreaking – referring to something that is pushing the limits of the industry.’
  29. Another word for Bag of Snakes / Bag of snakes synonym: Unexpected – Tell ‘em Indy!
  30. C

  31. 😂Another word for Career Suicide / Career Suicide synonym: Career on the Line – This GIF covers it.
  32. Another word for Chime in / Chime in synonym: Speaking up – a timid way of indicating you have a point to make. 
  33. Another word for Chainsaw Consultant / Chainsaw Consultant synonym: Managements Dirty Work – This is the person they bring in to do the dirty work like layoffs and other things nobody wants to deal with. Maybe just go with a management hire. 
  34. Another word for Charm School / Charm School synonym: Manager Training – a term used for new manager training. Just say manager training so people know what you’re talking about. 
  35. Another word for Chasing Butterflies / Chasing Butterflies synonym: Easily Distracted – Since the invention of smartphones, this is pretty much everyone. 
  36. 😂Another word for Cheese Chew / Cheese Chew synonym: Nobody Wants it – Where did this come from??? I just don’t understand sometimes……..
  37. Another word for Chicken Shop / Chicken Shop synonym: Substandard Work – This is when your department or company is producing substandard work. If you want to communicate at a chicken shop level, keep using this jargon. 
  38. 😂Another word for Chinese Fire Drill / Chinese Fire Drill synonym: Chaos – Remember back in high school when you were driving with your friends in you did these things? Yeah….. Good times. 
  39. Another word for Clocksucker / Clocksucker synonym: Unproductive Employee – A completely unproductive employee. Whoever came up with this one, kudos to you!
  40. Another word for Cookie Cutter / Cookie Cutter synonym: Generic – when a type of person, place, or approach is the same or very similar. 
  41. Another word for Check the Box / Check the Box synonym: Complete – replace this with the completed task. 
  42. Another word for Circle Back / Circle Back synonym: Delay – a way of saying you will discuss the matter later. 
  43. 😂Another word for Compelling / Compelling synonym: Tell Me More – “Ah, this is quite compelling” This is one of the most overused words in the book, and someone needs to stop it.
  44. D

  45. 😂Another word for Deep Dive / Deep Dive synonym: We’re Going In – start a trend by using explore or analyze. Maybe we can make deep dive cool again one day in the distant future. 
  46. Another word for Daily Driver / Daily Driver synonym: Reliable – This is reliable equipment that is used day today. Reliable is what you should be using here. 
  47. Another word for Deliverable / Deliverable synonym: Output – using deliverables just sounds like you’re trying to sell someone. Just say what your client gets from you. 
  48. Another word for Drink the Kool-Aid / Drink the Kool-Aid synonym: Brainwashed – Noooooo!!!!! Put the kool-aid down. “Drinking the Kool-Aid” is an expression used to refer to a person who believes in a possibly doomed or dangerous idea because of perceived potential high rewards. 
  49. Another word for Ducks in a Row / Ducks in a Row synonym: Organized– a way of saying you are ready and organized. 
  50. 😂Another word for Deadwood / Deadwood synonym: Noncontributory– That guy that always seems to be away from his desk…… yeah, that guy. 
  51. 😂Another word for Deceptionist / Deceptionist synonym: Master of Distraction – This is a role where the person delays and blocks potential visitors. Ruthless with a polite smile. 
  52. Another word for Decision Sniper / Decision Sniper synonym: Unagreeable – The person that sits quietly in a meeting and decides to speak up at the very last minute when a decision is being made, causing everyone to reconvene later. 
  53. Another word for Decruit / Decruit synonym: Firing Old Employees – This is where the company decides to fire its older employees. Show a little respect, and call it what it is. 
  54. Another word for Deploy / Deploy synonym: Release to the Public– This may be a little too intense for the business world. Your not planning a military mission. 
  55.  Another word for Descope / Descope synonym: Removing Requirements – This is the removal of requirements and features from a project making it appear more complicated than it actually is. Try just using overcomplicated. 
  56. Another word for Dinosaur / Dinosaur synonym: Unadaptive A long-term company employee whose extensive experience is only surpassed by his resistance to change.
  57. Another word for Die on the Hill / Die on the Hill synonym: Over-Commit It may be best to just stick with the ‘ol reliable of over-commit on this one. 
  58. 😂Another word for Dime Store / Dime Store synonym: Business with Cheap Items Ahh yes, the dime store. Don’t use it. 
  59. Another word for DINK / DINK synonym: Kidless This one stands for double income no kids. You may want to avoid this one if you’re looking to stay PC
  60. Another word for Dog / Dog synonym: Bad Performing There is a lot of meanings for dog these days. Just stick with bad performing if you want to get your point across.
  61. Another word for Duck Shuffler / Duck Shuffler: Disrupt This is another way of describing someone who disrupts your affairs after everything is in order. We have a word for this person. A pest.
  62. E

  63. 😂Another word for Eat a Reality Sandwich / Eat a Reality Sandwich synonym: Wake Upsometimes you just need to be brought back to earth a little bit, and this one gets the point across pretty clearly. 
  64. Another word for Ear Candy / Ear Candy synonym: Flattery – Everyone loves a little flattery, so lets avoid being to sweet and stick with I’m flattered. 
  65. Another word for Eat the Frog / Eat the Frog synonym: Complete Something Unpleasant – This is where you complete a job that you don’t want to do, and has been put off for a while. 
  66. 😂Another word for Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time / Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time synonym: Break it Down I wonder what PITA thinks about this one. Probably feed the elephant one peanut at a time or some jazz like that. 
  67. 😂Another word for Eighty-Six / Eighty-Six synonym: Get it Out – Tell me this sounds like a wall street term. “If we don’t eighty-six these documents, we’re going away forever” 
  68. Another word for Eleventh Hour / Eleventh Hour synonym: Last Moment – Unless we’re talking Cinderella, you should be using last minute. 
  69. 😂Another word for Ego Surfing / Ego Surfing synonym: Looking Yourself Up– You know who you are right? Then why are you looking yourself up?
  70. Another word for Empower / Empower synonym: Assign Besides being overused, empower has a bad business vibe, as it suggests class warfare.
  71. Another word for Epic / Epic synonym: Memorable Applying the word to business content or situations is an epic overstatement that serious-minded people won’t take seriously. Adjectives such as useful or memorable will hold more weight.
  72. Another word for Even Dead Cats Bounce / Even Dead Cats Bounce synonym: Comeback This means that even worthless things can have value again. I personally never knew what this one meant, so let’s agree to stick to the ones people know.
  73. 😂Another word for Exploding Offer / Exploding Offer synonym: Expiring Offer KABOOM!!!!!!!! Offer expired. 
  74. F

  75. 😂Another word for Fairy dust / Fairy dust synonym: Finishing Touch – Really just another way of saying the cherry on top. When I hear fairy dust, I can’t help but think of The Benchwarmer’s when Richie says “stay away from the fairy dust Jerry.” Funny stuff. 
  76. 😂Another word for Fakers Dozen / Fakers Dozen synonym: Fake Sick This is when someone calls in sick twelve times during a year. That’s not normal. Go see a doctor and get help!
  77. Another word for Fallen Angel / Fallen Angel synonym: Declined Value This one might get someone confused and think that you’re hitting on them. Stay clear of that and just say the investment declined value. 
  78. Another word for Feature Creep / Feature Creep synonym: Additional Features The tendency of continually adding more features during the development process. Feature creep can be misunderstood. Use additional features. 
  79. Another word for Feeding Frenzy / Feeding Frenzy synonym: Intense Purchasing – If you’ve done shopping on Black Friday, you get it. It is a mess of people buying a whole mess of things. 
  80. Another word for intense Scapegoat / Scapegoat synonym: Fall guy – The person that unfortunately gets blamed for everything that goes wrong. 
  81. Another word for Fire Away / Fire Away synonym: Take Action Proceeding whenever you’re ready.
  82. 😂Another word for Fish or Cut Bait / Fish or Cut Bait synonym: Making a Decision Let’s just hook this bad jargon and reel it in. Use make a decision so people understand what you’re talking about.
  83. 😂Another word for F/U / F/U synonym: Not what you Think, Its Follow up Things could get pretty out of hand if you start throwing around F/U around the office. 
  84.  Another word for Full Court Press / Full Court Press synonym: Max Effort – This term is used to describe a maximum effort. Alternatives for this are giving it all you’ve got, or maximum effort.G
  85. Another word for Game Changer / Game Changer synonym: Difference Maker – Instead of game-changer, try using significant change or fundamental change instead.
  86. 😂Another word for Gatekeeper / Gatekeeper synonym: Traffic Control – A person that controls the flow of information to management. Definitely a person that looks like your next best friend.  
  87. Another word for Gerbil Tubes / Gerbil Tubes synonym: Skyway – Everyone knows what a skyway is, just say it. 
  88. Another word for Get the Axe / Get the Axe synonym: Fired – Ya never want to hear this. Especially if you just got fired. 
  89. 😂Another word for Ghost Work / Ghost Work synonym: The Fired Guys Tasks that You Get – Well……. Maybe that’s why they got let go. They never got anything done.  
  90. 😂Another word for Give 110% / Give 110% synonym: Too Much – Think about it. You can’t even give 100% of what you have or you’d be dead, so it’s a little unrealistic to ask for 110% right?
  91. Another word for Going Forward / Going Forward synonym: Continue For the most part, this phrase can be eliminated and we can just use moving on or continue. 
  92. 😂Another word for Good to Go / Good to Go synonym: Ready I don’t mind this one as much, but when people say G2G is where the line needs to be crossed.
  93. 😂Another word for Grow the Business  / Grow the Business synonym: Build the Business – I think farmers are the only ones growing their business, just stick with building yours.
  94. Another word for Guesstimate / Guesstimate synonym: Rough Estimate – just stick with rough estimate or at least ballpark it and you’ll be much better off. 
  95. 😂Another word for Guru / Guru synonym: Pebble Holder If others describe you as a guru, that’s fine. If you describe yourself as a guru, people will laugh.
  96. H

  97. Another word for Herding Cats / Herding Cats synonym: Managing Difficulties This phrase is used to describe the attempt of managing difficult people.
  98. Another word for Hammock Task / Hammock Task synonym: Easy Task Every employee’s dream. But you may want to just say easy task so they don’t take off and actually do it in a hammock.  
  99. Another word for Hammer out / Hammer out synonym: Develop – Try using words like produce or bring about instead.
  100. Another word for Hard Stop / Hard Stop synonym: Non-negotiable End – Saying this has a non-negotiable end time will let people know you mean business
  101. 😂Another word for Hardball / Hardball synonym: Aggressive – A timeless classic of jargon. You’ve gotta respect the longevity of this one. 
  102. 😂Another word for Hump Day / Hump Day synonym: Wednesday – Huuuuuuuuuuump daaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  103. Another word for Hand Holding over helping / Hand Holding synonym: Over Helping Helping an inexperienced or incompetent person perform a task that’s beyond their abilities. 
  104. Another word for Headcount Freeze / Headcount Freeze synonym: Lack of Jobs – Just stick with “We’re not hiring”
  105. Another word for Hush Money / Hush Money synonym: Bribe hush money is just a bribe, with some pizazz added in the name. 
  106. Another word for Ideation / Ideation synonym: Concept – when you’re in business, use phrases such as developing a strategy or a brainstorm session.
  107. I

  108. 😂Another word for I Hate to say “I told you so” / I Hate to say “I told you so” synonym: I Told You So – I really don’t think you hate to say it. 
  109. Another word for Impact / Impact synonym: Affect – have an impact on or have an effect on or simply affect.
  110. Another word for Incentivize / Incentivize synonym: Motivate – a way to motivate someone to do a job. Incentivize is probably overused when talking business, so just use motivate to keep things fresh. 
  111. 😂Another word for In the cards / In the cards synonym: Plans – What’s in the cards? Why cards? Just say that’s the plan. 
  112. Another word for excessive Into the Weeds / Into the Weeds synonym: Excessive Detail – when you present something with excessive detail that nobody can understand. Like a fish taking your line into the weeds, you can get lost. 
  113. 😂Another word for In Light of the Fact That/ In Light of the Fact That synonym: Because – okay fancy pants, just say because instead of dragging out your word count.
  114. Another word for Innovative / Innovative synonym: New – Don’t get caught up in this word since every other company out there uses it to describe their product. Explain what your product is and how it’s different, not just “innovative”.
  115. Another word for ITL / ITL synonym: Awareness – If you’re looking to sound professional, ITL is not the way to go. Say that you’re aware of what is happening.
  116. J

  117. Another word for Jargon Basement / Jargon Basement synonym: Bad Jargon – This is the worst of the worst jargon that nobody should be using. 
  118. Another word for Jawbone / Jawbone synonym: Convince – How can I jawbone you to stop using this jargon, and just say convince?
  119. 😂Another word for JDI / JDI synonym: Just Do It – Let’s leave this one for Nike so nobody gets sued.
  120. Another word for Jumped the Shark / Jumped the Shark synonym: Irrelevant – If a business or product is past its prime and grasping at straws to stay relevant, it has jumped the shark. If you are using this jargon, you have jumped the shark, as it is past its prime. 
  121. 😂Another word for John Hancock / John Hancock synonym: Herbie Hancock – I think you mean Herbie Hancock.
  122. Another word for Jockey for Position / Jockey for Position synonym: Compete – This is where you compete for a larger market share. You’re competing for more market share, just say it.
  123. Another word for Job Lock / Job Lock synonym: Locked into a Job – Say what your situation is, especially during an interview. Don’t use job lock.
  124. Another word for Johnny-Come-Lately / Johnny-Come-Lately synonym: Late – A late entrant into a particular market.
  125. Another word for Juice / Juice synonym: Connections – Juice? Maybe not the route to take for this one. Saying you have connections sounds much more impressive anyways.
  126. K

  127. 😂Another word for Key Takeaways / Key Takeaways synonym: Main Point– a bloated way of saying main points. We’re not DJ Khaled, so we can drop the whole key thing. 
  128. Another word for Keepage / Keepage synonym: To Keep – The opposite of garbage. Just say that you are going to keep something, or that is something we should keep.  
  129. Another word for Keyboard Plaque / Keyboard Plaque synonym: Keyboard Dirt – This is the collection of dirt and grease that builds up on your keyboard. This sounds kind of gross, so using keyboard dirt or messy keyboard would sound better.
  130. 😂Another word for Knot Up / Knot Up synonym: Wear a Tie – I am a fan of this one. So feel free to use it as you please. 
  131. Another word for Knowledge Density / Knowledge Density synonym: Measurement of Wisdom – This is a measure of expertise.  
  132. Another word for Kicker / Kicker synonym: Deal Breaker – This is used for when something is added to a deal. You can just say bonus or deal-breaker. 
  133. Another word for Kid Gloves / Kid Gloves synonym: Delicate – Something handled with care and delicacy. Be an adult and use handled with care. 
  134. 😂Another word for Kilting / Kilting synonym: Scottish Market – If you use this one, people may think that you’re going to a Scottish festival. 
  135. Another word for Kudos / Kudos synonym: Congratulations – Congratulations sounds like you actually mean it. Go with that.
  136. L

  137. Another word for Lay Your Silver on the Table / Lay Your Silver on the Table synonym: Full Description – This is used to fully describe products or services that you are offering. 
  138. Another word for Lay of the Land / Lay of the Land synonym: Current State – perhaps “where are things at” is a better term to use. 
  139. 😂Another word for Lead Balloon / Lead Balloon synonym: Complete Failure – When you get to this point, there’s not much to say except that ya done messed up.  
  140. 😂Another word for Left Lane / Left Lane synonym: Accelerate – When have you ever heard someone say “Let’s just left lane it.”? I never have, so don’t use this one, and just say accelerate.  
  141. Another word for Legal Scrub / Legal Scrub synonym: Re-word – This is having a lawyer reword a document. Legal scrub just isn’t clear enough and could cause some confusion. 
  142. 😂Another word for Let it Drip / Let it Drip synonym: Allow Time – Let t drip? C’mon, you can do better than that.
  143. Another word for Lightning Rod / Lightning Rod synonym: Common Target – There’s one in every friend group. If you’re sitting there thinking we never had one, well, you’re probably it. 
  144. 😂Another word for Lost in the Sauce / Lost in the Sauce synonym: Lacking Direction – The sauce derailed Johnny Manziel and his career, don’t let it happen to you too. 
  145. Another word for Laser Focus / Laser Focus synonym: Lacking Direction– when the regular focus isn’t enough, you have to get your workers to laser focus. Really? It sounds like a term made up for little kids. “Okay class, let’s focus hard, lets laser focus.”
  146. Another word for Level Playing Field  / Level Playing Field synonym: Fair Competition – Just say fair competition and stop using the same metaphor. 
  147. Another word for Lipstick on a Pig / Lipstick on a Pig synonym: Cosmetic Changes  – When you try to make something bad look good. 
  148. Another word for Low Hanging Fruit  / Low Hanging Fruit synonym: Easy – say what you mean with easy options or easy opportunities.
  149. M

  150. Another word for Marinate / Marinate synonym: Consider – stick with consider, or I’ll think about it. 
  151. Another word for Macromanager / Macromanager synonym: Control Freak – This is the person that needs to have their hands on everything and tries to control things they are not in charge of. 
  152. Another word for Mad Money / Mad Money synonym: Unpredictable Capital – This is capital that moves quickly and unpredictably. Unpredictable would be the best to use, as more people understand that, especially when talking about finances and things many people are unfamiliar with.  
  153. 😂Another word for Magic Bullet / Magic Bullet synonym: Mythical Solution – Yeah…. One of these magic bullets would be pretty nice.
  154. Another word for Major Player / Major Player synonym: Person with Power – A person in a group with influence. Major player is very overused, so separate yourself with influence or power. 
  155. Another word for Make Waves / Make Waves synonym: Conflict – We’re not at the wave pool here. Say causing conflict or argument on this one. 
  156. 😂Another word for Matrix Team / Matrix Team synonym: Cross Functional – It just sounds like you’re coming up with the next Suicide Squad. 
  157. 😂Another word for Monday Morning Quarterback / Monday Morning Quarterback synonym: Constantly Negative Person – the person nobody can stand because something is always wrong. 
  158. Another word for Mom-and-Pop / Mom-and-Pop synonym: Small-Time Operation – This is a very commonly used phrase, so spice it up with small business, or family-owned business if that is the case. 
  159. Another word for Moonshot Group / Moonshot Group synonym: Difficult Tasks Group – This is the internal group that does work on difficult and risky projects. They are some of the more trusted people in the company, and you should let them know. Call this the Go-to division. 
  160. 😂Another word for Multi-slacker / Multi-slacker synonym: Unproductive – This person has a special talent of being on social media, taking personal phone calls, and web surfing all at the same time. 
  161. 😂Another word for Mushroom Principle / Mushroom Principle synonym: Keeping Secret – The what???
  162. Another word for Mission-Critical / Mission-Critical synonym: Critical – stick with critical or important unless you are trying to sound like an Army Officer. 
  163. Another word for Move the Needle / Move the Needle synonym: Measurable – this means to get meaningful or measurable results, so if you want meaningful and measurable results, use one of those instead. 
  164. Another word for My Bad / My Bad synonym: Fault – I’ll admit that I use this one more than I’m proud of, but have started using my mistake more and I think that’s the way to go.
  165. N

  166. Another word for Next Steps / Next Steps synonym: Next This common phrase will escalate your word count. Instead of “in the next steps, we will”, just say, “next, we will.”
  167. 😂Another word for Nail Jelly to the Hothouse Wall  / Nail Jelly to the Hothouse Wall synonym: Achieve the ImpossibleWow, that’s a mouth full. Can you picture Bill Gates using this one? “Yeah, when we were building Microsoft it was like trying to nail jelly to the hothouse wall.” 
  168. 😂Another word for New Guy Gene  / New Guy Gene synonym: Friendly The polite and friendly attitude that most new employees show….. Or maybe they’re just a decent human being.
  169. Another word for Ninth Inning / Ninth Inning synonym: Last Minute – A term that is used to refer to last minute. Don’t confuse the non-sports people and just use the last minute or final seconds. 
  170. 😂Another word for Not the Long Pole in My Tent / Not the Long Pole in My Tent synonym: Low Importance – There’s got to be a total of 6 people in the world that use this one and know what it means. 
  171. Another word for New Guy Gene  / New Guy Gene synonym: Friendly The polite and friendly attitude that most new employees show….. Or maybe they’re just a decent human being.
  172. Another word for Not My First Rodeo / Not My First Rodeo synonym: One with Experience Ye haww!!! This one implies that you’re experienced, but we’ll just use experienced or veteran and leave not my first rodeo for the cowboys.
  173. O

  174. Another word for One Throat to Choke / One Throat to Choke synonym: Accountable This means you are the only place your client needs to go for answers. Don’t give your client any ideas! Instead, simply say that you are fully accountable.
  175. 😂Another word for O’dark Thirty / O’dark Thirty synonym: Early – Okay tough guy, let’s just leave this one for the military.
  176. Another word for On the Same Page / On the Same Page synonym: Agree – we agree is just easier to say, so why not say it.
  177. Another word for On the Air / On the Air synonym: Available – When someone is reachable by phone or email outside the office. Let’s not overcomplicate it and just say you’ll be available. 
  178. 😂Another word for On the Carpet / On the Carpet synonym: Trouble – What’s troubling about a carpet? They’re nice, soft, and warm. What’s not to like about that?
  179. 😂Another word for On Your Plate / On Your Plate synonym: Current Work you Should be Doing Right Now – Unless it’s food, leave my plate out of this. 
  180. Another word for Optimize / Optimize synonym: Improve – everything today is optimal, optimized, etc. Use the original and just say improve. 
  181. Another word for Outside the Box / Outside the Box synonym: Imagination Instead, talk about creative or imaginative thinking.
  182. Another word for Organogram / Organogram synonym: Organization Chart This is a word that really shouldn’t be used. Stick with the organization chart and you’ll be fine. 
  183. Another word for Out of the Box / Out of the Box synonym: Immediate This one could confuse people with thinking outside the box. Using Immediately will keep things clear with what you’re trying to say. 
  184. Another word for Out of the Woodwork / Out of the Woodwork synonym: Surprise – This is a surprise appearance. People are already annoyed enough by a surprise visit already. Just stick with a surprise visit. 
  185. 😂Another word for Old Boys Club / Old Boys Club synonym: The DreamAhhh yes, the old boys club. This is the goal that we all aspire to be a part of someday.
  186. P

  187. 😂Another word for Paradigm Shift / Paradigm Shift synonym: Change If you say significant change or fundamental change, people will actually know what you’re talking about.
  188. Another word for Paper Cut / Paper Cut synonym: Negative Impact This is a minor negative impact. I personally think that paper cuts are one of the worst things ever, so maybe just use small or minor negative impact.
  189. Another word for Pay Grade / Pay Grade synonym: Salary This one is another very overused jargon word. Just say that you want that raise and keep grinding.
  190. 😂Another word for Pencil in / Pencil in synonym: Schedule that almost sounds insulting. Just schedule me, done pencil me in. 
  191. Another word for Peel the Onion / Peel the Onion synonym: Remove –This is used for when you want to remove all the layers to get to the heart of an issue. Also a very overused term, and maybe better off using research or look into to keep it more professional
  192. 😂Another word for Preplan / Preplan synonym: Plan to Plan – what is preplanning? Is it just planning for planning? It doesn’t make sense to me.
  193. 😂Another word for Presi / Presi synonym: It’s Presentation – I used this before. If you want to sound professional in the slightest, stay away from this word and just say you have a presentation. 
  194. Another word for Push the Envelope / Push the Envelope synonym: Aggressive – This means to act aggressively, assume risk, expand your boundaries. Think about what you mean, and say that.
  195. 😂Another word for Pay the Piper / Pay the Piper synonym: Settle Debt – What’s a piper? And am I paying it?
  196. 😂Another word for Peacock / Peacock synonym: Showoff – What’s a peacock Mark?
  197. Q

  198. Another word for Quite frankly / Quite frankly synonym: Otherwise Use this phrase only when you want people to know you’re being otherwise deceptive and insincere.
  199. 😂Another word for Queen of the Pigs / Queen of the Pigs synonym: Top Loser If you’re this person….. I’m sorry. 
  200. Another word for Quick Win / Quick Win synonym: Guaranteed Success This is a guaranteed success that happens in a short period of time. Quick win sounds so generic and doesn’t have much power behind the saying. Saying that we have guaranteed success will make it sound much more impactful.
  201. R

  202. Another word for Radio Silent / Radio Silent synonym: Not Communicating – When you don’t hear from a customer or prospect and a good amount of time has past. It would be better to say they have gone silent, or just stopped communicating. 
  203. Another word for Raise the Bar / Raise the Bar synonym: Higher Standard – Just stick with a higher standard, it sounds a lot better. 
  204. Another word for Race Without a Finish Line / Race Without a Finish Line synonym: Unending – This is where you have a project without a clearly defined ending. Use poor project guide and let your boss know that you need better details. 
  205. Another word for Reach Out / Reach Out synonym: Contact – You have so many other options: call, email, fax, visit, etc. This is so vague, you’re better to use what you’re actually going to contact them with. 
  206. 😂Another word for Ready, Fire, Aim / Ready, Fire, Aim synonym: Unready – This is another word for soon to be failing business because there’s no way you last by putting out bad products. 
  207. Another word for Reinvent the Wheel / Reinvent the Wheel synonym: Recreate – with this one, people are creating something that has already been created, with a tiny twist.
  208. 😂Another word for Red Flag / Red Flag synonym: Bells Should Be Going Off – Is there another jargon we use more than this? Absolutely not. 
  209. 😂Another word for Resonate / Resonate synonym: Relate – Unfortunately, I can not resonate with the word resonate. Just say people will be moved by this idea or will relate to this idea.
  210. Another word for Repeating Tickler / Repeating Tickler synonym: Recurring Reminder – This word just has you feeling uncomfortable. Use Recurring reminders and keep people at ease. 
  211. 😂Another word for Retired in Place / Retired in Place synonym: Old Employee – This is when you have an older employee that does nothing except count the days until retirement. Boy, what a life. 
  212. Another word for Roadmap / Roadmap synonym: Plan – such a vague term. In the business setting, this term could mean a strategic or tactical plan or a set of instructions.
  213. Another word for Robust / Robust synonym: Strong – robust is a word that just doesn’t seem to fit in the business setting. Whenever I hear the word robust, the only thing that enters my head is a robust smell.
  214. Another word for Robust Dialog / Robust Dialog synonym: Productive Conversation – A conversation between two co-workers that includes an open and honest discussion. Just say open discussion. 
  215. 😂Another word for Rocket Science / Rocket Science synonym: The Hard Stuff – Hey smarty pants, take it easy on them. Instead of insulting them, try explaining whatever they are having trouble with.
  216. Another word for Rocks in the Backpack / Rocks in the Backpack synonym: Individual Tasks – This is the responsibility that an individual holds and makes up their workload. Try using Individual work to make it sound more professional. 
  217. Another word for Rent a Quote / Rent a Quote synonym: Taking an Idea – pretty much just people that are “experts” in their field and give out a lot of sound-bites for content instead of the whole picture.
  218. S

  219. Another word for Seamless / Seamless synonym: Frictionless – it is very rare that things in business are seamless, so try replacing it with easy to implement. 
  220. 😂Another word for Safe Harbor / Safe Harbor synonym: Bathroom – The only safe place in the office to find a little peace at work.
  221. Another word for Sandbag / Sandbag synonym: Delay – This is a tactic used by salespeople in order to purposely delay closes to the next month. Just say they are delaying sales and avoid any confusion. 
  222. Another word for Scarlet Letter / Scarlet Letter synonym: Shame – The Scarlet Letter is a symbol of shame. An alternative for this is just saying shameful. 
  223. Another word for Sausage and the Sizzle / Sausage and the Sizzle synonym: Substance/ Marketing – it is very rare that things in business are seamless, so try replacing it with easy to implement. Used by sales when comparing substance (sausage) versus marketing spin (sizzle). “Hey, you have the sausage, but where’s the sizzle?”
  224. Another word for Scooby Snacks / Scooby Snacks synonym: Token Compensation – Just say they didn’t pay well. Nobody is going to know what you mean by saying “the gift cards we got instead of a bonus were total scooby snacks.”
  225. 😂Another word for Screw the Pooch / Screw the Pooch synonym: Avoid Productivity – This is the worst person. Never working and just screwing around all day. How haven’t they gotten fired?
  226. Another word for Squeeze the Sponge / Squeeze the Sponge synonym: Extract – Getting every bit of knowledge someone gained during a meeting/event. Maybe tone it back a bit and just say last bit of knowledge. 
  227. Another word for Secret Sauce / Secret Sauce synonym: Competitive Edge – Like MJ’s secret stuff in space jam, it’s the advantage you have. But if you want to keep that advantage, use terms like benefit, or unique advantage instead. 
  228. Another word for Sense of Urgency / Sense of Urgency synonym: Persistent – This sounds so corporate and does not have much personality behind it. Use something like we’re very concerned about hitting the deadline and our focus is on that. 
  229. 😂Another word for Skin in the Game / Skin in the Game synonym: Risk it to Get the Biscuit – Okay Freddy Krueger, let’s take a step back and use ownership interest. 
  230. 😂Another word for Soup to Nuts  / Soup to Nuts synonym: Complete – I never understood this term, nor will I ever have the desire to. 
  231. Another word for State of the Art / State of the Art synonym: New Features – this phrase used to be pretty sweet, but now has jumped the shark (see jumped the shark). Stick with the basics here and use new ideas or new features. 
  232. Another word for Strike While the Iron is Hot  / Strike While the Iron is Hot synonym: Opportunity – To make it more simple, say you have a good opportunity and leave it at that.
  233. Another word for Sweetheart Deal / Sweetheart Deal synonym: Favorable – An arrangement where existing clients receive more favorable terms. If you’re looking to sound professional, use favorable deal. 
  234. Another word for Synergy / Synergy synonym: Cooperation – this is a term that has been run into the ground and trampled on. Avoid using synergy when you only mean collaboration, cooperation, or consolidation. 
  235. T

  236. 😂Another word for Table Steaks / Table Steaks synonym: Minimum Requirement – Stick to Minimum requirement on this one. Bring up table steaks might make someone hungry. 
  237. Another word for Take Strides / Take Strides synonym: Making Progress – A way of saying that you are improving or making progress. 
  238. 😂Another word for Take to the Next Level / Take to the Next Level synonym: Improving – Basically a way of stating that you were underperforming, and you’re going to start trying harder. 
  239. Another word for Task / Task synonym: Assign – Don’t give a task, give an assignment. 
  240. 😂Another word for Thought Leader / Thought Leader synonym: Head of Table Wow, I can’t believe people actually use this one. 
  241. 😂Another word for Touch Base / Touch Base synonym: Contact – Were not playing baseball, we should just use contact or connect and close the yearbook on that lustrous high school baseball career you had. 
  242. Another word for Traction / Traction synonym: Gather Momentum – Some better uses would be something taking hold or getting momentum. Try these phrases out instead of traction.
  243. U

  244. Another word for Unpack / Unpack synonym: Examine – Unpack is really getting overused. Keep it fresh and stick with examine, or look at in detail. 
  245. Another word for Utilize / Utilize synonym: Use – Use is just so much easier to use, so use it. 
  246. Another word for Undertooled / Undertooled synonym: Lacking – This is just another word for lacking something in order to complete a task. 
  247. Another word for Up the Pitch / Up the Pitch synonym: Increase – This one means to increase the intensity. Which is what you should be using in this case.
  248. Another word for Upshot / Upshot synonym: Advantage – If you want an advantage, use benefit or advantage instead of upshot.
  249. Another word for Uptitling / Uptitling synonym: Title Change – This is when you get ‘promoted’ in name without actually getting promoted
  250. V

  251. 😂Another word for Vanilla / Vanilla synonym: Basic – I can’t stand when people use this instead of saying basic, simple, or conservative. You have three great options and you decide to go with a flavor of ice cream?
  252. Another word for Value-Added / Value-Added synonym: Benefits – Just by saying value-added doesn’t mean that there is any value actually added. Say what your value is and let the people know the power of your products and services. 
  253. Another word for Valued Partner / Valued Partner synonym: Partner – This is really just a way of spicing up the word partner and making you feel more special. Being a partner already means the other party values you and the work you do. 
  254. 😂Another word for Vapor Trail / Vapor Trail synonym: Excess Perfume/Cologne – What follows behind a coworker that is using waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too much cologne or perfume. 
  255. 😂Another word for Viral / Viral synonym: Rapidly Circulating – “Hey guys, let’s do a video and make it go viral” If only it were that easy. 
  256. 😂Another word for Verbing / Verbing synonym: Business Verb – This is something that probably shouldn’t even be a thing. 
  257. Another word for Vubicle / Vubicle synonym: Cubicle w/ a Window – This is a cubicle with a view. I get that this is a rarity in itself, but let’s just leave it at cubicle with a view. 
  258. W

  259. Another word for Warm Bowl of Nothing  / Warm Bowl of Nothing synonym: Lacking Substance  Something that has no substance, and is sold to seem like a great opportunity.
  260. Another word for What the Musk  / What the Musk synonym: What’s that Smell A term that is used when a coworker enters the room with an overpowering scent of cologne. Try saying “what’s that smell?” instead. 
  261. Another word for Wheelhouse  / Wheelhouse synonym: Enclosed Compartment  This is the saying in which a vessel can be navigated. An enclosed compartment would be the top choice to use so you don’t confuse anyone.
  262. 😂Another word for Window-Licker  / Window-Licker synonym: Ass-Kisser  We all know them. The people that would go against their morals just to get a little notice from the boss. 
  263. Another word for Within a Nine Iron  / Within a Nine Iron synonym: Close  This term is used when you are relatively close to completing a goal. If you have someone who doesn’t have a clue about golf, you need to use something else like we are close to hitting our goal. 
  264. Another word for Word of Mouse  / Word of Mouse synonym: Computer Network Advertising  This is used when referral advertising is used over your computer network. This term is one that not many will understand, so it would be best to just say it. 
  265. 😂Another word for White Paper / White Paper synonym: Authoritative Report  Just say what it is. It’s an authoritative document, so stop confusing everyone (or just me) and say what it is. 
  266. Another word for Win-Win /  Win-Win synonym: Dual Benefits This is when both parties achieve what they want in an agreement, but there’s no way the person saying that doesn’t think they just won the deal. 
  267. Another word for With All Due Respect /  With All Due Respect synonym: Don’t Take This Personally  Scrap the “with all due respect” and just say what you’re thinking and stop tiptoeing around everything. 
  268. Another word for World-class /  World-class synonym: High End – Don’t Take This Personally  This is used to describe proven and accepted products, services, systems, or organizations. It does not really convey anything by calling yourself world-class, and you would be better off describing your solutions and other things that stand out. 
  269. 😂Another word for Wordsmith /  Wordsmith synonym: Skilled with WordsI believe that’s what you call a writer.
  270. Z

  271. Another word for Zero-Sum Game /  Zero-Sum Game synonym: Winner takes allNot everyone is going to know what this one means, so stick to winner take all or something similar. 
  272. Another word for Zombie Project /  Zombie Project synonym: Unending ProjectA project that keeps coming back to life no matter how many times that it’s terminated. Maybe just use the neverending project and leave the zombie talk for the apocalypse. 

Speaking of Zombie Projects – my boss set me up to write this insane article on 250 “Business Jargon / Corporate Lingo” phrases you might want (or not want) to know – and of course, it lasted longer than any of us could have anticipated.

So without further ado, I congratulate you for finishing this glorious list – and I congratulate myself for knocking this out in a timely fashion. So congratulations all around!

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