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8 Brand Building Ideas for Technology Companies

Any tech-based business has access to an unprecedented number of opportunities and resources in today’s business world. Compared to the businesses of yesteryear, aspects such as marketing and procurement are substantially more…

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Technology Company Brand

Any tech-based business has access to an unprecedented number of opportunities and resources in today’s business world. Compared to the businesses of yesteryear, aspects such as marketing and procurement are substantially more simplified. However, other challenges – such as brand loyalty and retention, and also competition – are tougher than ever.

Technology Company Brand

Technology companies, in particular, must strive to build a brand and image that resonates with audiences and elevates them above others in their niches. As it turns out, businesses can accomplish this with a variety of ideas – even those that have little to nothing to do with their business models.

Let’s examine eight ideas that can help tech companies better build their brands.

Humanize the Faceless Face

Tech companies arguably more than any other suffer from a baseline struggle of seeming β€œinhuman” or generic. Due to their tech-focused missions and (in most cases) internet-based operations, it’s easy to understand how this happens. Regardless, brands from all walks of life can help humanize their image and build a stronger brand by putting a face on the brand. From utilizing dedicated spokespeople and sharing employee stories to joining discussions on social media and sharing day-to-day snapshots of your operations, humanizing a technology company is easier than you think.

Develop a Mission Statement for Your Brand

Every business needs a guiding set of principles. Ultimately, tech companies may have a raison d’Γͺtre, but they may lack a more generalized reason for being. This makes brand building particularly difficult: if your employees do not know what underlying goals are the reason for the company’s existence, then how can they truly commit to the task at hand?

A mission statement is more than just for motivating employees, however. It’s also an important element in building a brand. By articulating what your company is passionate about and what it wishes to focus on outside of the day-to-day business activities, your business can then incorporate these important aspects of the brand into everyday marketing and other public communications.

Promote Causes and Goodwill

We’ve all seen brands and businesses promote a variety of causes, charities, and other endeavors of goodwill: what’s the true motivation behind this trend? As it turns out, brands that promote causes see an improvement in public perception and reach larger audiences through their efforts. From sharing personal addiction stories and supporting efforts like to participating in local clothing and food drives, brands that promote goodwill in the community can expect a disproportionate return on investment with regard to visibility, brand loyalty, and perception.

Look at the Competition

Tech companies rarely enjoy an entire niche to themselves, which makes brand building all that much more important. While it may seem like nothing but disadvantages exist due to this, there is one notable benefit to it: you can learn from your competitors.

Most tech companies are not industry leaders, meaning there are others who have mastered the art of brand building. With careful research and analysis of competitors, companies can uncover what methods other businesses are using and how they are growing as a result. Instead of embarking entirely on a process of trial and error, tech companies can use their competitors’ brand building journeys as a template for faster growth.

Curate an Informal Blog Atmosphere

Building your tech brand online and elsewhere requires visibility – and that sometimes means reaching out to new audiences with few expectations. In the theme of humanizing your brand to audiences, technology companies can create content that primarily exists to inform, persuade, and entertain in order to make inward roads with new audiences. However, it’s important for the content in question to be both relevant to your brand’s broader mission, and also be informal enough for everyday people to both relate to and understand. The benefits of corporate blogging ensure that your company isn’t viewed as just another cold, generic tech company – while also generating lots of shares on social media and beyond.

Revisit Your Company’s Design

While most aspects of brand building revolve around concrete aspects of a company’s public efforts, some elements are purely aesthetic. In the process of building a successful brand, companies develop professional logos, website designs, and marketing efforts that resonate with audiences. Everybody recognizes the logos of companies like Coca-Cola, Nike, and McDonald’s – decades of effort and countless hours of design assessments are to thank for that.

Tech companies should carefully review their aesthetic elements by consulting with graphic design experts and marketing professionals. Determining whether the face of the brand needs a corporate facelift is a delicate process; changing a recognizable logo can confuse consumers, but a poorly-designed aesthetic can turn people away even more so.Β 

Recommit to Digital Marketing

Most companies utilize marketing in one form or another, but tech companies are often at a disadvantage. Given that many are focused on B2B relations, traditional marketing methods may feel wasted on the masses at times. This is a false assumption: building brands requires awareness of the public, whether they are your primary audience or not. Via social media marketing, search engine marketing, and email marketing, tech companies that commit to promoting their brand, its offerings and its mission via these efforts can further improve public perception and build loyal bonds with consumers over time.

Utilize Promotions

While some tech companies offer products and others offer services, both business models leave room for the occasional promotional effort. Let’s face it: everybody loves free stuff, and word of free stuff spreads like wildfire. One of the easiest ways to generate attention and buzz for any company is to hold sweepstakes, giveaway or other comparable contest. While the winners may be receiving something for nothing, a tech company will benefit by generating ample PR and a host of leads from those who sign up for the event – a true win-win.

In most cases, technology companies must overcome the perception of being generic entities whose operations are only confined to the digital world. By humanizing your brand, curating content that people can relate to, promoting causes that showcase the good your brand can do and committing to trusted B2C marketing techniques, any tech company can build a strong foundation for brand awareness, growth, and positive PR.

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