57 of The Best SEO Keywords for HVAC Companies

To identify the best keywords and key phrases for HVAC companies – first understand what this list is not: Often LOCAL terms like ‘Best Service + City’ might actually be more likely to…

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HVAC SEO Keywords - Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation SEO Keywords

To identify the best keywords and key phrases for HVAC companies – first understand what this list is not:

  • You can’t just make pages about these topics and expect for customers to rush in.
  • Just because there are a lot of people searching particular HVAC SEO Keywords, doesn’t mean that those people are actually READY TO BUY.

Often LOCAL terms like ‘Best Service + City’ might actually be more likely to convert than ‘air conditioner’ for instance, even though there’s 375,000 people or more searching ‘air conditioner’ on your average month?

You know that – but let’s analyze WHY for a second before moving on, because it helps solidify a key point about how to think about HVAC SEO keywords that many people get confused.

  1. They are often looking to simple purchase a window unit air conditioner, and may be looking for a quick target run or Wal-mart run and not looking for an HVAC services company.
  2. Keywords that are highly transactional – though high in volume, are like someone who googles ‘shingles’ instead of ‘roofing company near me’ – there may be 850,000 searches for shingles and only 60,000 for roofing company near me.
  3. Look for INTENT – where the intent would be to hire an actual HVAC company company, and then hammer those terms (with content, on-page SEO, and links) very hard, it may take multiple waves of effort instead of just an initial push. (Hammering SEO is Hook’s specialty, hit us up if we can help!)

35 Best HVAC SEO Keywords

  1. hvac company near Me – 7,100 Searches monthly.
  2. hvac near me – 73k
  3. best hvac company near me – 1,300
  4. most affordable hvac company near me – 40
  5. commercial hvac – 3.9k
  6. commercial hvac companies – 2.3k
  7. commercial hvac near me – 1.4k
  8. trane – 49k
  9. trane hvac – 7.3k
  10. trane air conditioner – 11k
  11. air quality – 355k
  12. hvac – 221k
  13. hvac system – 18k
  14. hvac systems – 9.4k
  15. hvac system cost – 3.2k
  16. carrier hvac – 5.4k
  17. City focused example: hvac minneapolis – 350 [so for you – hvac *city name*]
  18. City focused example: hvac repair minneapolis – 100 [so for you – hvac repair *city name*]
  19. City focused example: hvac companies minneapolis – 100 [so for you – hvac companies *city name*]
  20. hvac technician – 17k
  21. heating and cooling near me – 73k
  22. hvac supply near me – 18k
  23. ac supply near me – 8.4k
  24. air conditioning installation – 17k
  25. air conditioning installation near me – 2.4k
  26. air conditioning replacement – 5.3k
  27. furnace installation – 11k
  28. hvac installation – 11k
  29. heat and air near me – 9.3k
  30. heating near me – 8.2k
  31. heating companies near me – 4k
  32. home depot air conditioner – 38k
  33. new ac – 5.1k
  34. new ac units – 3.9k
  35. hvac replacement – 3.8k
  36. cost to install central air – 5.6k
  37. central air installation near me – 5.5k
  38. heating contractors near me – 3k
  39. heat pump installation – 2.4k
  40. ferguson hvac – 8k
  41. hvac filters – 7k
  42. hvac financing – 5.8k
  43. mini split hvac – 5.7k
  44. hvac services – 5.1k
  45. heating company – 2.4k
  46. heating and cooling company – 350
  47. heating and cooling company near me – 2k
  48. heating and ac company – 450
  49. ac repair near me – 54k
  50. hvac service near me – 24k
  51. hvac repair near me – 20k
  52. air conditioner repair near me – 15k
  53. ac service near me – 13k
  54. heat and air near me – 9.3k
  55. furnace service near me – 7.5k
  56. ac companies – 5.8k
  57. ac contractors – 2.7k

Dang! There’s a lot of HVAC Keywords with a ton of volume.

I encourage you to think of clusters of keywords, and think about the overarching topics, and sub-topics. Worrying a little less about the specific keywords, in the creation of your website hierarchy, and then using the keywords when writing the content.

Yes – that means parsing out services into different buckets so people can find you for those services specifically. Sometimes that may mean targeting different ways of saying something (i.e. AC Company vs. AC Contractor) if the volume is high enough and the intent is to purchase.

It really comes down to understanding the intent of those searches, and identifying if the intent is the same.

I encourage you to get creative – and focus on specific cities around you as well as opportunities for landing pages, as people are often searching with the city name. This is something we do regularly with our HVAC SEO Services, so let us know if we can help.

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