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The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone – Book Review/Summary

Grant Cardone is on his way to becoming a self-made billionaire and he didn’t get here by being afraid of taking massive action. By the end of this book you will know…

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The 10x rule summary

Grant Cardone is on his way to becoming a self-made billionaire and he didn’t get here by being afraid of taking massive action. By the end of this book you will know what it takes to achieve success otherwise thought impossible – taught by one of the most successful salesman ever.

The 10X Rule is setting a target 10 times higher than what you think it is you want, and doing 10 times more than what you think it will take to reach that target. Grant explains that over promising and over targeting is critical for the mindset and action that is needed to achieve big time success. Take the old stigma of “under promise and over deliver”, and toss it out the window. The idea is to over promise (especially to yourself) 10 times what is normal or average, and take the steps and actions to reach that massive target you have set.

Some powerful points, mindsets, and actions he gives:

  • Aim 10X higher and do 10X more  –  This can’t be overstated. Telling yourself you don’t need this amount of success is dangerous. That type of thinking will only keep you stagnant and stop you from earning more money, helping more people, advancing your business, etc. Your mindset needs to be not only doing more than your competitors, but doing TEN TIMES more than they, or you, think is necessary.
  • “Nothing happens to me, it happens because of me”  – Print that out and hang it above your bed. This is powerful, and it relates to Grants ask of us to take sole responsibility of your life and your success. Your mindset should be that whatever is happening in your life, it is caused by you. This will change your brain into coming up with thousands of ways to spin situations in your favor, and will eliminate the brains tendency to make excuses.
  • Reject average, think massive  –  Massive action is actually our natural state of existence. Grant says to think back to when you were a child. Remember how much learning, activity, growing, curiosity, and achieving took place on a daily basis? As we age we are told, and molded, into slowing down and doing less. RESIST! – and let your natural, primitive, action taking genetics take over.
  • Use fear as fuel for action  –  Maybe my favorite point he makes; Grant says that fear should be a clear sign to take action quickly. This is so important, and just great general life advice. I believe that people who achieve more than what they thought possible – the extremely successful people of the world – the 1 percenters if you will, encountered fear and ran towards it instead of away. Not attacking a fear quickly will allow it to fester and grow. Use fear as a signal to take action now!

This book is an eye opener into what extremely successful people’s mindsets are, and must be, to continue achieving. It shows that no matter how smart you are, how much you read and learn, what your ideas are, your success and achievements will boil down to how much massive action you are willing to take. For that reason, this book will stay on my table as a constant reminder of that. 4 out of 5 stars.


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