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Book Review of “10X Is Easier Than 2X” by Dan Sullivan

Anyone that’s read the incredible books – Who Not How and The Gap And The Gain, will naturally love 10X Is Easier Than 2X by Author Ben Hardy and Strategic Coach co-founder…

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Anyone that’s read the incredible books – Who Not How and The Gap And The Gain, will naturally love 10X Is Easier Than 2X by Author Ben Hardy and Strategic Coach co-founder Dan Sullivan. Grant Cardone’s fans will also find this an interesting read!! 😋😋

One of the best things about this book is that it’s so informative that you’ll be compelled to take notes and incorporate what you’ve learnt into your life or business!! And generally, this is one sign of good books. ✅✅

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The Book’s Premise

Laying more emphasis on one of his best foundational teachings for entrepreneurs, Dan Sullivan sheds some light on why you should strive for “10X growth” rather than 2X results. 

10X Is Easier Than 2X teaches that achieving 10X growth is a process that defies common sense and helps you gain epidemic growth in your business or life. That is, 10X is not about the outcome but the process. Most people might think 10X growth means 10X the effort. However, according to Ben and Dan, that’s not necessarily true.

From the book, here are questions from the book to get yourself and your team into the “Gain”:

  • How have you grown as a person over the last three years? ✅
  • What are the most significant things you’ve learnt in the past 12 months? ✅
  • What are the 10 most important things you’ve accomplished in the past 12 months? ✅
  • What meaningful experiences have you had in the past 90 days?✅
  • How clearer are you on your goals and visions than you were 90 days ago? ✅
  • In what ways is your life different and better than it was 30 days ago? ✅
  • What substantial progress have you made in the past 7 days? ✅
  • What progress have you made in the past 24 hours? ✅

Since the 10X concept is about the process,  10X Is Easier Than 2X also discussed how you can break down this progress into 5 key sections and identify the opportunities and factors that helped 10X your business. This is so that you can use that to dive into the following 10X process. 

Although, this book might disagree a bit with with some of Grant Cardone’s talks about how you need to do more and take massive action. If you’ve read The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch, you’ll find that this book is a mix of the 10X rule and the 80/20 principle and is generally directed at high-level entrepreneurs. Fascinating, right? You’ll understand it better on reading it!! 😅😅


The Authors’ “Four Most Important Freedoms”

The authors defined something they called the “four most important freedoms” to help drive home the point that 10X Is Easier Than 2X. They were:

  • Time: as you make your time 10x more priceless, you multiply your monetary income exponentially. ⏰
  • Money: you’ll be able to influence a lot of freedom-motivated individuals when you make money a tool you can access and use with ease. 💰
  • Relationship: for you and the people involved with you, you’ll find that your purpose in all aspects becomes 10X more positive and long-lasting as you fill up your personal or professional life with 10X more collaborative relationships. 🫂
  • Purpose: based on the meaning and your impact on people, you will be proud of the changes in your life. 🎯

From the authors’ perspective, to get into that 10X growth or process, you’ll need to do away with anything that will keep you from achieving 10X results. For instance, you might need to:

  • Get rid of unprofitable customers, 
  • Niche down on a particular audience, 
  • Improve on some bad habits, 
  • Chisel away at what’s not the most crucial work.

The 10X concept basically says this: “Quality beats quantity, time and again!! Your results over time depend on the quality of your “freedoms”.


Dan Sullivan and Ben Hardy are both Strategic thinkers with years worth of experience, and an opportunity to learn from them through their book is one to embrace immediately. To ensure success in your business, we’re confident that he book – 10X Is Easier Than 2X would stand as a road map for you, and not just a call to action.🎉🎉

Based on the value, motivation and information that this book provides, its rating should be about 4.5 out of 5 stars‼️We hope you’re now informed to make a good decision about reading the book, 10X Is Easier Than 2X.


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