WordPress Development for Noobs


by on January 12, 2017

Beginner WordPress Development Course - WordPress Development for Noobs

WordPress Development for Noobs


I designed this course to give people the guidance I wish I had when I was trying to learn how to wield WordPress effectively. Well here you go, a course to help designer’s get up to speed on WordPress and be able to use it to create websites on the basics of WordPress development and into some deeper ways to use WordPress as well. Enjoy my free beginner’s WordPress Course, “WordPress for Noobs.”


Green LegoCHAPTER ONE: Install WordPress for The First Time

Green LegoCHAPTER TWO: Things I do after I freshly install WordPress and WordPress Basics

Green LegoCHAPTER THREE: Theme Modification: When to use theme options, when to code

Green LegoCHAPTER FOUR: Modifying WordPress Themes Code, and some basics of slanging HTML and CSS within a WordPress Theme

Green LegoCHAPTER FIVE: Creating your first WordPress theme ‘from scratch’

Green LegoCHAPTER SIX: Working with responsive design in a WordPress Theme

Green LegoCHAPTER SEVEN: Creating Custom Post Type and Taxonomies in WordPress

Green LegoCHAPTER EIGHT: Utilizing the WordPress loop to display Posts, in archives and Pages

Green LegoCHAPTER NINE: Using Advanced Custom Fields to Supercharge WordPress’ Editability

Green LegoCHAPTER TEN: All together now: Using the WordPress loop with a custom post type, taxonomies and fields.

Green LegoCHAPTER ELEVEN: How to Price Yourself Appropriately When Doing WordPress Development

Green LegoCHAPTER TWELVE: My Story: Getting Started with WordPress Development

Green LegoCHAPTER THIRTEEN: Some Final Thoughts – Ways to Rock WordPress Sites for Clients

Hope you’ve enjoyed the Free Beginner’s WordPress Course, “WordPress Development for Noobs“! If it was useful for you, please consider linking to this resource for other designers and aspiring developers, thank you.


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