Why I’m not currently accepting any new clients (April – July 2016)


by on March 29, 2016

The Queue is Full, and I'm getting married

Why I’m not currently accepting any new clients (April – July 2016)


So, so so grateful to be in a situation where I don’t need to drum up business, and yet I’m sad that for a time I won’t be able to be of use to the small to mid size businesses that I’m accustomed to helping. Finishing up wonderful projects that I have previously committed to and then will work with other clients when the hub-bub around my Wedding and Honeymoon dies down.

So I’m getting married, but that’s not the only reason I’m stepping aside with freelance projects for the moment. The queue is full of wonderful projects for awesome clients that I’m finishing up. 

A couple things that led to having a full project queue

  • Creating high-quality content and content hubs, on a regular basis.
  • Spending time amping up high-quality backlinks and guest posting to get more domain authority and get my pages higher in the search engines rankings.
  • Trying to only spend time on ‘right-fit’ clients for projects I would really like to work on. By doing this and being a little bit picky, ‘right fit’ clients are happier to work with you.

What do you do when your queue is stock full?

Well you focus on the next frontier. And that is when I am done with these projects and my wedding stuff, I will be focusing on getting even more ideal type clients.

  • Focus on the ideal clients that you’d like to have.
  • Understand the clients you don’t want to have.
  • Give more specific parameters around the types of clients you’d like to work with on your website. (The one’s that fit inside your parameters, will love it!)

But for the time being, thank you!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, thank you for paying attention. Writing brings meaning into my life, allows me to share the new things I’m learning and working on and creates a sense of community for me. I will be sharing information for other top freelancers that are similar to me with those who reach out, and if you’d like to be considered for that send me a message as well.

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TLDR; The Queue is full and I’m getting married. I will continue to write and share the things I’m learning in digital marketing and web design, and I am so grateful for your business and interest.

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Kristin Beltaos

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!! Blessings for a happy and healthy life together!

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