you need a hook

Our Mission is to help you find that hook, and to help represent professionally and earn new business for clients we love.

Our Vision is around doing work that positively effects our lives, our families lives, and helps us and our clients thrive.



Our brand style is built on polarity. Darkness & light, thick and thin, masculine and feminine. We believe in balance – visually, culturally, emotionally, and in life.


Work is such a huge part of life that we want to do cool things at work. We want to apply ourselves vigorously, to put in sweat equity to invest in the work we do – and in helping our clients profit – learn more, and constantly be doing better, cooler, and more effective work.

Shokunin means having a passion for our work, a positive obsession – “The shokunin has a social obligation to work his/her best for the general welfare of the people.” We let this obligation to our community and ourselves drive us to better work, and we also remind ourselves we do our best work when we’re having fun, and making time for fun.

The Brand

We believe in creating things that are highly functional, but that also have a touch of luxury. Our brand is built to be memorable and stick in your mind easily. Memorable because it's a distinct symbol – that represents the constant quest to find clients unique value proposition, or their 'hook.'

Simpler is often better. Key principles drive our process.

Like the hook of a song – the more complicated, the more easily forgotten.

In your business, there's no reason to complicate things unnecessarilly, and the same principles apply for us. We believe in empowering clients, educating them, and creating a seamless experience – similar to the value you provide for your customers. We take pride in growing companies who offer remarkable products and impeccable service.

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