Why Google Actually Benefits from Certain Kinds of SEO


by on February 13, 2017

Why Google Actually Benefits from Certain Kinds of SEO


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Google’s insistence on the supposed inconsequence of SEO – since Matt Cutts ‘stop guest-posting it doesn’t matter’ all the way to modern day where Google itself bids very heavily on SEO related keywords for it’s adwords product…

There’s always kind of a weird vibe between Google and SEO enthusiasts.

The truth is there are kinds of SEO (heavy, fake linking – no value websites, that are clearly not the best option for a visitor) that Google wants desperately to avoid serving to it’s searchers. All that you need to determine which websites are that is one metric – bounce rate.

People don’t stay on those kind of lame duck websites for very long, so even if they get a high search ranking for a solid amount of time – as long as the search engine is cataloguing who comes back to search results after a little bit of time… they can filter out garbage websites with relative certainty by this metric.

But what does the ‘content marketing’ centric – provide value to people to earn eyeballs centric type of SEO mean for Google?

Content focused SEO means the SEO industry is constantly feeding the search engine monsters

It’s actually a little scary how much work is being done to please these monstrosities in one way – but it also ensures that it would be DAMN stupid of Google and Bing to stop incentivizing this approach.

The more of the content they can serve up – the more they get used. The more they get used, the more ad dollars they can earn through their ad products.

There are a couple really important points about the kind of SEO that Google is incentivized to continue enabling

  • It’s not garbage content.
  • Any kind of SEO that shovels out complete garbage will likely degrade somewhat ungracefully.
  • The content will be as high value as possible and make them look like a hero for serving it up.
  • As long as you help Google (and other search engines) keep people on their platform with your stellar, info-rich, and entertaining content – they likely will be less likely to hamper your search engine optimization efforts


Is this SEO at all?

I’ve read so many posts that talk smack about Search Engine Optimization, because they think that all SEO is not providing value, but I beg to disagree.

The semantics aside – it’s important to recognize why Google will never likely fully ostracize efforts to please … Google – for reasons stated above.

Does that make Google a monster that’s sucking up all of our life force and will eventually turn on us and destroy us? Well perhaps, but when that happens I plan on at least understanding how it’s stomach works so I can tinker and experiment with it’s algorithm while I’m being digested.

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