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What’s worked for me on Twitter and Instagram – @timbdesignmpls

Updated October 17, 2015
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What's worked for me on Twitter and Instagram - Examples of Social Media Success

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

So I could publish a high and mighty, this is what works on Social media and why article. I know that my most tweeted content and most interacted with Instagram photos are revealing in a more specific and down to earth way, but I can’t claim to be the expert for this for everyone’s brand. I just know what works for me, and can recognize patterns. So I share these with you in hopes that you too can glean insights from them.

Tools used to find these items: Twitter Search, Iconosquare for Instagram analytics, and Favstar for my Top Tweets.

Whether it be tickling the fancy of Ted Speaker John Maeda, or amusing and flattering Dane Cook into Instagramming my ‘Bro Mitzvah’ promo, there are a few simple principles I can make out. Along with the things that have worked to stoke interaction in my community of Minneapolis, Minnesota agencies and generally well performing social content, I will share a little insight with each below.

Higher Profile people who’ve tweeted or instagrammed about my content

In this case I had a fresh image, and a topic that touched on things going on at the moment. The key here was creating a nice-looking featured image for my article and making the content around a newsworthy subject.

I'm someones b-day invite. #ListOfThingsIveNeverSeenBefore

A photo posted by Dane Cook (@danecook) on

I really created this for my own purposes, but I saw an opportunity after I created it to pander to Dane Cook’s own self-promoting tendencies so I sent him a direct message asking him to comment or share, and he did!

Envato is a pretty large company in the Web Design community so when they linked to my post about Branding for Millennials and storytelling (cause oriented marketing) I was pretty happy. Once again, I did ask them to after I tweeted that they were mentioned in the article, and they responded favorably to it.

Local Minneapolis Agencies tweets about @timbdesignmpls, timbdesign.com content

In this case I had met the social media community manager for another local agency and I think building rapport with him in person helped stoke this interaction on Twitter. Retweeting their tweet about my content, and getting a really good response from the community I’m connected with on Twitter helps solidify my reputation in their eyes as a solid marketing connection as well possibly.

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I definitely have @firstscribe on a Twitter list that I interact with often to stoke more connection with the Web Design community here in Minneapolis. Tweeting their content and retweeting them also catches the eye, so that I can keep close to my competitors, but also who I consider my community. The community thing to me is much more important that the competitor thing. It’s not about a scarcity mindset, it’s about stoking interaction with like-minded people and learning from them.

Once again, conversations with an agency I respect in my community remains a super important part of my ongoing social strategy/ mode of being.

Once again, flattery wins the tweet of another wonderful Minneapolis agency. I love their work, doing a write-up on it and singing the praises of other Minneapolis agencies and Minneapolis web design freelancers is actually in my best interest as it keeps these topics strongly associated with my domain and the authority it gains when searchers are looking for things related to these subjects.

This is my agency currently, so these are pretty self-explanatory, but there’s nothing wrong with cross-pollination.

Top Most Favorited and Retweeted @timbdesignmpls tweets on Twitter

Both of these were yoinked right from LinkedIn, where they had risen like cream to the top of feed as people liked them there in droves. Why not bring them over to Twitter and get them seen by my audience, further associating my brand with the value in the ideas?

This was really just something that popped into my head and I felt like it would be useful for people. Don’t be afraid of playing the sage occasionally if you’re not being cheesy and it makes sense with your social media persona.

I love that this resource was an image. Obviously Moz kills it, but this principle plays well on alot of levels. If you have a blog post with a ton of value don’t assume people are going to care just because you lead them there. See how much value you can put in a image that can be shared on social so they don’t even need to go to your website. It’s all about stuffing as much value in the native social network as possible.

Best performing content on Instagram

How did I find my top performing content quickly? Iconosquare is great for Instagram Analytics.

These posts were my best performing on Instagram, I believe partly because I didn’t post as much back when I first started hand-lettering and because I was engaging a ton!

Finishing up some chalk-art. Quote by Henry David Thoreau

A photo posted by Tim Brown (@timishness) on

Rewarded myself for nothing in particular. Who's got a design quote I could letter? 🙂

A photo posted by Tim Brown (@timishness) on

And this one more recently has done pretty well because I spent more time on it. Although I’m nearing the end of a long 365 days of lettering project, I do look forward to the time when it will make sense to spend more time on each lettering piece/project.

Iteration 2 on this one #minnetype 286/365

A photo posted by Tim Brown (@timishness) on

Thank you for checking out some of my top performing social content. Feel free to comment below, and let me know if any of this was useful for you, and if you have a blog post suggestion. Thanks!


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Tim Brown

Tim Brown is the owner of Hook Agency, an SEO and Web Design company focused primarily on driving traffic and leads for small businesses, roofers and construction companies.

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