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The 6 Most Under-rated Web Design Trends of 2018

Updated January 1, 2019
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Every year, web design trends are constantly changing – so what seemed ‘trendy’ a few years ago may not be the best option today. It’s therefore important for all business owners to stay up to date with the latest web design trends in order to sell their business and maintain the attention of visitors. Read on to discover six of the biggest  under-rated web design trends of 2018. 


1. Broken Grid Layouts

Many websites use grids to ensure there’s a structure behind the text, images and navigation buttons. Not only do grids provide a guideline for the designers, but they also help visitors easily navigate around the website. However, this year saw the typical grid layout being broken.Instead of following a definite rule, there was an opportunity to do something different with the web design. Developers have moved towards broken grid layouts that are less restrictive. Broken grid layouts allow the text and images to drift into and across the page more freely. When elements overlap, this creates a harmonious web design that flows naturally for the visitor. Broken grid layouts can also be achieved through the use of layers, unusual positioning, and subtle touches that make the page more engaging.

Broken Grid Layouts

2. Chatbots

More and more web designers are starting to implement the use of chatbots into websites. Chatbots are commonly seen on business websites situated on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. The little pop-up window gives visitors the chance to talk to someone from the business or get automated help with any enquiries. Adding a chat window to your web design means any visitor with a question can have it answered immediately. Some businesses have trouble with having a staff member available tochat. However, it’s possible to program your chatbot to answer the most common questions and provide details on how to contact the business if it doesn’t know the answer to a question.

3. Customized Illustrations

In the past, web design images mainly consisted of product shots, GIFs and editorial photography that emphasized the features, functionality and human dimensions of the product. In 2018, there has been a slight move away from this, with illustrations now dominating the market. Developers have found that illustrations are more engaging and inviting. They have a clear and focused message that’s customized to the brand. Illustrations are normally completed with non-traditional color combinations that experiment with various contrasts, creating tension but also maintaining readability of the web design.

4. Page Transitions

Anytime a user’s experience is interrupted, there’s a high chance they could leave the website. This can also happen when they change from one page to another. Some websites take too long to load, while others take the user out of the context they were in before the new page opened. It’s therefore essential that every web design has smooth and efficient transitions between pages. This year, more and more websites are introducing cohesive page transitions for their visitors. Rather than navigating to a new page, visitors are able to view different information on the same page. These smoother page transitions can enhance user experience and boost engagement with your brand.

5. Brutalism

2018has seen an increase in the use of brutalism in web design. Brutalism is opening a space where developers and designers can do what they want, rather than what they should do. This style of web design was inspired by architecture of the 1950s that was simplistic, cost-effective and practical.  Brutalism web design is raw and captivating. The main focus is on the content, as it’s important to make it visually pleasing for the visitor.Brutalism web design manifests itself through exposed structures, a sense of roughness, and thoughtful processes.

6. Video Content

This year has also seen the increased use of video content on websites. Video is a great way to convey complex information in a visual format. Not only does video content make websites look more modern, but it also creates a sense of artistry that a static image can’t simply do.Videos are a powerful tool, because they can slip seamlessly into your web design and still remain extremely high-quality, even with plenty of colors, gradients and detail. Videos can also be looped to ensure the details of the copy and those of the video remain in unison. Many website developers see visitors stay on websites for longer when video content is present, with visitors also more likely to sign up or opt-in to their product and service offerings.

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Guest Post

We accept high-quality guest posts from select experts. If you'd like to contribute in this fashion - check out our clear guidelines and submit your post here.

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