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Web design pricing doesn’t need to be complicated – I can give you some ideas relatively quickly on what you’d pay for different types of features on your website.

  • Learn what it will cost to get a service oriented / lead generation website
  • Get an idea about what an e-commerce website selling products might cost
  • Learn about what websites with deep custom feature sets may cost.
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What should I pay for a custom website design?

There is a huge amount of variation between what different web design companies charge. In Minneapolis, where I’m based, web design pricing varies from 2 thousand to 200 thousand.

Part of the reason many companies are willing to put in more money to their website is they see real opportunity for how much money their website will make the company in return. You should look at your overall revenue and understand if your marketing budget would be 7% of yearly revenue. According to benchmarks, digital may now include about half of that according to many standards. If you’re a small company, all of that if you’re not putting marketing budget elsewhere.

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Questions and Answers about Web Design Pricing

You should pay at least enough to know you're hiring a professional! This is one reason to not pick the cheapest possible provider as they aren't necessarily going to be the type that is "in demand."

Now you also want to be wise with your budget, so don't pay for 'out there' things that you can't verify with data. Ask how much your website provider might be able to estimate an increase in sales – and often this will get them thinking in the right direction, and considering what kind of promotion your website will need to actually increase your revenue.

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