Web Design Inspiration 2018


by on March 16, 2018

Web Design Inspiration 2018


I’m excited to share 10 awesome examples of web design inspiration for 2018! The principles that seem to show up again and again are:

  • Diagonal angles
  • Organic shapes
  • Clean, simple design and full-width photography
  • Illustration and bold, full-saturated colors
  • Pastels
  • Gradients

Without further ado – the examples I found of great design:


1. Boll Fashion E-commerce Website Design Inspiration – by Daniel Tan

Principles to consider: Pastels, soft colors in photography / fashion, and clean design.



Website Design Inspiration


2. Miyu Fashion Website Inspiration – by Edyta Kostaska

Principles to consider: Bright colors behind black and white, outlined squares used to frame other photographic elements.

Miyu Fashion Website Inspiration


3. Matterhorn Guide Finder – Outdoors Website Inspiration by Timo Wagner

Principles to consider: White elements used as user interface design whitespace.

Matterhorn Website Design Inspiration

4. Kami Design – Website Inspiration

Principles to consider: Pastels, and brutal simplicity.

Kami Website Design

5. Podcast Service – Visual design inspiration

Principles to consider: Circles, circular buttons and bright colors.

Podcast Application


6. Cryptocurrency website design inspiration – Anton Avilov

Principles to consider: The Evolution of gradients, and layered overlapping shapes.

Ico Token Wallet - Crypto currency website design inspiration

7. Glax Space / Illustration Website Design Inspiration – Outcrowd

Principles to consider: Organic, and free flowing shapes, and illustration.

Glax / space / nasa website design inspiration

8. Stripe website design – by Stripe.com

Principles to consider: Bright colors interspersed with heavy white space and clean user interface elements.

Stripe Website Design Inspiration for 2018

9. Social media tool website inspiration – Kickstagram.com

Principles to consider: Gradient overlays that move and evolve. (You’ll have to go to the live site to see this in action)

Kickstagram Website Inspiration 2018


10. Gentlemen’s store – website design inspiration – by Alan Podemeski

Principles to consider:  Big photography, clean design and ‘things arranged neatly’ with overhead photography.

Things Arranged Neatly Website Design Inspiration


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