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The Hook Agency blog is now accepting web design guest posts. Pitch your post today and join the community of web design experts.

About my blog

I am almost always the main author on my site, but accept posts when it seems appropriate from well researched and well-written articles by other graphic design, web design, and development professionals. My blog is composed of 70% graphic design, web design, and development, 20% search engine optimization, and 10% other digital marketing and social media marketing related posts. A web design guest author should try to give as much value as possible to my blog audience.

Other places that allow guest posts on web design:

  • Noupe.com
  • Web Design Ledger
  • Web Designer Depot
  • UX Pin
  • Vandelay Design
  • Onextrapixel.com

I often write about WordPress – so feel free to write anything WordPress related as well. 

How guest posting on my site works

You submit a unique article (or an article idea) at least 500 words long, with no more than 3 links in the article. Your article will be posted to my blog and in return I will submit a unique counter article with up to 3 of our links, to be posted on your blog or website.

The benefits of submitting a guest post to the Hook Agency blog:

  • I keep your links, and they are indeed do-follow.
  • My readers are highly educated professionals, who are interested in digital marketing.
  • I promote my blog posts via my Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook profiles.
  • My blog posts are SEO-friendly (for example I am ranked #1 for the keyword ‘lettering’ with this blog post)
  • Before we post your blog on the site – you will need to submit a URL that you’ve added a link to our site on (above 30DA)

My requirements:

An Article submission:

  • Must be unique & unpublished anywhere else. Please do not post it after we publish it.
  • Must be more than 800 words long.
  • Should have no more than 2 links to your site
  • Must relate to my niche (web design and digital marketing).
  • The article must serve to educate people, provide value, and not pitch a product or service

Your Website or Blog requirements:

Please provide a link on an existing resource on a legitimate site with over 30DA – feel free to contact me for arrangements.

  • You need to have a blog or website and agree to publish our article there after I publish your article.
  • The links in our article posted on your website should be do-follow.
  • Your blog or website should be relevant to web design, marketing professionals, or small business audience and look professional.

If you enter something below – it turns into a post on my site (unpublished til I review)

Ready to submit your web design guest post? Include your article. Provide me with a link to your website or blog post where you are going to post our counter link (can be added to old post – with some traffic.) And I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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