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4 Ridiculous Ways Agencies are Wasting your Ad Dollars

By Tracy Kelly
Updated May 18, 2020
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Tracy Kelly
Tracy Kelly

Tracy helps companies generate more leads, is a respected people connector and a local business marketing expert.

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It pisses me off when I hear horror stories from people who worked with new and shady low-price agencies or well-respected but overthinking agencies who waste money on Digital Ads.

Here are the top 4 ways agencies are wasting your ad dollars. 

Irrelevant Keywords

This usually happens with agencies unfamiliar with the industry and those that over-test. Yes, it’s important to test with digital marketing, but you’re not spending thousands of dollars a month to learn if people searching “roofing color trends for 2020” will convert, you’re paying for leads, damnit!

Ways Agencies are Wasting your Ad Dollars

Bad Targeting

Another tactic used by the newbies and the overthinkers. The newbie says we need to get in front of as many people as possible. This is wrong on many levels because not everyone needs what you sell and even if they do, you might not want to work with them! Here’s an example – you’re a GAF Master Elite contractor and you like selling roofs in the nice neighborhoods. There’s no reason to target 18 years who live in apartments. Sure there might be some high-end homes near the university in your town, but there is definitely a range in age, income, and financial status.

The overthinking agency will spend lots of time (i.e. money) setting up many sets of ads to target and test several groups of people. They do this for one main reason…  they don’t know the industry so they need to learn about your ideal customer. They’ll test with your hard-earned money and then give you fancy reports in future months saying how much they lowered the cost per click… well, that’s because you overpaid for the first several months!

Ways Agencies are Wasting your Ad Dollars

Lack of Ad Scheduling

Did you know you can pick the times your digital ads show? The newbie and shady low-price agencies don’t. And if they do, they typically don’t have a process in place to properly schedule them. When your budget is tight, do you really want to be spending your ad dollars on people surfing at 3:00 am? Who are these zombies and are they really your premium customers?

And what will the well respected overthinking agencies say? We’re going to test that for you. I love testing. It’s important. But when testing is all you do, you don’t leave enough budget for the proven money-making ads.

Focusing on the Wrong Measurables

Ways Agencies are Wasting your Ad Dollars

The newbies and shady low-price agencies are all about impressions. That’s how many people have “seen” your ad. But let’s get real on two things… How many times have you seen that there was an ad in front of you that you blatantly ignored? And two, even more importantly… who cares how many people have seen your ad? Impressions are NOT leads. And that’s the whole reason you’re paying for ads.

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The overthinking agencies have another trick they like to use… Measuring all sorts of things and calling them “conversions.” Downloaded a pdf version of your catalog – conversion. Spend 5 seconds or longer on your location page – conversion. Signed up for your newsletter – conversion. Oh and filled out a form so one of your salespeople can follow up – conversion. See how one of these conversions is not like the others? One is an actual lead! The others are just things marketers use to measure conversions and say things like “we brought down the price of a conversion by 15%” No. One. Cares. You want leads.

Thanks for reading 4 Ways Agencies are Wasting your Ad Dollars. Hopefully, your agency isn’t wasting your ad dollars and you are getting every penny you pay for. If you’re looking for more information on how to put your ad dollars to good use, get in contact with us today! We’d love to chat!


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Tracy Kelly
Tracy Kelly

Tracy helps companies generate more leads, is a respected people connector and a local business marketing expert.

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