UX Testing

User testing with even five users can greatly increase your website design’s effectiveness

If we’re intentionally agile, this means getting out of the office and onto the streets, or into the coffee shop, getting the design in front of people and finding out where real users have problems navigating and are confused by the design.

The more I work through this process, the more I clarify usability best practices, and can apply them to designing and developing your site

Through the process of user testing, designers can test and clarify their hypotheses through low fidelity prototypes of the site, and modify them before they get too far in the process.

Testing with real users, User Experience Design can work out practical benefits, and reiterate changes, in Minnesota
The process of user testing, and what it means to web design. UX definition. What is UX Testing? What is UI? What is User Experience

After creating an initial low fidelity prototype, test quickly, get feedback, redesign

Through quicker reiteration, this process can increase the likelihood of having a final product that perfectly suits the needs and desires of your customer. This means a higher return on investment and higher interaction with people that matter most.

Many designers balk at the idea of giving up so much control, but it pays off

Reiterating with the user testing we just did in mind creates an environment where no one gets overly attached to a particular design idea but instead allows the best possible solution to evolve.

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I work off the Lean UX model and test users in a somewhat guerilla testing method with a program called Silverback to document the process.

This way your investment in your website is the most effective it can be

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