Tips On Editing Your First Visual Design


by on March 31, 2017

Tips On Editing Your First Visual Design


Text and Alignment:

In this tutorial we have a headline, paragraph and CTA buttons in the hero unit. Left or center align text when you have multiple text elements.

Limit the amount of text in the hero of the website. When someone comes to the site for the first time, be inviting and just give them an intro. You have an opportunity to expand on information on either the subsequent page they click through to, or in another section when they scroll down the page.

Space and Proximity:

Have some space around the text. leaving more space overall in your site will often give a more ‘high end’ impression. There should be a good balance between text size and the size of the button.

Visual Cues:

Try to keep the hero section from being so long that a user doesn’t see that there is more content below. A couple options to indicate there is more information to scroll for, is to keep the next section visible, or use a ‘visual cue’ like an arrow indicating that you can scroll.

Part of the job as a visual designer is not just to make things look good, but to be a bit of a psychologist and make things as easy as possible for the user.

Call To Action:

Choosing the appropriate call to action. What are the main things you want someone to do that is visiting your site, and relevant to the information you’re presenting in each content section of the page. If the goal of your user is to see examples of the work that you do, point them to your portfolio or case studies. If you are trying to generate leads, use the CTA to get them to contact you.

Consistent Styles:

Create something that feels cohesive using styling and color. For example the border radius and color choices for your buttons should be consistent.

Develop Your Own Taste:

Continue to tweak your design to your personal taste. Taste is developed with experience. It will take time to develop a style of your own. Some things like text alignment and other things are more rules and best practices to consider.

Recommended Reading:

Don’t Make Me Think is a staple read for anyone learning about usability in web design.

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