The ABC’s of Getting Un-stuck Creatively


by on February 27, 2016

The ABCs of Getting Unstuck Creatively - Napping - Benefits

The ABC’s of Getting Un-stuck Creatively


Sometimes, despite our best efforts we get stuck creatively. To kickstart your brain I’ve prepared a list of ways to get un-stuck – I hope that some will be useful for you. Perhaps pair 2 or 3 together experiment with them to see if it can help break you loose.

A. Ask a question you’re very curious about, and dig up some interesting answers.

B. Break your routine, do things in a new order.

C. Cut out something you thought was crucial.

D. Drink a ton of water. Drink two or three cups in a row.

E. Eat something you deeply enjoy.

F. Finish the project – even in a way that isn’t perfect, and then review.

G. Grant yourself permission to do something risky.

H. Hush your inner critic.

I. Incentivize yourself with a couple small prizes, or a big prize.

J. Joke around or watch something hilarious.

K. Killing an old idea you have about the creative process.

L. Love someone else in a positive physical way, like writing them a note or doing a favor.

M. Meditating – Sit with your back tall and focus your mind solely on breathing.

N. Napping – give the brain a rest and power down for a bit.

The ABCs of Getting Unstuck Creatively - Napping - Benefits

O. Offer to help someone else with a creative problem and try to help them.

P. Pull a U-turn – Try to do the exact opposite of the direction your currently pursuing.

Q. Quit – do something else entirely that’s just for fun.

R. Research the subject in a deeper way, relax into the process of learning.

S. Steal something brilliant from something that deeply inspires you

T. Trick yourself into doing it by dividing it into 5 small specific chunks.

U. Understand it doesn’t really matter anyways.

V. Visit with a friend and get a new perspective.

W. Whip out a skill/passion you haven’t messed with in awhile.

X. X-factor – Solve the problem as if it leaving space for the key variable and it will be solved later.

Y. Yes – Say yes to every idea that comes into your head until it’s finished and then subtract.

Z. Zero in on what drives your passion through the roof, write it down.

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