5 Fast Facts About

Tracy Kelly

  1. Tracy worked at his family’s business from first grade to his junior year of college.
  2. Tracy helped a manufacturer scale one vertical market from 600k to over 2 million in annual sales.
  3. Tracy quit high school sports to compete in DECA & BPA (marketing) competitions.
  4. Tracy knows most of the marketing companies in town and will tell you who the best company to work with is (it’s not always Hook!).
  5. Tracy has an amazing family and he enjoys the outdoors.

An interview with Tracy Kelly:

1. What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

The Profit – I like watching companies go through positive transformations through improving the three basics of every business: operations, finance, and my personal favorite, sales & marketing.

2. Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m pretty good at gardening… I plant fruits, veggies, and Italian herbs every spring. Also, a few flowers here and there.

3. What is your favorite Minneapolis Restaurant?

Currently, it’s Red Cow – let’s grab lunch!

4. What’s your #1 Favorite beverage of all time?

Black coffee. With a side of water.

5. If you could spend 1 hour with any famous person who would it be?

Dale Carnegie.

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