5 Fast Facts About

Naomi Haag

  1. Naomi is the Lead Content Strategist here at Hook
  2. In addition to content marketing writing, Naomi is a published poet and slam poetry competitor
  3. She has a degree in Acting and is a verified Shakespeare nerd
  4. She keeps a constant supply of ice cream in her freezer
  5. She loves completing SEO puzzles through her writing to help brands gain visibility

An interview with Naomi Haag:

1. What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

My honest answer is The Bachelor…

2. Do you have any hidden talents?

 I can jump double dutch.

3. What is your favorite Minneapolis Restaurant?

Red Cow

4. What’s your #1 Favorite beverage of all time?

Iced chocolate chai!

5. If you could spend 1 hour with any famous person who would it be?

If we can go back in time… Shakespeare!


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