5 Fast Facts About

Jameson Kenney

  1. Jameson is our resident headbanger/punk rocker
  2. He is a disciplined gym goer and self-improvement enthusiast
  3. He stays calm and collected, even when shit is hitting the fan
  4. He’s up on all the Gen-Z lingo
  5. He is passionate about maintaining positive relationships

An interview with Jameson Kenney:

1. What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

2. Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m pretty cracked at Guitar Hero

3. What is your favorite Minneapolis Restaurant?


4. What’s your #1 Favorite beverage of all time?

Sugar Free Redbull 

5. If you could spend 1 hour with any famous person who would it be?

Henry Rollins

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