5 Fast Facts About

Henry Bell

  1. I am self-thought in most of what I do. My ability to self-start is one of my favorite arsenals. 
  2. I am a natural athlete. I can play all sports and get good in no time.  
  3. I am very social. I love being around and helping people. 
  4. I am lactose intolerant but am obsessed with caribou. The pain is worth it. 
  5. I might be slightly obsessed with search marketing; I am always ready for a conversation.

An interview with Henry Bell:

1. What’s your favorite TV show of all time? 


2. Do you have any hidden talents? 

I am a self-taught individual. 

3. What is your favorite Minneapolis Restaurant? 

Seven Rooftop.

4. What’s your #1 Favorite beverage of all time? 

I Can’t decide between Bluemoon and Stella. 

5. If you could spend 1 hour with any famous person, who would it be? 

Aliko Dangote.

What I'm listening to: